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2. I ntegrated campaigns 3. AMERICAN EXPRESS AMERICAN EXPRESS launched its Foursquare campaign with a test in Austin, Texas in March 2011 and going national this June. On July, it expanded the daily deals campaign to Facebook. 4. American Express users can sign up and link their personal credit cards to their Foursquare accounts. They can find merchants nearby offering special deals or discounts for Amex Foursquare registrants. 5. Users must check in at the location to unlock the deal. They can then tap the Load to Card button and send the deal to their Amex card. If they use that card to pay for their purchase, the deal will be automatically credited to their account within 3 to 5 days. 6. Theres no cutting out coupons or showing your phone to the cashier. The savings are automatically credited to your account within a few days. Redeeming these Specials is a totally effortless experience. 7. AMERICAN EXPRESS This campaign is about putting value where our cardmembers are, says Luke Gebb, vice president of global network marketing for American Express. We know that our cardmembers like to use services like Foursquare, so we want our value inside those platforms. We also want to bring to market a new channel for our merchants that brings them new customers as well. 8. Amex promotes their campaign in the home page of their website. 9. AMERICAN EXPRESS After great success, in July they unveiled a social media platform called "Link, Like, Love" that gives card members personalized deals on Facebook based on their social graph. 10. AMERICAN EXPRESS To sign up, simply head to the "Link, Like, Love" app on the American Express Facebook page and link your AmEx card to your Facebook account. See a deal you like? Just tap a button, and the special will be loaded directly to your AmEx card--no coupons or printouts necessary. 11. AMERICAN EXPRESS The Facebook twist is that the deals you see are influenced by what you and your friends like on the Web using the Facebook like button. 12. AMERICAN EXPRESS And what about merchants? 13. AMERICAN EXPRESS Go Social allows merchants to manage deals across both Facebook and Foursquare, with other social networks to be added in the future. Business owners will be able to create their own coupon-less deals in a self-serve manner that are triggered whenever someone with a linked account buys a deal item. 14.