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It is very essential to know the purpose of E-filing Form 2290. File Heavy Vehicle Use Tax online for the vehicles which have the gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more with IRS approved tax software.


  • 1. What isIRSForm 2290? Who filesForm 2290? Why fileForm 2290? When isForm 2290? Whereto fileForm 2290?

2. Form 2290 isused to filetax for Heavy Highway Vehicles. It isrequired to filefor highway motor vehiclesthat haveataxablegrossweight of 55,000 poundsor more. 3. If ataxablehighway motor vehicleisregistered in your nameat thetimeof itsfirst useand thevehicle hasataxablegrossweight of 55,000 poundsor more, you haveto file. Thisgoesfor individuals, limited liability companies, corporations, partnerships, or other organizations. 4. You arerequired to fileForm 2290 with theIRSfor highway motor vehiclesthat haveataxablegross weight of 55,000 poundsor more. 7,500 milesor morefor agricultural vehicles 5. Form 2290 must befiled forataxablevehicleisfirst used on public highwaysduring thecurrent tax period. For example, If thefirst useof thevehicleisMarch, then thevehiclehasto befiled before31st April. 6. TheIRSencouragesall filersto fileelectronically, though it isrequired of thosereporting 25 or more vehicles. You can fileForm 2290 onlineeasily with Express Truck Tax 7. Do not need to wait in queuefor long hours. You can get your stamped schedule1 in minutes. Whether you filefor 10 clientsor 10,000 clients, they providesupport every step of theway. Specialty Pricing optionsincluding Prepay, Post-Pay, or Pay AsYou Go 8. ExpressTruckTax 9. ExpressTruckTax