10 Commandments for Creating Online Learning

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The 10 Commandments


1LESS IS MORE. Nice-to-know is irrelevant. Apply the 80/20 rule.Focus on content that improves performance on the job.2Make content digestible in minutes, not hours.

Create small pieces,not big courses.3People prefer discovery over being told what to do. Avoid long presentations and lecturespeople tune them out after ten minutes.

Provide as little as possible to equip people to find things on their own.4Enlist learners as curators who maintain and expand the base of content over time. Colleagues have more credibility than instructors.

Make it easy for peers to develop new content.5Use peoples time together for discussion, not reviewing content. (Do that in advance.)Only 15% of whats taught in traditional workshops shows up as new behavior on the job.

Flip the classroom.6Tag all content for easy recall. Skin content to make it visually attractive. Provide a way for users to rate content, permitting the cream to rise to the top.Use web 2.0 design principles.

7A short video is more effective than a written memo.We humans are sight animals.

Take advantage of pictures, videos, maps, and infographics.8Learning is increasingly mobile.Build once, deploy to many.

Format content for smartphones, iPads, laptops, and other devices.9Use the content creation process to weed out any obsolete, inappropriate, or worthless content from the past.Streamline.Less is more.

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