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The Spectrum of Renal Bone DiseaseMeryl S. LeBoff, MD

Guest Editor


95 The Spectrum of Renal Bone Disease: IntroductionMeryl S. LeBoff

97 Chronic Kidney Disease/Bone and Mineral Metabolism: TheImperfect Storm

Mark E. Williams

105 Kidney Disease Outcomes Quality Initiative Guidelines forBone and Mineral Metabolism: Emerging Questions

Tejas V. Patel and Ajay K. Singh

113 Role of Vitamin D in Chronic Kidney DiseaseTejas V. Patel and Ajay K. Singh

122 Bone Histomorphometry in Renal OsteodystrophySusan M. Ott

133 A Structural Approach to Skeletal Fragility in Chronic KidneyDisease

Mary B. Leonard

144 Diagnosis and Treatment of Osteoporosis in Chronic RenalDisease

Paul D. Miller

156 The Pathogenesis of Vascular Calcification in the ChronicKidney Disease Mineral Bone Disorder: The Links BetweenBone and the Vasculature

Keith A. Hruska, Suresh Mathew, Richard J. Lund, Imran Memon,and Georges Saab

166 Bone Disease in Kidney Transplant PatientsMinna Huang and Stuart M. Sprague

On the Cover: Bone biopsies showing adynamic bone disease with low boneformation (top) compared with osteitis fibrosa with extensive formation andresorption (bottom). Photos by Susan Ott. (See article by Susan Ott, p. 122.)

Figures in column from the American Journal of Kidney Diseases Atlas of RenalPathology. Courtesy of Agnes B. Fogo, MD and the National Kidney Foundation.

VOL. 29, NO. 2 MARCH 2009