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HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin)

Dwi AmaliaYuni Sulistiani

Anisa RahmadiniDenny Agung NugrohoD3 ANALIS KESEHATAN


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HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a hormone produced by placenta tissue in

early pregnancy. This hormone will be released through the urine.

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To detect the presence of human chronic gonadotropin in urine and also detects the presence of pregnancy

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The direct pregnancy assay is based upon the agglutination reaction between latex particles coated with anti-hCG antibodies and hCG present in the test specimen.


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Tools and Material

Used to protecting the body

Lab Coat Mask

Used to protect nose and mouth

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Gloves Slide test

Used to protect hand from infection subtance

Used to interpretation the result

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microtube pippette

It can used to pippette and stirring

Used to Place the sample

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Lateks reagent Disinfectant

Used to detect antigen in sampel

Used to sterilization pippette & stirring

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Control (-)

Used to standard control (-) for sample

Control (+)

Used to standard control (+) for sample

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Procedure • Bring the reagent and spesimen to room temperature before use• Place one drop of the negative pregnancy control onto a circle of the

agglutination slide• Using the pippet-stirrers provided, place one drop of the urine specimen

onto the remaining circle of the agglutination slide• Shake and re-suspend the pregnancy latex reagent. Add one drop to each

of the test circles of the agglutination slide• Stir with individual pippete-stirrer and spread mixture over entire area of

the test circle• Gently rock the agglutination test slide for two minutes and observe the

test circles for agglutination. Interpret results at two minutes. Extended incubation may result in evaporation and erroneous result

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Interpretation of results

• Positive result : agglutination occurs within two minutes

• Negative result : agglutination does not occur within two minutes

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• In urine Mrs. .... Negative pregnancy because there’s not occur agglutination. This mean Mrs. ... Is not pregnancy and of course there is in urine not contain antigen anti-HCG.

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