10 advantageous ways to engage students’ attention in the classroom environment

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Hello? Where is your mind? You have used/overheard this statement many times in a classroom environment. Teachers always wonder that how and in what possible way they can allure students to take part in the lecture room learning. But teachers and lecturers slump on the way to grab the attention of students. So here is the glorious opportunity to learn the 10 ways to engage students interest in learning process. Contact Information: Website: http://myassignmenthelp.com/blog/10-advantageous-ways-to-engage-students-attention-in-the-classroom-environment/ Mail Id: contact@myassignmenthelp.com Phone No: +61-2-6100-384 Youtube - http://youtu.be/WI02nGppDaY


  • 1. Ways to engage studentsattention Take a break and have chitchat Give it back Locomotion on the run 2-Way conversation Making a network Go slow or have a rapid round Pause and resume Color-shape- image Advance your tools Leave your comments

2. 1. Take a break and havechitchatA long hour studybound to wearystudents brains, sogive your students abreak of 5-10minutes toassemble theirthoughts again. 3. 2. Give it backEncouragementwould be the keythat can play a vitalin engagingstudents. 4. 3. Locomotion on the runShifting places, gointo student crowd,communicate withthem with your hands,gestures, bodylanguage and actions,go to board and writesomething that willdefinitely grab theattention of students. 5. 4. 2- Way conversationChoose a pointwhere you takesuggestions or pointof view of students.It is seen that somestudents havedifferent point ofviews fromteachers. So give achance to unlocktheir thinking power. 6. 5. Making a networkWhen a question is posedin front of the students,ask your pupils to have adiscussion with theirfriends or whoever isseated beside them, in away various aspects andoutlooks will come intolimelight, also ask yourstudents why theypossess divergent point ofview from his or her friend. 7. 6. Go slow or have a rapid roundSlow process of instruction can make studentsthe better learners. But it comes with thepossibilities that students will suffer fromboredom, so in some cases it is good to pace upthe process which presents the opportunity ofengaging students in little discussions, promptanswers, and reflection of learning. 8. 7. Pause and resumeWhen you are describing something, makesure that you give a little time of interval inbetween your thoughts. Allow students toassemble their thoughts and review them oreven they can ask questions on what theyhave not understood yet. 9. 8. Color-shape- imageIt is universal truth that, when you experiencesomething with your eyes, your brain can transmitthe data more efficiently. So give your students thatfreedom to access the visual world, with which theycan find a relation with reality. 10. 9. Advance your toolsYou can introducetechnology byinstalling podiumbased computer, ormoving presentationon the projector, orusing tools such asblogs, onlineforums, podcaststhat can give betterinsight of the coursecontent. 11. 10. Leave your commentsAt the end of the session, you can ask yourstudents to write one-liner summary, what theyhave learned from the lesson. In this way, youwill find out what are the drawbacks of thesession, and this give you better insight how tomature this session in a better way.You can be innovative in your ways- try somenew things, and definitely students will feelsecure and active and progressive in theinstruction process. 12. Assignment help?Book your Assignment nowWebsite: www.myassignmenthelp.comMail Id: contact@myassignmenthelp.comPhone No: +61-2-6100-384 13. ThankYou