2012 China Geography

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Covers Ch4, S1


  • TheGeography of China
  • Satellite View of China
  • Chinas Provinces
  • Chinas Background (Peoples Republic of China)End of WWII (1945) Start of Cold War Period and the . Civil War between. . . . > Chinese Communists & Nationalist Chinese >U.S. supports Nationalists, Nationalists Lose Nationalist Chinese go to Taiwan China on Taiwan known as The Republic of China Chinese Communists takeover Mainland China 1949 Chinas Official Name = Peoples Republic of China Mao Zedong 1949 - 1976
  • Chinas Background (Peoples Republic of China) Language Reform Main Dialect = Mandarin Spell and write the language the way it Sounds in Mandarin X = Sh Spell Sound = PINYIN Q = Ch Mao Tse-Tung Mao Zedong
  • China TODAY 1970 1980 until the present (2012), some changes occur in China. Politically Still a one party, authoritarian government. NO Bill of Rights for freedom of speech, assembly, religion etc. Socially Normal Economically Driven by Capitalism
  • ChinaAsias Superpower (Maps)
  • China compared with the U. S. in Size China United States Size 3.7 million 3.6 million C h in a square miles square miles Main Himalayas Rockies physical barrier Main Yangtze or Mississippi / River Chang (East North West) SouthU n it e d S t a t e s Population East Coast East Coast Connectivity North - East - West problems South SOURCE: Topic 5: The Awakening Giant by Dr. Jean-Paul Rodrigue, Dept. of Economics & Geography, Hofstra University.
  • Countries & Regions Russia Mongolia N. Korea S> Korea Tibet Indian TaiwanSubcontinent Southeast Philippines Asia
  • Topography
  • Chinas Topography
  • Percentages of Different Landforms
  • Pacific Rim of Fire
  • The Polluted Yellow River!
  • The Great Wall of China plus. . .Mountains, Deserts, Plateaus & the Ocean Contribute to concept of Z HONG GUO ( C h in e s e e t h n o c e n t r is m )
  • Plains Manchurian Plain North China Plain
  • Agricultural Regions in China Great Wall Gr a nd G ON ZH O Ca na l GU
  • North China Plain
  • Main Chinese Nationalities 17 th -20 t h Manchus13 -14 th th 90 95%
  • Ethno-Linguistic Groups in China