• Print Anywhere. Print Less. Introducing the document output management solution that gives enterprises more of what they want. More document and device security. More printing convenience and personalization. And more transparency and accountability.

    Lexmark Print Release with My e-Task and Lexmark Accounting

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    •secure access from a universal driver

    •browser-based personalization

    •comprehensive tracking and reporting

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    Create a better network printing and imaging experience for users, and gain new visibility into output and costs. In today’s anytime, anywhere, always on business environment, having access to your documents and information isn’t a luxury—it’s essential.

    With Lexmark, you can create a secure, shared printing and imaging environment with one solution that delivers the best of all worlds:

    • Reduces the number of devices, while increasing availability and ease of use.

    • Eliminates personal printers on desktops, while strengthening protections and controls.

    • Curtails unnecessary printing and expenses, while delivering beneficial technology and business process improvement.

    Simple. Convenient. Secure.

    One universal print driver combined with user-friendly authentication gives users across your enterprise instant access to any enabled device within their global network.

    Get the complete picture. Throughout the day, Lexmark Accounting captures information about each user’s activity. The solution collects data for all print, copy and scan-to functions, including activities initiated through Lexmark embedded solutions that have been deployed to the device. Your organization can now monitor activity for each location and calculate output costs for each employee and device.

    Every printer is “your printer.” Imagine authenticating at a device and the home screen is in your native language1. And among the icons displayed are all of the one-touch shortcuts you’ve created to speed up your work day. With Lexmark My e-Task, any device you walk up to transforms into your personal device. Setting your preferences is as easy as pointing your browser to the solution’s web portal.

    Any device, any time. Lexmark Print Release gives you the latitude to print documents on any enabled printer or MFP on your network — whether the device is down the hall or across the country. Even better, your print jobs stay in the server queue until you release them, so any confidential content in those documents remains that way. Authenticating is as easy as swiping your badge or entering your credentials.

    Lexmark Accounting

    Lexmark Print Release

    Lexmark My e-Task

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    More to do? No problem. You can start another task without having to swipe your badge again or re-enter your credentials.

    Authenticate, Select and Release.

    Lexmark Print Release with My e-Task and Lexmark Accounting lets you Print Anywhere. Print Less.

    Once you have the Lexmark Universal Print Driver installed, you can start sending print jobs from your computer. Your documents will be held in the Lexmark Print Release server queue until you release them.

    To print your jobs, go to a Print Release-enabled printer or MFP. Select Print Release on the touch screen, then authenticate by swiping your badge or entering your credentials.

    Select the documents you want to print from the queue. If you are using a Lexmark printer or MFP with the Print Preview feature, you can view thumbnails of your documents and select only the pages you want to print.

    If you want to print a document again later, press the Print and Keep option and the document will be returned to the queue; otherwise, just press Print. If there are documents in the queue that you no longer want, select them and then press Delete.

    Web portal gives you the inside view.The Lexmark Solutions Platform web portal is easy to access from your network-connected computer or phone. The portal lets you view your Print Release queue, view your personal job summaries and reports, assign a delegate to release print jobs for you, and access Lexmark My e-Task to set up your preferences and shortcuts.

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    How Lexmark Print Release helps you Print Less. Save More.

    Are unclaimed documents piled next to printers a common sight in your offices? Research conducted by IPSOS on behalf of Lexmark showed that one out of every six pages printed ends up in the wastebasket. At Lexmark, we believe that the most sustainable page is the page that you don’t print. That’s why we were the first to endorse this simple strategy: Print Less.

    Using less paper is good for the environment and it is just good business. When implemented as part of a smart deployment strategy, Lexmark Print Release can help your organization slash unnecessary printing, not only reducing paper consumption but also toner and electricity usage, maintenance costs, and the number of output devices you deploy.

    • Reduces waste by enabling users to “pull” the documents they want to print rather than “push” them to a printer.

    • Lexmark Print Release can be set up to purge unprinted jobs automatically after a specified amount of time has passed.

    • Gives users paper-saving options, like easy-to-create shortcuts for duplexing or multi-up printing.

    • Increases individual awareness and accountability by letting users view their activity log.

    • Detailed accounting helps organizations pinpoint high-volume devices or user groups that could benefit from digital workflow solutions.

    Print Less. Save More.

    Sustainable by design

    Protecting the environment and preserving natural resources requires more than a vision. It requires genuine leadership in sustainable design. Lexmark helps you minimize the environmental impacts of printing with innovative solutions for reducing paper in your business processes, eco-minded consumables, and easy recycling options.

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    When you know who, what and when, you can begin to address the how — how to deliver transformative savings to your organization.

    Is your output environment as efficient as it could be? Do you have the tools to track activity, address cost challenges, and make the changes needed to reduce the huge volume of waste that occurs each and every day? Lexmark Accounting arms your organization with detailed user and device information to improve decision making and to help you track your progress against your cost-reduction and sustainability goals.

    • The Lexmark Solutions Platform web portal simplifies administration, allowing you to discover and configure devices, apply policies and run reports from anywhere you can access the web portal.

    • Tracks all print, copy and scanning activity by individual users on enabled devices, including activities that are performed via embedded applications.

    • Lets you easily assign users and devices to groups, then assign groups to cost centers.

    • Provides more than a dozen standard reports, and allows you to apply reporting filters and select date ranges. The export option lets you view data in a spreadsheet or data application for additional analysis.

    More Visibility and Control.

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    Business Solutions

    Features and Benefits

    Flexible. Supports a variety of authentication methods, including smart cards, proximity cards, and user name and password or PIN.

    Intelligent. Automatically registers users the first time they authenticate at an enabled device. No separate registration process required.

    Convenient. With the web portal, one tool does it all. You can discover and add devices; create groups and assign cost centers; and create configuration profiles, associate them to a policy and then deploy the profiles to the entire fleet or to specific groups.

    Versatile. Provides the capability of releasing print jobs and tracking print activity on Lexmark devices that are not solutions-enabled as well as other manufacturers’ devices (requires an external network adapter).

    What’s your document output management strategy?

    Partner with Lexmark, a global leader, to access 20 years of exclusive focus and industry experience.

    We deliver everything you need to manage your information like the asset it truly is. We put documents and business content to work, with award-winning technology, end-to-end solutions and managed services that let you capture, manage and access hardcopy and digital information within the context of your business processes.

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