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  • 1. BackgroundGlobalWorld largest Founded in Financial foreign1870 Company exchange dealerBest debt bank 100,000+in westernEmployees Europe 20111Presence in 75Largest Germancountriesbank by asset1 :

2. History - India 1896, First2003, Started branch in India Private Wealth at Kolkata Management1914, Kolkata2005, LaunchedBranch closed PBC activities due to WWI in India 2006, Launched1980, Re- Credit Cards inentered IndiaIndia1990, 2008, Launched Established DB RREEF in IndiaFinance India 3. MilestonesMorgan, Berkshire Grenfell & Mortgage Company, 1990Finance, 2004 Bankers Trust,Chapel 1998 Funding, 2006 Scudder Investments, MortgageIT , 20 200107Sal.RREEF, 2002 Oppenheim,2010 4. GovernanceThe Management Board is responsible for managing the company. Dr. Josef Ackermann, Chairman, Management Board Dr. Hugo Banziger,Mr. Stefen Krause, Chief Risk Officer CFOMr. Jurgen Fitschen,Mr. Hermann Lamberti,Head, RegionalCOO Management Worldwide Mr. Anshu Jain, Mr. Rainer Neske, Head,Head, Corporate &Private & BusinessInvestment BankClient 5. Products and Services Business Divisions.Deutsche Bank Corporate andPrivate ClientsInvestmentand AssetBank(CIB) ManagementCorporateGlobalAsset andPrivate &Banking & Transaction WealthBusinessSecuritiesBanking Management Clients 6. Products & Services cont... I. Corporate and Investment Bank or CIB. Responsible for Deutsche Banks Capital Market Business. Sales and trading of debt, equity & securities. Corporate Advisory. Corporate Lending. Transaction Banking.Clients Institutions both public and private. Sovereign states. Medium-sized to large MNCs 7. Products & Services cont... Corporate Banking & Securities It is further sub-divided in to two divisions Markets and CorporateFinance. Markets Selling & trading of financial market products. Equity & equity-linked products. Government & corporate bonds. Foreign exchange. Commodities. Corporate Finance Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Restructuring advisory. Debt and equity issuance. 8. Products & Services cont... Global Transaction Banking (GTB) It covers Cash Management, Trade Finance and Trust & SecuritiesServices. Cash Management and Trade Finance Management and processing of domestic and cross-border payments. Risk mitigation for international trade. Liquidity management. Financial supply chain management. Trust & Securities Services Asset and mortgage backed securities. Management and administration of tax-neutral and tax-advantage structures. Administration for hedge funds. 9. Products & Services cont... II. Private Clients and Asset Management (PCAM) Investment management business for both private and institutionalclients.Traditional banking activities for private individuals and small andmedium-sized businesses. PCAM Asset andPrivate &WealthBusinessManagement ClientsPrivate AssetWealthManagementManagement 10. Products & Services cont... Asset Management It comprises four major businesses. 1. Retail 2. Institutional 3. Insurance 4. Alternatives - RREEF RREEF It consists of three businesses. 1. Real Estate. 2. Infrastructure. 3. Private Equity. 11. Products & Services cont... Private Wealth Management (PWM) It serves high net worth individuals and families. Wealth Management Services. Inheritance planning. Philanthropic advisory services. Private & Business Clients (PBC) Full range of traditional banking products. Payment & Current Account Retirement pension plans. Mutual funds & securities. Loan to individuals private clients 12. DiversificationInvestmentAssetBankingManagementCommercial Wealth Banking ManagementRetailSecurities & Banking Equity Market Private Banking 13. Share Capital 1870, Shares were Shares Issued : 929.5traded for the first m (approx) time.Listed on Frankfurt Market Capitalisation Stock Exchange,: EUR 37.9 bn(FWB)Listed on New York Stock Exchange,(NYSE) 14. Share Capital cont... Shareholder Structure 15. Profitability Deutsche Bank reports first quarter 20111 Net income ofTotal assets EUR 2.1 billionEUR 1,843 billionEarning per share Net RevenuesEUR 2.13 EUR 10.5 billion1. 16. Profitability cont...Deutsche Bank - Annual Report 20101 The Group at a Glance2010 2009 Share price at period-end39.1044.98 Share price high 55.1153.05 Share price low35.9314.00 Basic earnings per share3.07 7.21 Average shares outstanding, in m.753689 Return on average shareholders equity (post-tax)55.00%146.00% Cost/income ratio 816.00%720.00% in m. in m. Total net revenues 28,56727,952 Provision for credit losses 1,274 2,630 Total noninterest expenses 23,31820,120 Income (loss) before income taxes 3,975 5,202 Net income (loss) 2,330 4,958Dec 31, 2010 Dec 31, 2009 in bn. in bn. Total assets 1,9061,501 Shareholders equity48.8 36.6 Core Tier 1 capital ratio87.00% 87.00% Tier 1 capital ratio123.00%126.00%1. 17. Future Plans Improve the performance of its retail banking in Germany. Focus on client driven flow business. Reduce its reliance on investment banking. Trading in currencies, commodities and bonds. Expansion in developing markets like India, China and Middle East. 18. Thank You