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An Introduction to our services

Text of Accountancy & Business Advice From Wkh


2. At WKH Chartered Accountants & Business Advisors, Your Business Matters Mr Nigel Willimer Senior Partner 3. WKH

  • We work closely with clients to ensure that our services are tailored to meet your needs with efficiency, accuracy and clarity.
  • WKH is an established accountancy firm with a reputation of over 150 year standing and a high level of expertise
  • 3 offices in Royston, Cambridge & Letchworth

4. Accounting Services

  • Accounts Preparation
  • Helping Your Business to Achieve
  • External & Internal Audit Services
  • Company Secretarial Services

5. Accounts Preparation The preparation of accurate and timely accounts together with accompanying tax computations and returns is fundamental to any business. WKH has built its reputation on provision of such a service to its clients. 6. Helping Your Business To Achieve In addition to preparing accounts for the regulators,our primary objective is to provide you as a business owner with information, explanations and suggestionsthat will help your business achieve its aims and objectives. 7. External & InternalAudits

  • Helping you mitigate risks by:
  • Identifying weaknesses in your systems that may be inefficient, increasing the likelihood of fraud
  • Comparing your performance against your competitors
  • Ensuring full compliance with all relevant regulatory bodies including HMRC
  • Identifying tax planning opportunities making savings
  • Specific strategic and operational audits

8. Company SecretarialServices

  • Including:
  • Maintaining statutory registers with details of members, directors, shareholdings and charges
  • Completing and filing the Annual Return as well as the annual accounts
  • Preparation of minutes, resolutions and dividend vouchers
  • Completion of up to 200 forms that might need to be filed at Companies House

9. Taxation Services

  • Minimising Tax Increasing the rewards
  • Income & Capital Tax Planning
  • Other tax planning services
  • Peace of Mind
  • Year End Tax Planning

10. Minimising Tax Increasing Rewards Taxation is a simple concept but one that is highly complex in operation. We will guide you through the taxation maze and by careful planning, ensure that you pay the minimum amount of tax. 11. Income & Capital Tax Planning Are you paying too much tax? Our income and capital tax planning service gives you the chance to discuss with us your aims and ambitions, so that we can identify the most tax efficient route to achieve your target. 12. Tax Planning Services

  • Income tax & national insurance
  • Corporation tax
  • Capital gains tax
  • Inheritance tax
  • Stamp duty
  • Value added tax

13. Is your tax burden keeping you awake at night? We can help you meet your fiscal responsibilities by ensuring that all returns are filed correctly, completely and in time to meet any deadlines. . giving you total peace of mind. 14. Year End Tax Planning There is a whole range of services which WKH can offer our clients to help them get from where they are now, to where they want to be. Call us now to discuss your requirements. 15. Our Offices Letchworth Royston 16. WKH

  • We work promptly and efficiently, keeping you informed at every stage
  • We talk to you, we write to you and answer your questions in a friendly and practical manner using language you can easily understand
  • Our aim is to bring value to our clients in everything we do;
  • value from services, value from knowledge and value from ideas

17. In short, we can

  • Help in the generation of new business ideas
  • Help Increase turnover and profits
  • Offer advice and strategies to achieve set targets
  • Help your business run smoothly and efficiently
  • .through our services and solutions.

18. Additional Services In addition to our core accountancy and tax planning services, WKH also offers a range of complementary business and personal finance solutions. 19. Additional Services

  • Outsourced payroll and business support
  • Corporate finance
  • Wealth management for private clients
  • Business strategy planning
  • Farming business advice
  • LaterLife Security for private clients

20. 21. BusinessSolutions

  • Turning dreams into reality
  • We help you to develop your business so that you.
  • Get better results
  • Have more time
  • Suffer less stress

22. BusinessSolutions Turning dreams into reality Dont settle for being money rich and time poor Consider what is really important in your life and build your business around these core values 23. BusinessSolutions

  • Turning dreams into reality
  • Offering a unique understanding of what makes businesses successful our services include:
  • Strategic business planning
  • Profit planning & improvement
  • Outsourced director appointments
  • Insolvency advice

24. 25. BusinessSupport Virtual Business Source Virtual Business Source has been offering specialist support in bookkeeping, management accounting, accounting software and payroll / human resources for over 10 years. 26. BusinessSupport

  • Virtual Business Source
  • Virtual Business Source offers the following outsourced solutions:
  • Virtual Accounts Office
  • Bookkeeping services
  • Payroll bureau
  • Human Resources support
  • Business software installation, sales and support

27. BusinessSupport Virtual Accounts Office Does your office need financial information on a regular basis? We provide regular up-to-date financial information for banks, investors, shareholders on your behalf, or information purely for your own business development needs. 28. BusinessSupport Bookkeeping Services Problems keeping your books & records up to date? Whether you are a start-up business, and expanding company or someone who needs short-term assistance, rest assured we can take the strain away from you. 29. BusinessSupport Payroll Bureau Does your payroll leave you in a spin? We can take complete responsibility for the complex demands of providing a payroll service for businesses, which means there is one less thing for you to worry about. 30. BusinessSupport Human Resources support Do you need a hand through the employment minefield? You need HR / Personnel policies and procedures to find, manage and develop your staff your companys greatest asset.HR is an area of enormous complexity that often gets left or forgotten. We have the perfect HR / personnel solution. 31. 32. CorporateFinance Realising Your Business Potential We can support and advise you through the lifecycle of your business from start-up, through fundraising, growth, mergers & acquisitions, and eventually selling. 33. CorporateFinance Realising Your Business Potential We focus on providing advice and support in what can sometimes be complex situations to develop the strength of your business. We can provide access to finance through our networks of contacts and help you realise full value on exiting your business. 34. CorporateFinance Realising Your Business Potential Delivering: Specialist advice on SME corporate financial issues without the cost and impersonal nature often associated with larger firms. 35. 36. Agribusiness Agricultural Accountancy & Business Support We understand agricultural and rural affairs and support a range of farming, horticultural and rural businesses. 37. Agribusiness Agricultural Accountancy & Business Support We will work closely with you and your advisors to make the most of the tax planning opportunities reducing tax liabilities wherever possible. We use the Gross Margin model of accounts to support management decisions. 38. Agribusiness

  • Agricultural Accountancy & Business Support
  • We can help with:
  • Technical & taxation advice
  • Raising finance
  • Changes in business structures
  • Property transactions
  • Passing on the family farm
  • Business management
  • Cash flow planning

39. 40. FinancialServices Professional, Impartial Advice We can use our expertise to help you understand the market and find the most suitable personal finance solutions for you. We can offer you totally independent advice on the entire range of financial services. 41. FinancialServices Specialists in Wealth Management Provisio Portfolio Solutions, our wealth management solution,works to balance your goals for growth with your future cash-flow requirements and your tolerance for risk. 42. FinancialServices

  • Specialists in Wealth Management
  • Provisio offers:
  • Intelligent investment strategies
  • Totally bespoke to you
  • Low-cost, multi-asset portfolios
  • Online portfolio man

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