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12 tracking progress on tasks and assignments

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Project Scheduling

Text of 12 tracking progress on tasks and assignments

  • Soe Naing Win Email: [email protected]
  • Update a previously saved baseline plan. Record actual work for tasks and assignments. Record actual work by time period. Interrupt work on a task and specify the date on which the task should start again
  • Recall that a baseline is a collection of important values in a project plan, such as the planned start dates, finish dates, and costs of tasks, resources, and assignments. When you save (or set) a baseline, Project takes a snapshot of the existing values and saves it in the Project plan for future comparison.
  • To keep an accurate baseline for later comparison, you have several options: Update the baseline for the entire project. This simply replaces the original baseline values with the currently scheduled values. Update the baseline for selected tasks. This does not affect the baseline values for other tasks or resource baseline values in the project plan. Save a second or subsequent baseline. You can save up to 11 baselines in a single plan. The first one is called Baseline, and the rest are Baseline 1 through Baseline 10.
  • Exercise : compare the project plan as it is currently scheduled with the baseline plan and update the baseline for the project plan. View > Task Views > Gantt Chart > Tracking Gantt
  • Task Name > task 18, Original art review > Scroll to Task View > Zoom > Timescale > Weeks
  • To conclude this exercise, you will resave the baseline for the project plan. Doing so will update all baseline information for tasks, resources, and assignments prior to tracking progress. Project > Schedule > Set Baseline > Set Baseline Make sure that the Set Baseline option is selected. In the For area, make sure that the Entire project option is selected
  • Click OK to update the baseline. Project alerts you that you are about to overwrite the previously saved baseline values. Click Yes. Project updates the baseline values for the project plan.
  • Exercise, you record task-level and assignment-level actuals and see how the information is rolled up or down between tasks and assignments. Change to Task Usage. Task Name > task 18, Original art review > Scroll to Task. View tab > Data > Tables > Work.
  • For example, The work, total for task 18, 160 hours = the sum of Hany Morcos 80 hours of work on the task and Jane Dows 80 hours.
  • Next, youll change the details shown on the timephased grid on the right side of the view. Format > Details > Actual Work.
  • Next, youll enter task-level and assignment-level actual work values and see how they are reflected in the timephased details. Using the mouse, drag the vertical divider bar to the right until you can see all the columns in the Work table
  • In the Actual column for task 18, Original art review, type or click 90h, and then press the Enter key
  • Several important things occurred when you pressed Enter:
  • Several important things occurred when you pressed Enter: Project applied change highlighting to the updated values in the table. The amount of actual work you entered was subtracted from the Remaining column. The actual work was distributed to the two assignments on the task, resulting in 44.5 hours of actual work being recorded for one resource and 45.5 hours for the other resource. (The difference in assignments is due to Hanys previously customized assignment values.) Likewise, the updated remaining work value was recalculated for each assignment. The updated actual and remaining work values were rolled up to the Acquisition summary task. The actual work values were also redistributed to the task and assignment timephased values.
  • To conclude this exercise, you will enter actual work values at the assignment level and see the effect on the task. In the Actual column for Hany Morcoss assignment to task 18, type or click 60h, and then press Enter.
  • Drag the vertical divider bar back to the left to see more of the updated timephased values for the task.
  • Exercise C: you enter some actuals for tasks for specific time periods. Click the minus sign next to task 15, Acquisition, to collapse this phase of the project plan. Task Name column > click the name of task 22, Organize manuscript for copyedit > Scroll to Task. Project scrolls the timephased grid to display the first scheduled work values of the Editorial phase.
  • The first timephased actual work values that you will enter are at the task level and not for specific assignments. In the timephased grid, click the cell at the intersection of the Wednesday, May 23 column and the task 22 actual work row. The actual work row is directly below the work row, which contains the value 12h.
  • Type 9h, and then press the Tab key.
  • In the Thursday, May 24 actual work cell, type 15h, and then press Tab.
  • For task 22, enter the following actual work values for the dates listed. Date Actual Hours Friday, May 25 12 Monday, May 28 12 Tuesday, May 29 15
  • For task 23, Copyedit, you have weekly actual work values from the assigned resource. The copyeditors have completed the task. For this task, youll adjust the timescale to record weekly actual values. View tab > Zoom group > Timescale box > Weeks. Enter the following actual work values into the timephased grid for the Copyeditors assignment to task 23, Copyedit Date (Week of) Actual Hours May 27 60 June 3 80 June 10 48
  • The resources actual work values were rolled up to the tasks actual work values. The original work values were saved in the baseline should you ever need to refer to them later.
  • Here is how Project handles tasks in relation to the rescheduled date: If the task does not have any actual work recorded for it prior to the rescheduled date and does not have a constraint applied, the entire task is rescheduled to begin after that date. If the task has some actual work recorded prior to but none after the rescheduled date, the task is split so that all remaining work starts after the rescheduled date. The actual work is not affected. If the task has some actual work recorded for it prior to as well as after the rescheduled date, the task is not affected
  • Exercise D: you reschedule uncompleted work View tab > Gantt Chart. In the Task Name column, click the name of task 31, Proofread and index > Scroll to Task
  • You have learned that over the weekend of July 28, a water pipe burst in the proofreaders office. None of the projects equipment or material was damaged, but the cleanup will delay work until Wednesday, August 1. This effectively stops work on the proofreading task for a few days. Next, you will reschedule incomplete work so that the project can begin again on Wednesday. Project > Status > Update Project.
  • Select the Reschedule uncompleted work to start after option, and in the text box, type or select 7/31/12.
  • Project splits task 31 so that the incomplete portion of the task is delayed until Wednesday