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The Tourism Minister is in charge of the nodal agency which does the formulation of national policies

and programmes and for the co-ordination of activities of various Central Government Agencies, State

Governments/UTs and the Private Sector for the development and promotion of tourism in the country.

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The Tourism minister in Chhattisgarh is the main head of the department. This department has a nodal

agency for the development of tourism in the country.

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The functions of the Ministry in this regard mainly consist of the


Development Policies.


External Assistance.

Manpower Development.

Promotion & Marketing.

Investment Facilitation.

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The state of Chhattisgarh has also promoted tourism as a main instrument for socio- economic

development. On 18th January 2002 Chhattisgarh Tourism Board was established.

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It is responsible for infrastructural and institutional development, investment in facilities & hotels,

wayside amenities and above all aggressive marketing & promotion for the comprehensive development.

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Under the leadership of Tourism minister in Chhattisgarh it focuses on manpower training and employment

generation to create a manpower pool for travel trade and hospitality industry of this state.

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This Board is also trying to incorporate carrying capacity analysis to the resource utilization. As the state

is covered with nearly 45% of the forests and 32% of tribal population, therefore it has immense

opportunities for Eco-Ethno, Adventure and Cultural tourism.

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The state of Chhattisgarh has positioned itself as the destination 'full of

surprises' with some of the amazing destinations which could certainly

lead to the growth of tourism in the future. As a fastest growing state of

India, Chhattisgarh has a number of natural treasures that too not


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