2011 resume building and job searching class

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Text of 2011 resume building and job searching class

  • Resume Building and Job Searching Class

  • from How Libraries Stack Up: 2010

  • After this class, you will be able to:Find an online resume builder and create parts of an online resume.Search for jobs using online job search tools.Use these tools independently when you leave this session.Find resources to help job hunters located in your neighborhoods.

  • Have you checked out our new Especially for Job Searchers link?!?

    Link is located on the Chicago Public Library websites home page.

  • Especially for Job Searchers Learn about different careers.Take self assessment tests, aptitude tests, and practice exams.Learn about volunteer opportunities.Find links to various job listings posted on websites.Learn how to research employers and get tips on job interviews.Get tips on writing resumes and cover letters.Find links to free resume building websites.

  • Before you begin make sure you have...An email addressA list of your past work experienceA mock paper resumeTime and patience

  • Writing a Resume at CPL

  • Option 1: Microsoft Word

    PlusesEasiest way to type a resumeClean copies for printingMinusesNot available at the branchesPatron must have some idea how to format a resume

  • Option 2: Google Docs and ZohoWriterPlusesCan be used from any computer with the Internet.Counter-intuitively easyDifferent file typesCan use for cover lettersMinusesMust have an email addressMust know how to write a resumeFormatting can be trickyUnable to print without sending it to you email account.docs.google.comzohowriter.com

  • Option 3: The Online Resume BuilderPlusesAvailable anywhere with Internet access Guidance on how to write a resumeAutomatically formats resumesDownloadable in different file formatsMinusesMust have an email addressFormatting options are limitedSome are pay sites Illinois Worknet, Career Coach, Pay sites

  • Illinois Work Net Website sponsored by the Illinois government (no advertising on it).Can create and save up to 20 different resumes, so if you are applying for different types of jobs, you can use the most appropriate resume. Resume Builder is made to be very step-by-step so its easy to use. Once you have created your resume, you can easily print, upload, or download it to apply for a job.It works really well with all of our Chicago Public Library computers because you dont need Microsoft Word to create it.Its FREE! (Other websites like pongo are free to create a resume, but then charge $9.95 a month to email, print, or download it!)

  • To Start Using Resume Builder Today: Go to www.illinoisworknet.com and click on Indviduals.Set up a free Illinois workNet account or log in to youre my Illinois workNet account to access the Resume Builder.From the My Illinois workNet page, click on My ResumeClick on Illnois workNet Resume Builder and start entering your information.

  • Illinois workNet Tutorial Videos

    Intro TutorialHelpful Tips

  • BobForklift driverHas a paper resumeDoes not have an electronic resumeHe got his last job from a friend who knew someone who was hiring.

    photo by sean_dreilinger


  • Now Bob has a resume, and he wants a job!

    photo by Ricecracker

    Jordan remind people to close resume builder (bcause it is open in a sep window)

  • Two Internet Job Search Strategiesphoto by madebytess

  • One: Find Job Postings Online


  • www.indeed.comDirect link from the Careers Popular Topic Page

  • Characteristics of IndeedSimple Google-like search interfaceJobs are pulled from a wide variety of sourcesSearches are easy to refine by date and origin of postingOnly service offered is job leads

  • Two: Find Contact Info for Local Businesses OnlineCan approach employers directlySome jobs are never advertised onlineRecommended in What Color is Your ParachutePhoto by satanslaundromat

    What color is your parachute calls this one of the more successful job search strategies.

  • Reference USA Custom Business SearchAvailable from the Careers Popular Topics page or the Online Research Section of chipublib.org

  • I need more help!Referrals to other resources for job seekers usingIllinois workNet.photo by youngthousands

  • Questions Illinois workNet can help answerWhere can I file for unemployment?Is there a computer lab I can use in my neighborhood?I just got laid off. What do I do now?Where can I find free GED classes?

  • Find a resource room in your zip code.What resources are available?photo by urbanfeel

  • Resource LocationsIllinois workNet CentersTrained staff are available to assist you in performing job search, career preparation and work support resources.Northside Workforce Center4740 N. Sheridan(773) 334-4747; TT: (773) 334-9804Albany Park Community Center3403 W. Lawrence, Suite 200(773) 539-3828

    Jordan?Jordan remind people to close resume builder (bcause it is open in a sep window)What color is your parachute calls this one of the more successful job search strategies.