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By: Javier Urdiales, Javier Biera and

Jaime Cervera

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IndexMost important aspectsBiography

Family and childhoodCareer: Illness and death


1762 - 1778

1781 - 1791

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Most important aspectsHis complete name is Johannes Chrysostomus

Wolfgangus Amadeus Theophilus Mozart.

Was born January 27 in 1756.Died December 5 in 1791 exactly at 1 a.m. at

the age of 35.

Mozart wrote 600 compositions.

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Biography (family and childhood)

He was born the 27th of January of 1756 in Salzburg (Austria).

Her parents were Leopold and Anna Maria Perlt Mozart.

He was baptized in St. Rupert’s Cathedral the day after his birth.

He started his piano lessons at theage of seven but he had alreadystarted composing at the age of five.

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Biography (career) (1762 – 1778)

Mozart did several European travels.A particular influence of this travels was that he

met Johann Christian Bach.Between 1769 to 1771 father and son went to

Italy leaving mother and sister at home.Mozart met G.B. Martini in Bologna.In Milan, Mozart wrote the opera Mitridate, re di

Porto.Between 1773 and 1777, Mozart was workin in

the Salzburg court.

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Biography (career) (1781 – 1791)

In January 1781, Mozart’sopera Idomeneo premieredwith considerable success inMunich.

The firsts years he stayed inVienna began well.

In 1785 Mozart began his famous operatic collaboration with the librettist Lorenzo Da Ponte.

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Biography (illness and death)

Mozart fell sick more or less the 6th of September

The 30 September the illness intensified.

On 20 November Mozart becamebedridden, suffering from swelling, painand vomiting.

Mozart died the 5 of December in 1791.

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StyleMozart and Haydn’s stands as an archetypal

example of the Classical style.

Mozart adapted new forms of the Baroque style.

He advanced the technical sophistication and emotional reach of all his compositions.

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InfluenceMozart’s most famous pupil was Johann

Nepomuk Hummel.

Most important is the influence this will have on the later generations.

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