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Page 1: The pitch presentation

Music Video PitchJack Ridsdale, Josh Gill, Bonnie


Song Title:Numbers by AlterVertigo

Page 2: The pitch presentation

Concept The idea is that we

use actors as the band, because they have jobs and aren’t available to use.

That we may film in black and white, and make a video that would fit in the metal genre. We want to film at Croome park.

Page 3: The pitch presentation

Purpose To promote the band

and their song. To make a video

relevant to the genre of the band.

To entertain the audience.

This video will amplify the song, bringing a new meaning to it.

Our outcome will be for the audience to connect with the band and bring the music to a wider audience.

Page 4: The pitch presentation

Health & Safety To make sure the

equipment is safe and not faulty, and that we are capable of using it correctly.

Make sure the shooting area is not hazardous and all wires are arranged safely.

Lighting equipment.

That all people involved act professionally and are not irresponsible.

Page 5: The pitch presentation

Influences For the music video we would be influenced

by these videos:

dUCQ – Enter Shikari, Anything can happen in the next half hour. (Woods setting, winter, fog.) – Bring me the Horizon, This sadness will never end. (Woods setting, horror theme.) -Bullet For My Valentine, Waking The Demon. (Woods setting, horror theme)

Page 6: The pitch presentation
Page 7: The pitch presentation

How will ours be different It may be shot in black and

white, in the grounds of Croome Park

We have chosen a horror theme and our video will include zombies.

The mise en scene will create a creepy atmosphere with elements such as smoke/fog, make-up/blood and the winter setting.

Page 8: The pitch presentation

Audience Profile The audience would be C1-D on

the Jicnar scale and would include lots of students & young people.

This audience would be described hedonists or individualists.

They would enjoy drinking alcohol and attending gigs.

They would Enjoy bands likeMetallica and Bullet for My Valentine.

Page 9: The pitch presentation

Test Shoot


In this clip we tried a test run of jump cuts which is a technique we will use in our final video.

Page 10: The pitch presentation

Theorists Andrew Goodwin

theorised that the star of the video is often shot with many close-ups and is the focus of the video.

Our video will be quite abstract which fits in with the genre of heavy metal music videos.

Our video will not fit into Todorov or Proppian narrative structures, however there are binary oppositions as the zombie are evil and the humans are good.

Page 11: The pitch presentation