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Mobile Banking Updates

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Mr. Anthony Petalcorin of MABS discuss updates on mobile banking platforms, financial education, and social networking to expand outreach.

Text of Mobile Banking Updates

  • 1. MobileBankingUpdates AnthonyPetalcorinRBAPMABS 2011RBAPMABSRegionalRoundtableConference HyaAHotel&Casino,Manila November9,2011

2. MobilePhoneBanking AccreditedRuralBanks 73 accredited Rural Banks 1,119 branches & other banking offices Nationwide coverage 3. Updates: Outreach RBs registered over 297,000 clients & CCT recipients Over PhP12 Billion ($260 million) in mobile phone banking transactions via mobile money 4. Updates: Accreditation Training GCash Accreditation Training August 25, 2011 @ RBAP Boardroom, Luzon September 9. 2011 @ Diamond Suite, Cebu October 28, 2011 @ Montevista Villa, Mimosa Clark 1st Regional Smart Money Accreditation Training October 5, 2011 @ Naomis Botanical Garden, OzamizSESSION6 5. Updates: Channel Management Program 5 banks completed the 6-month pilot phase Lessons Learnt and achievements: Develop merchant-clients into an Cash In/Cash Out agent Expands geographic coverage without building infrastructure CICO agents decongest branch lobby CICO agents refer new customer segments to the bank Next Steps: rollout to interested mobile phone banking accreditedrural banksSESSION6 6. Determine MPB Use Cases Kapitbahay Banking village banking Make loan payments Pay employees salaries Pay utility bills via mobile phone Pay suppliers via GCASH (not checks or cash) Send money to relatives (remittance services) Provide info for a fee (balance inquiry) 7. Updates: Financial Education RBAP-MABS started working on the Financial Education Program.An effective FE Program can: Promote the benefits of shifting from traditional banking to mobile phone banking faster; Address the misconceptions that hinder MPB uptake and usage Be anchored on merchants, CICOs, resellers to teach clients and recruit potential clients.SESSION6 8. Updates: Financial Education Develop financial education toolkit Select and train pilot banks (3 MPB accredited rural bank) Test FE Toolkit with bank staff, clients and merchants Conduct focus group discussions for staff and clients Revise FE ToolkitSample FE ToolkitFor SavingsSESSION6 9. Updates:SmartMoneyRollout First Rural Bankers SmartMoney AccreditationWorkshop in Ozamiz City 10. Updates:RBAPFaceCardIniLaLve