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Insider trading Timothy Hall

Insider tradingTimothy Hall

Insider Trading

Insider trading is when information is exchanged that is not public informationThis is usually done for money or financial gainOne example of this took place when the CEO of Big Lots knew that the company stocks where about to about to drop so he sold off all of his personal stocks ahead of the fall in value.

Insider trading has been at the center of some high profile cases in recent yearsOne of the most famous cases was the case that involved Martha StewartAnother case that has come up very recently happened when North Carolina voted that insider trading was not illegal within the states congress

Leviticus 19:11These few words can apply to many instances in the lives of Christians. However, it will be at times necessary to withhold information from others. This would be done to avoid lying but also to keep from getting involved in insider trading.

You shall not steal, nor deal falsely, nor lie to one another.