Best Practices in Online Fundraising: Maximizing your Springtime Event

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In this free interactive webinar, you will learn how to make the most of your Springtime event. Specifically: Techniques to increase donations to Spring Events Ways to succeed with new online fundraising approaches, such as person-to-person fundraising pages Strategies used by Scleroderma Foundation to raise over $60,000 through online programs


  • 1. Welcome to Firstgivings Webinar
    • The webinar will begin shortly
  • Please be sure you are able to hear audio
    • Call: (605) 772-3434
    • Access code: 237-954-175

2. Presented by:Kurt Steiner, FirstgivingLiz Dorsett, Scleroderma Foundation Best Practices in Online Fundraising: Maximizing your Springtime Event 3. Agenda

  • Person-to-person online fundraising
  • Scleroderma case study
  • Firstgiving and spring events
  • Demonstration
  • Firstgiving Account types

4. About Firstgiving

  • Who we are
    • - A leading provider of online fundraising tools
  • Some history
    • - Established in 1999 in London and expanded to the US in 2003
  • Our mission
    • - Make possible for anyone, anywhere, to raise money for important causes

Since 1999, we have raised over $300 million for over 5,000 nonprofits worldwide! 5. What is Person-to-Person Fundraising? Donors

  • People making personalized appeals for causes that are important to them
  • Giving your supporters the ability to leverage their social network to make a difference

Your Nonprofit Supporters/ Fundraisers Donors 6. Example Fundraising Page

  • They work to put a face to your organization
  • They eliminate the fear of asking for people who dont like asking for money in person.
  • Gives donors a convenient option to give by using their credit card
  • Automatically generates donationreceipt , which may be used for tax purposes.

Progress thermometer Personal appeal Donations and comments 7. Donors Give to Their Friends and Leave a Comment Good luck with your recovery, I admire you more than you know!!! Glad to help! H.S. classmate of your dad.I am so proud of you! Better late than never I Gave More Than Martha, Thus I Care More.... You are an inspiration 8. Best Practice 1: Appeal to YourWhole Community Family andclose friends Other friends and coworkers Acquaintances from the past or far away Online community 9. Please Welcome Guest Speaker, Liz Dorsett Communications Manager, Scleroderma Foundation 10.

  • Before Firstgiving
    • Walks raised $521,419
  • After Firstgiving
    • Following year $819,600

11. In year 2, 58 fundraisers raised an average of $ 445online In year 3, 109 fundraisers averaged $ 689online Case Study : Tri State Chapter 12.

  • Best Practice 2:
  • Put information about Firstgiving everywhere:
    • Save the date card
    • Email newsletter
    • All walk materials
    • Your website


  • Best Practice 3:
  • Show thought leaders (board members, dev. director) how to make fundraising pages
  • Lead by example and set up your own fundraising page
  • Encourage walk committee and staff members to follow suit

14. Why Firstgiving?

    • Cost effective
    • Easy-to-use for employees, fundraisers and donors
    • Efficient online registration process
    • Fundraisers love personalizing fundraising pages and say it makes raising money much easier!
    • Easy team integration to help motivate fundraisers to increase their fundraising efforts
    • Friendly and knowledgeable Firstgiving support team


    • Fewer admin headaches and greater donor reach means MORE MONEY RAISED!

16. More Best Practices: Thank you, Liz! 17. Best Practice 4: Use Social Media

  • Blogs and social networking sites (MySpace, Facebook): With over 100 million
  • MySpace accounts and over 62 million Facebook accounts, Social Media
  • presents an easy and popular way to reach people all over the world.
  • People tap into a wider range of relationships
    • 33% of Firstgiving donations are from out-of-state
  • Tip:Remind your supporters to use Social Media sites as another way to collect more donations to their fundraising pages
    • Oftentimes, fundraisers collect donations without even having to ask!

18. Firstgiving on Facebook Your users place their fundraising efforts directly on their profile, thus tapping into a vast online community. 19. Fundraisers may add a You Tube video and personal Flickr pictures to their fundraising page. 20. Firstgiving and Spring Events: Streamline the process online!

  • Reduce mass mailings and pledge forms: simply direct your supporters to your Premium Start Page
    • From there, they register for your event and create their own fundraising page
    • Participants answer custom questions, such as t-shirt size, or anything else you need to know
  • Fundraising pages expire 2 months after the event, which means people can still donate after the event is over.
    • In fact, approximately 10% of donations come in the day of the event or in the weeks followingthese are often donations you would not have received otherwise!
    • Best Practice 4:
    • Ask your participants to send out an email
    • after the event to thank those who have donated
    • and nudge those who havent

21. Demo: Firstgiving Experience 22. Premium Start Page Organization and/or event description Total raised online Easy call to action for fundraisers Your banner Top Teams Top Fundraisers Nonprofit Resource Center Up to 3 custom Images 23. Cost

  • Creating a fundraising page and making a donation are free
  • We deduct a 7.35% transaction fee from donations
  • Credit card processing charges are included in this fee

24. Firstgiving Nonprofit Accounts

  • Nonprofit Account
  • Cost: Free
  • Start Page
  • Unlimited fundraising pages
  • Online reports: fundraiser and donor contact details
  • Premium Nonprofit Account
  • Cost: $300/annually
  • Branded Start Page
    • Branded fundraising pages with your logos and banner
  • Includes:
    • Event registration
    • Event reports
    • Team functionality

25. Example Start Pages Premium Start Page: Start Page: 26.

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