Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Composer

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Composer

By: Landon He played for royalty when he was 17.He wrote 600 works in his life time.He wrote his first sonata on the piano.Where he performed

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Wolfgang Amadeus MozartBorn 27, 1756 in Salzburg, AustriaDied 1791 in Vienna, AustriaThe famous composer Beethoven worked with Mozart.

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He was famous for his keyboard skills.At the beginning of his career he toured with his sister and his dadHe had a little interest in a new kind of classical music When he was old he went kind of. Well crazy.Let me tell you a story of Mozart! Some interesting factsOne day Mozart was ill very very ill which would be the sickness he would die of. he heard a knock at the door he opened it and there was a stranger he said he neededA song wrote for a funeral since Mozart was already crazy and ill he thought that he asked him to write a song for his own funeral pretty weird right?The page with is the story with I talked aboutDivertimentosMarriage of FigaroOverturesQuintet for Piano & WindsRequiemSerenade #6Senoia Concertante Trio

Some of his songs9I think that he is a brilliant composer.My favorite song by him is the Marriage of Figaro.I think if he was alive his music would be some of the top songs.

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WikipediaClassical.netDSO kidsNew York Philharmonic Source of infoBye I hope you all like Mozart as much as I do thank you for your time no really I'm not just trying to make a good ending bye!

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