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  • 1. Music Video Final Ideas Our music video will be produced in a style that is fitting to the Indie/alternative genre, we will do this by using conventional music video filming and editing techniques while also creating a piece that will be original and visually interesting for the audience. The particular song we have chosen is called Youth by the British band Daughter, we have selected this song because it is a fairly unknown which wouldnt allow the audience to have preconceptions of the song. The song we have chosen focuses on the breakdown of a relationship and how the artist is trying to deal with these issues. Therefore, through our video we are aiming to convey the emotions of the artist through an enigmatic and elliptical narrative. In order to do this we will use a circular narrative meaning the video will start and finish at the same point which will engage the viewer from the beginning and keep them intrigued until the end. The storyline follows a young couple, who are having problems in their relationship, which will be shown from the girls perspective. Whilst the main narrative is shown there will also be flashbacks to the couple when they first met, this creates a juxtaposition of emotions and shows that the girl doubts her decisions to end the relationship. Throughout the video we wish to show a wide a range of settings so that the video is visual aesthetic for the audience. This will include shooting in town when we show the couple on their first dates as this is a conventional setting for a music video and will be relatable for the audience. We are also thinking about filming in the woods to create some interesting images which will involve low key lighting to show the contrast between the couple happy on their first dates to the artist after their break up. We also want to film in winter to enable us to capture the theme of loneliness and to show their troubled relationship, it will also make the video visually exciting. The fact that we are trying to capture the relationship before and after, we will need to shoot the video in various locations which have different connotations. In addition to this, we had the idea of filming at a party where there are lots of people having a good time, and juxtapose this with the female character in the video being at the party but looking upset and confused. The video will also include a wide range of different camera techniques and shots, again to keep the interest of the audience. More specifically, the song we have chosen which is Youth by Daughter begins with a long acoustic guitar intro, therefore we had the idea of an extreme close up shot of the female or male character playing the guitar, which is slightly out of focus but gradually sharpens and becomes more clear as the song progresses. We will also use close up shots of the lead female characters, with direct mode of address, in order to engage the audience and convey the emotions she is feeling. In addition to this, because the song focuses on the breakdown of a relationship, we had to idea of including amateur filming techniques taken from an old fashioned cam recorder, which the couple have shot themselves at the beginning of their relationship. These clips could be shown throughout the course of the video in order to give the audience a sense of what the relationship used to be like and why the female characters misses it. For this, we would use a hand held camera technique and then in post-production edit the footage to make it appear like amateur filming.