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Effie Award Silver 2012

AdNews Agency of the year Finalist 2011

APG Creative Planning Award Finalist 2010

Campaign of the year, Siren Awards 2007

Current Clients

Award-winning creative marketing agency for some

of Australia’s best brands.

We provide a fully integrated and wide-ranging

marketing services offering.

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Lianna Gabrijelcic Group Account Director

In a career of more than 10 years Lianna has worked across a wide range of products and built brands in Australia and Italy. She specialises in the integration of IMC approaches with existing brands thereby creating outstanding and effective campaigns for our clients. She worked for some of Australia’s largest brands such as Telstra, Holden, Qantas and Billabong. Her experience, gathered from across the globe, also includes brands such as Dolce & Gabbana and Fiat.

Lianna’s experience and superior customer service will ensure the campaign exceeds expectations.

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Amellia EastherCreative Director

Amellia is the Executive Creative Director of NU Black Marketing Sydney. She joined the firm in 2012, from a small WPP owned creative firm Inside Line. With 5 years previous experience in the area, Amellia has a background in creative strategy and management, and has worked with both international and nationally leading brands including Hugo Boss, Georgio Cavalli, Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Ten Days on the Island and Wittner Shoes.

Amellia’s creative flair will grab the attention the brand needs and deserves.

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Kevin SwartsResearch Director

Kevin pursued his passion for research in marketing by completing his PhD in Business Management at the University of Tasmania. Regarded as a specialist in social media marketing, Kevin is passionate about predicting buyer behaviour and influencing the purchase decisions of potential customers. He still works part-time at the university researching a high profile project with the university Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Kim Leeman, on Art and Destination Marketing.

Kevin’s research will provide valuable direction to marketing campaign.

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The market has not been segmented using psychographic criteria.

Current marketing lacks a IMC approach that builds a clear image of the travelling destination.

Problems with the current

marketing campaign

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The main brand message is not used in a consistent way to build brand recognition.

The Tasmania logo fails to be part of a continuous and complete process that links with the core marketing message.

Problems with the current

marketing campaign

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Social media and internet-based technologies are not being used effectively.

Most used media are not integrated with distribution partners.

Current social media and internet-based technologies fail to link cognitive, affective and behavioural responses.

Problems with the current

marketing campaign

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Segment the market with greater focus on psychographic criteria (VALS).

Reposition the Tasmania with a clear destination image of wilderness and heritage.

New marketing



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Use social media and internet technologies to capture lifestyle market segments that respond to images of wilderness and heritage.

Use social media and internet technologies to connect with other travel related websites and tourism operators.

New marketing



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Increase brand equity

Influence travel to Tasmania

Reposition the brand

Cooperative promotions

Linking key touch-points



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Websites- Discover Tasmania- Tourism websites:, - Transport services: Airlines, Ferry- Search engine optimisation

Social Media- Facebook, Google+, Twitter- Youtube, Vimeo

Television- Domestic & International

Magazines- Tourist- Lifestyle: adventure, hiking, fishing

Billboards- Domestic and Tasmanian airports- In Asia, Europe

Communication Tools

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Linking Together

Communication Tools