Special Report: Truth About Do It Yourself Credit Repair

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Do It Yourself Credit Repair: A NoBrainer for People with Bad Credit?

Text of Special Report: Truth About Do It Yourself Credit Repair

  • 1. Copyright Notice:All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced ortransmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, or mechanical, includingphotocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system. DISCLAIMER:No One actually fully knows that structure or working of the credit scoringmodel as it is an industry secret. The author has used years of experience andexposure to the workings of the credit scoring and through observationof numerous clients credit reports and also through the congruentobservations of other credit report experts in the industry. The authorencourages reader to do their own research to validate the facts.

2. Do It Yourself Credit Repair: A No Brainer for People with Bad Credit?Special Report:Is It Really Possible To Not Only Clean Up Your Own Credit But To do It MuchMore Quickly With Better Results And With A Fraction Of Price Otherwise Paid ToCredit repair Companies? This special report investigates.This was the big question on everyones mind. But according the author of the Amazon Best Seller book, How ToRaise Your Credit Scores 25-100 Points In 48 Hours, Guaranteed, the answer is a resounding YES!In todays economy of 2012, most people are struggling more than ever financially. Average householdincomes are down but expenses are up. It was inevitable that we would see a sharp rise in the numberof people suffering from less than perfect credit scores. But due to recent industry changes, bad creditcould be costing the consumers more than ever before! Whereas in the past it only used to be banksand lenders that applied risk based pricing on their products, now a days even insurance companies andsome utility companies will charge you more if your scores are not good. To add to the bunch, a lot ofemployers too now routinely check credit as part of back ground verification process!While the need for credit restoration is on the rise, credit repair companies are having a party. It is moreexpensive than ever to get your credit cleaned up. Most companies will practice devious means to keepthe client hooked on to their monthly subscription for years by deliberately taking a very long time ingetting the clients credit up to par. If the consumer wants to find out facts regarding credit repair on theinternet, he is faced with an ocean of all kinds of information on this vast subject. Most of it is incorrect 3. information and the consumers just end up getting frustrated. Meanwhile, their bills keep getting higherand higher every month.A much needed relief seems to be finally here. Keeping in mind the impossible situation created bycredit repair companies, author Eram Saeed, decided to write a book that outlines a blue print on howto fix credit and raise credit scores quickly. Eram Saeed is a veteran lender and runs a mortgage branchfor a commercial lender. In her 10 plus years experience as a mortgage lender, she has repaired thecredit reports of numerous clients in order to get them qualified for loans. This is stuff she knows likethe back of her hand. She not only teaches credit repair from the perspective of consumers but alsoteaches what the lenders look for. A unique approach that none of the credit repair companies canoffer, but is extremely valuable to those seeking any kind of loan.Whats more, Eram has fearlessly revealed the almost secret technique for credit repair that regularconsumers never hear about. Its called Rapid Rescoring and it has been available to bankers and lendersfor years. Through this technique one can raise credit scores within 48 hours and save thousands ofdollars immediately!The fact that this information is extremely useful to people is obvious by the almost instant success ofthis book. How To Raise Your Credit scores 25-100 Points In 48 Hours, Guaranteed was published onAmazon in January 2012. It has become a Best Seller on Amazon Kindle since April. It is currently beingtranslated in Spanish.For the price of only a book, Erams readers are able to get a better understanding of their credit andraise their scores quickly and efficiently. On average, getting to a fico score of 680 or above will save youbetween $500.00 to $1000.00 per month.Erams book focuses on the most important agenda on a consumers mind suffering from poor creditscores: how to clean credit quickly and raise scores so that they can qualify for better rates and savemoney immediately. In this economy, no one has the luxury to wait 6 months to a year to see results.Now they dont have to!If you would like to learn more about this book or how to clean up your credit in record time using easybut effective tools, you can go to Amazon and buy the book which is now in paperback edition as well asKindle. Audio version to be released in May 2012.Here is what Erams readers are saying about this book:Eram Saeed knows credit repair! I was very skeptical in the beginning, as I have worked with severalcredit repair professionals over the years. After reading her book and applying her principals I began tosee FAST results. My credit score increased 83 points in 4 days. I simply followed her "flow chart" ofPlease click here to read the full review ~ AT Zermeno. Real Estate investor, Under writer. 4. Hi, I bought the e-book (Kindle) for this book, and I can tell you it is the best-spent money ever!!! Thisbook WILL tell you step by step how to fix your score in a Jiffy. Bought last night and today I already havea detailed plan on what and ..Please click here to read the full reviewI am VERY IMPRESSED!!! If this works for me it will ALSO work for YOU!!! ~Eduardo, book reader.My name is Garry Davis, an attorney in Dallas, Texas. I do immigration law, so finance, credit and otherissues are not really my thing. Reading Erams book opened my eyes to a world I never reallyunderstood.Please click here to read the full review.Thanks Eram for such great work! ~ Gary Davis, Attorney.It doesnt give you fluff or dance around. But proof is in the pudding so I tested the techniques she gave.Heres the result: I digged up the proof of pay- off statement and gave them to my loan broker to fax tothe credit company. 7 days later he pulled my new report and my score had jumped up 50 pointstotal....30 points only on Experian. He is giving me a better interest rate and also charging me less moneyPlease click here to read full reviewIm so glad I found this book. Thank you! ~ S. joseph, book reader. 5. Table of ContentsThese are the materials by the author Eram Saeed, that were studied in depth to determine theconclusion for this special report.Learning the Basics: Credit Repair 101: Before doing anything else, you must know where youstand, what you have to work with and what your ultimate goals are. The very first step is to obtain acopy of your credit report from all 3 agencies. In closing, getting accurate information is your firstline of defense when tackling with the credit bureaus and their clients i.e. the creditors.Everything You Need To Know When Dealing With Collection Agencies: One of themost obvious and damaging items on a persons credit report are collections. Most often, there will bemultiples entries of the same collection item. You must dispute these to get them removed as duplicateitems.Remember, you probably wont win if you can prove only a few minor violations. But if theviolations are outrageous, you can sue the collection agency and creditor in regular civil court.Most Effective And Top Five Methods of Settling Collections on Your CreditReport: Have you have recently pulled your credit report and been dismayed to find some of yourdelinquent accounts have been sold to a collection company. If yes, there is no need to be afraid! Thereality is that collections are the easiest things to get off your credit report. If you have collectionson your credit report, using one or a combination of these excellent strategies is sure to bear greatresults in time. Patience and persistence is the key when doing credit repair.CONCLUSION: After studying the material and understanding credit basics, it becomes quite obviousthat do- it-yourself- credit- repair is not only possible but the best approach for a savvy consumer.Caution must be exercised that the source of information that one uses is reliable. This report onlyoutlines some excerpts from Eram Saeeds book. The Rapid Rescoring method is not covered in thefollowing pages nor some of the other credit repair information due to lack of space.Written by Eram Saeed www.perfectficonow.com 6. Learning the Basics: Credit Repair 101The following is a basic introduction to credit repair. You have more legal rights and avenues than whatcan possibly be listed here, so be sure to read my book and the free articles on my website to get moreinformation.Beginning point: Gather your information and credit reportBefore doing anything else, you must know where you stand, what you have to work with and what yourultimate goals are. The very first step is to obtain a copy of your credit report from all 3 agencies. EachConsumer Reporting Agency (CRA) maintains its own, separate database, and the information on eachreport is often different. So make sure to get all 3 reports as one report could differ a lot from theother. You are entitled to one free report a year or if you have already used that option, you can ordereach report individually below for a cost of about $8-$10 each:Experian - www.experian.comEquifax - www.equifax.comTransUnion - www.transunion.comYou can also order all 3 reports at once thru myFICO, a division of Fair Isaac.If you have applied for credit and got denied for insurance, or employment, you should have received a"notice of adverse action". This will spell out how to get a free copy of the report used in the decision.Note that this will not get you copies of the other two reports.Once you have your reports you will need to understand the information within them. You report isdivided into several sections: Perso