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    Paper 1 One hour and forty-five minutesSection A: Directed Writing

    135 markslYou are aduised to spend about 45 minutes on th'is section.Question 1you have just returned from a three-day outdoor activity camp. You have decided to write a letterto a friend about your experience at the camp. Write your letter based on all the notes below.

    ' who organized the camP' date of the camP' transport to the camPsite' number of ParticiPants' location of the camPWhen writing the letter you should remember:' to layout the letter correctlY' to use ParagraPhs' that vour letter is to a friend

    ' accomodation. grve two relevant examPles of:- activities- benefrts- problems

    Section B: Continuous Writing150 rnarksl

    You are aduised to spend about one hour on this section.Question 2Write a cornposition of not less than 350 words on one of the following topics.(a) Describe the biggest challenge in your life.(b) Write a story with the title: An Unexpected Visitor(c) How to keep oneself healthY.(d) If you were given a chance to be anybody, who would you want to be and why?(e) Music

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    SPM D(AMINATION PAPER 2OO5Paper 1Section A

    Shirley LimNo. 9, Jln Mesra,47600 Subang Jaya,Selangor.10.12.05

    Dear Shanti,Hi, there! How are you? I am sorry I was not ableto reply your letter any earlier. I was at a camp. The campwas called 'Discover Yourself'. It was an enrichingexperience as I have never attended such camp before.My uncle, who is one of the organizers, roped me in. Atfirst I was very apprehensive about the whole thing. Butlater I realized I needed some motivation to boost me forthe coming SPM examination.Let me glve you some details. The organizers are agroup of people who call themselves 'The MillenniumPeople'. They are basically teachers, trainers and leadersfrom various social groups who have come together to helpyoung people to excel. The camp was from 1st of Decemberto 9th of December. It was a three-day outdoor activitycamp. We went to the camp by bus and later got into aferry that took us to the Pangkor Island. There were about120 participants with 12 trainers. The camp was conductedin the west of Pangkor Island. It was so quiet and peaceful,overlooking the beautiful hills. It was a superb place forus to unwind and discover ourselves. There were littlechalets reserved for us.

    We enjoyed many interesting activities. I cannotdescribe them all, but I need to tell you about some ofthe interesting activities. The first activity was called'Loosen Up'. We got to know each other in this ice-breakingsession. Then came the difficult section. It was called the'Bear the Brunt'session. Here we were practically yelledat and scolded by the trainers. The purpose was to breakour egos.After this we were given a series of motivationguidance for studying, self improvement and timemanagement. I greatly benefited from this camp. I havediscovered my own potentials. Now I know that I havea good memory and can socialize easily. I also haveidentified my weaknesses. My greatest weakness isprocrastination. But we have learnt to deal and overcomeour weaknesses.However, the carnp had its own problems. Someparticipants did not co-operate because they refuse toparticipate in hiking and jungle trekking activities.Another problem was that, we did not have water supplyon the first day. But these are all small matters comparedto the benefits and the lifelong experience that I havegathered in the camp. In the next camp, I will surely takeyou along.That's all for now. I hope to hear from you soon.Take care.

    Your friend,Sdralz4

    Section B(a) The biggest challenge in my life is to get throughmy SPM examination with good grades. Little didI know that the form five Sijil Pendidikan Malaysiaor SPM examination is so important to me. Eversince I have entered secondary school, I have beenrepeatedly told and reminded by my teachers andby -y family that SPM examination is veryimportant, as it is the stepping stone into my careerand my future. But as usual, students like me havetaken this matter lightly because we cannot see thefuture yet.

    Many students can fairly get through the SPMexamination, but how many of us will be able to getthrough with flying colours is another question. Whyis it so mportant to do well at SPM level? It is simplybecause it is a getaway to further education andhigher education. Strange enough SPM qualificationitself does carry weight. A person with SPMqualification only get to be employed as a clerk, andmay be paid a salary of RM500.00 at the most. Buthaving a good SPM certificate can ensure manyother perks. Students with good grades are oftenoffered scholarships for further studies by local andforeign institutions ofhigher learning. This I see asa great motivation as I do not have to burden myparents unnecessarily. Moreover, those with goodgrades are also exempted from sitting for foundationcourses in some programmes. This is good becauseI can save cost and time in pursuing my ambitionthat is to be a bio-technologist.

    Those students who do well in SPM are alsogiven priority to get into Form Six or the pre-university classes which are conducted in someschools. The cost is low and affordable for studentsand parents. Those who want to do their pre-university in a private college because their SPMresults are not good enough to be absorbed intogovernment schools, have to pay high fees. With agood certificate, students can also opt to do theirAlevels which could take them for an overseaeducation in the United Kingdom, Australia orAmerica. These countries have an excellent tertiaryeducational programmes which use SPM results astheir yardstick to take in Malaysian students.Therefore I think the biggest hurdle in my lifeis the SPM. It is the deciding point that makes orbreaks my future and career. So my advise to all mycomrades out there, take the challenge and excel.

    @) Students on a camping trip - in a special campingsite, surrounded by jungles, in Sarawak - studentslistened to their patrol leader for instructions -students busy setting up the camp area, pitchingtents, looked for firewood for the jamboree - gottogether at night - some cooking, some setting acampfire, others preparing games and songs,practising their performances - all having a goodtime - singing - dancing around the campfire -suddenly someone spotted a strange figure - anOrang Utan dancing among them - screamed - ran

    Shirley Lim

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    and hide in the bushes nearby * peeped throughthe bushes - Orang Utan was not afraid of them- continued to dance around the campfire - reallyenjoying itself, dancing according to the rhythm ofthe music - music stopped, Orang Utan waited fora while looking around, then slowly went back intothe jungle - came out from their hiding places slowly- laughter and jokes - the uninvited intruder - amemorable experience

    The old adage 'health is wealth' is true to itsmeaning. People who have goodhealth is equivalentto having a good fortune. Though we are all bornhealthy, it is up to us to take care ofour body. Keepinghealthy means having a well-balanced rneal andexercising regularly. Good eating habits and regularworkouts must be part of our regular routine.To know what is a balanced meal we can havea look at the The Food Guide Pyramid which is anoutline ofwhat to eat each day based on the DietaryGuideline. It is not a rigid prescription but a generalguide that lets you choose a health diet that is rightfor you. The pyramid calls for eating a variety offoods to get the nutrients you need and at the sametime the right amount of calories to maintain ahealthy weight. Use the pyramid to help you eatbetter every day and prevent many medicalproblems, including becoming overweight or obese,developing weak bones and developing diabetes. Itwill also ensure that you can physically grow to yourfull potential. Do not feel that you have to eatbecause you are bored or depressed. Eating onlymakes the problem worse. Be smart, do not smoke!Smoking causes cancer which can lead to death andmany other health problems. Please stay away fromdrugs and alcohol. You control what happens. Bytaking drugs, it takes away your mind control.

    Exercising is physically working out the humanbody to improve how it functions. Exercise can beclassified as either active or passive exercise.Physical fitness is the body's capacity to carry outwork and protect itselfagainst disease and infection.Active exercising involves willful physical effort likewalking, cycling, swimming and jogging. Exercisewhich involves a machine or the action of anotherperson is called passive exercise. Through workingor exercising, muscles in the body develop strength.Coordination in nerve muscles is also improved.

    Besides well-balanced food and exercise, sleepis also an integral part of our health. Sleep problemsat this age usually involve having a late sleep phase.Teenagers will commonly stay up late on theweekends and then sleep in the next day, sometimesuntil noon. This carries over into the school weekand can cause difficulty falling asleep at a propertime on school nights. It is now well known thatbeing sleep deprived can lead to behavioural andattentional problems in school, so it is importantthat teenagers get at least 8 hours of sleep.Therefore balanced food, exercise and a good night'ssleep may make you healthy, wealthy and wise.

    The person that I would want to be, ifgiven a chance,is Tan Sri Dr. Mahathir Mohamed because he hasput Malaysia distinctively in the world map. Bornon 20 December 1925 nAlor Setar, Kedah, the youngMahathir joined the United Malays NationalOrganization (IIMNO) at its foundation in 1946. Heset up private practice in his hometown in 1957, ayear after he married his wife, Hasmah, also aphysician.

    In 1981, he became the prime minister. Onassuming high office, Dr. Mahathir set about puttinghis ideas into practice and transforming Malaysiafrom an exporter of rubber and tin, into an Asiantiger producing electronic equipment, steel and cars.His restless ambition wa s examplified by hisprogramme af heavy industrialization. The ambitionwas driven by Malay nationalism and Malaysiancapitalism, which coupled to conceive Malaysiaincorporated and privatization.

    The beginnings of his era were charged withthe energy of reforming bureaucracy andmodernizing the economy. He basically wanted tochange the Malays to businessmen. His most exaltedtarget was the creation ofa unified nation, BangsaMalaysia, which would be led by the Melayu Baru- the society of 'new Malay' capitalists andprofessionals - to undertake a conquest of foreignmarkets. Dr. Mahathir has created a Malay middleclass, and even billionaires, through governmentpatronage as wel l as pol ic ies of posit ivediscrimination in employment and higher education.

    However at the core of his reforms were theassimilation of Islamic values. These valuescelebrated learning, promoted thrift and dignifiedlabour. It created the elements ofan'Eastern workethic'which he imposed upon Malaysian society.

    More visible projects to boost his people's senseof pride have included the world's tallest buildingand the 'Multimedia Super Corridor'intended torival California's Silicon Valley. In addition, he hastaken on the mantle of spokesman for the NewAsia,upholding Asian and Malaysian values, criticizingWestern double standards and winning a followingamong non-Western and developing countries.

    With his leadership we have experienced a gainin prosperity, a sense of a more unified society andpride in Malaysia's place in the world. For all he hasdone, I really would be proud to take him as a rolemodel and be T\rn Dr. Mahathir if given a chance.

    Music is one of God's greatest gifts to humanbeings. Music is a magical gift we must nourish andcultivate in young people, beiause music is a partofthe fabric ofour society. The intrinsic value ofmusicfor each individual is widely recognized in the manycultures that make up our lives. If we look aroundus, every human culture uses music to carry forwardits ideas and ideals.

    The value of music in shaping individualabilities and character are attested in a number ofplaces. In America, secondary students who




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    participated in bands or orchestra reported thelowest lifetime and cunent use of alcohol, tobaccoand illicit drugs. There are also scientific evidencethat proves that an education in the arts makesbetter Math and Science students. It enhancesspatial intelligence in newborns. participation in thearts and music is a valuable experience thatbroadens students' understanding and appreciationof the world around them. It is also well known andwidely recognized that the arts contr ibutesignificantly to children,s intellectual development.Since music and pop culture are the norm oftoda.y's society, they help to create jobs, boosttourism, spur growth in related businesses, hotels,restaurants, printilg, and thus improve the overallquality of life for our cities and towns.Success in society, of course, is predicted onsuccess n school. Any music teacher or parent of amusic student can call to mind anecdotes about theeffectiveness of music study in helping children

    become better students. Skills learned through thediscipline of music, these stories commonly poiit out,transfer to study skills, communication skills anOcogrritive skills usefirl in every part of the curriculum.There are grouadbreaking neurological research thatshow how music study can actively contribute tobrain development - part icularly throughparticipation in ensembles - helps students learn towork effectively in the school environment withoutresorting to violent or inappropriate behaviour.Generally parents want their chi ldren toachieve success in school, success in employmentand success n the social structures. But parents alsowant their children to experience ,success,on abroader scale. Participation in music, often as notbased on a grounding in music education during theformative school years, brings countless benefi"ts toeach individual throughout life. The benefits maybe psychological or spiritual, and they may bephysical as well. These are all important irr tneholistic development as an individual. Thereforemusic education is the answer to all these.