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The Food Pyramid

The Food PyramidBy: Anna Blanco

What is the Food Pyramid?The food pyramid is a diagram showing the basics of a healthy and balanced diet.

What are the Parts of the Food Pyramid?There are 6 parts to the food pyramid.GrainsVegetablesFruitsOilsDairyMeat and Beans

Grains6 ounces dailyHealth BenefitsKeeps your heart healthyReduces the risk of certain cancersHelp regulate blood sugar levels

Examples of Grains:PastaOatmealCerealBread

Vegetables 2 and a half cups dailyHealth BenefitsProvide essential vitamins, minerals and dietary fibersThey are rich in antioxidants, which help keep your body healthyExamples of Vegetables:CarrotsPeas

Fruits 2 cups dailyHealth BenefitsReduce the risk of heart diseases and other diseasesLowers blood pressureReduces risk of certain cancerExamples of Fruits:AppleBanana

OilsThere isnt a certain amount of oils that are needed daily, but it just needs to be limited.Only certain oils are good for youGood Oils:Grape seed OilWalnut OilAvocado OilBad Oils:Palm oilCottonseed oil

Dairy3 cups dailyHealth Benefits:Improves bone healthReduced risk of type 2 diabetesExamples of dairy:MilkCheeseYogurt

Meat and Beans5 ounces dailyHealth Benefits:Good source of proteinGood source of iron and vitaminsExamples of Meat & Beans:SteakBlack Beans

Why is the Food Pyramid Important?It is used to teach individuals about a healthy balanced diet.It encourages people of all ages to eat a healthy and balanced diet