British Weather – It All Adds Up!

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  2. 2. You really wouldnt believe that it was May if you looked out the window. Itsridiculous. The British summer is officially gone and its costing me a lot ofmoney to keep up with the ever changing climate! One minute its rainingand the next I need my flip flops Ladies footwear isnt cheap you know!
  3. 3. Heres a perfect example. Last week Itook my sister shopping for her birthday.It was absolutely glorious outside and wewerent even wearing jackets. After afew hours of hunting round the shops itcame over all cloudy all of a suddenand we were drenched to the bone.None of us were prepared we didnthave coats or more appropriate shoesso we had to find a shop and buy someat what equated to a great cost. Soannoying!
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