10 things I've learned teaching coding to kids

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  • Gicela Morales @gicela @codingbug

    10 things Ive learned teaching coding to kids

  • All children are creative1.

    Characters they love always a good starting point

    Children love drawing & have fantastic imagination

  • They are storytellers 2.

    Every story is unique

    The tardis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdPxT74zZS8


  • https://youtu.be/j4mmO7QiWLA




    and begin to grasp computational thinking


  • They all love Minecraft3.

    Minecraft is always at the top of the games list



  • Sharing & collaborating4.

    Show & tell helps kids learn from each other through sharing

    Helping others helps kids to understand about collaboration

  • JavaScript is easy5.

    Animating with javaScript is fun

    Live coding javaScript while playing with Codecombat

    Making apps with Bitsbox

  • Free and open6.

    ICT rooms are BORING!

    Freedom to move about

    Playful atmosphere

  • Its got to be fun!7.

    I love coding because its fun

    I love coding because it teaches me how to make my own games

    I love coding because I like making new apps

  • Boys & girls work together8.

    They are used to seeing each other in class

    A coding class is no different!

    Its normal :)

  • but STILL more boys than girls9.

    About 10% of children attending coding club are girls

    Who is responsible for encouraging girls to learn to code?

  • Tablets arent really that exciting - but desktops are!

    The ICT Suite is outdated; we desperately need new spaces for learning

    10. The technology

  • Catching the coding bugKeep creating new stories & games

    Leave the boring bits out

    Experiment with different educational technologies

  • Educational technologies

  • #SummerOfCode


    100 places

    97% turned up


  • STEM ambassadorhttp://www.stemnet.org.uk/ambassadors/

    CoderDojo https://coderdojo.com/volunteer/

    How to get involved

    Code club https://www.codeclub.org.uk/start-a-club/volunteers

    Volunteer in local your school

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