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  • 1. PITCH PRESENTATIONBy Maisie, Gemma, Amanda and Tasmin

2. THE CULT: JONESTOWN 3. DISTRIBUTION AND PRODUCTIONShock VisionPreview Productions 4. GENREThe genre of our film is Cult Thriller/Horror which is based around trueevents that occurred on the 18th of November 1978 in a cult organizedby Jim Jones.The cult theme is a sub genre of a Horror and Thriller genre as it haselements of both. 5. FILM INFLUENCESThe plot of the film is based around a real life story. Jonestown was peoples templeagricultural project in Guyana, which was organized by Jim Jones as a place of retreat forpeople who wanted to be apart of a community that worked together. He wanted to go down inhistory and was willing to take 1000s with him. The cult was very strict with rules that not allparticipants agreed with but always obeyed. When a journalist came to investigate the projecthe discovered the members were being forced to stay, acting upon this the journalist arrangedfor a truck to come and collect the few members brave enough to leave to a jet at the airport.Having been tipped off Jim Jones and some of his followers intercepted and proceeded to killall of the escapees and the journalist.Realizing his own fate, having killed the a well known journalist and knowing he would becaught out Jim Jones then decided to commit a mass suicide using his great influence on thecommunity he had created. He put cyanide in Kool-Aid and told his followers what was goingto happen those who refused to drink it were shot.A total of 918 people died in the settlement that day. 6. MARKET INFLUENCESWe plan to market our film by using various social networking sites and visual methods suchas 7. UNIQUE SELLING POINT: Our unique selling point is that our story is based around a true story and life event. Therehas not been a movie about this before which is also a unique selling point, as the publicwill be interested in what occurred in Jonestown and what the influence was behind JimJoness actions. 8. AUDIENCE Our target audience would vary between people who like Horrors and Thrillers and wouldusually be aged 16-18 upwards the age gap would vary from 16-46. Another target audience would be people who like true story films. 9. TEASER IDEASThis is an example of a voice over from Jim Jones which we are goingto attempt to recreate to add over as sound for our trailer. This will addto the validity of the real story.We plan to focus on one main character caught up in thesituation. She wants to escape and was one of the few that wasinterviewed by the journalist but was to afraid to leave with him.She will be used as the focus in the poster magazine cover andteaser trailer. 10. POSTER IDEASWe are going to have our finalposter with the main character beingthe focus, we want to include thehand as it shows the power of JimJones and the control he had overthe members of the project. We likethe way the title is written with thefont getting smaller as it giveselements of a documentary. Wehave chosen to have two titles sothat people that are aware of theevent know that the film is based onit. 11. MAGAZINE COVER IDEAS We have decided to include the main character again in the magazine cover so that theaudience begin to recognize the face and connect it to the film. We have planned to useEMPIRE magazine as they would be the type of magazine to review a real life thriller. Weare going to use the theme of black and white in the magazine cover as it is the colourthat we have used in the poster and it creates more a formal, structured look representingthe simplistic and controlled lifestyle that Jim Jones created.