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Additives for Polymers October 1993

bound release agents

30 5148397 Release agent for PVC Shinetsu Polymer Co Priority Date: 27 November 1991 The PVC contains a silicone-ape oil. (The info~tion given in the above section has been supplied by Detent Publication Ltd, Derwent House, 14 Great Queen Street, axon, WC?B SDF, UK Tel: -f-44-71-344- 2800. Fax: +44-Z-344-2900. ~tended series orbed copies of the patents misted above can be obtained~om Detent).


Fire retardants

US 5218,017 Fire re~rdant ABS Ethyl Corp Priority Date: 14 August 1991 The fire ret~dant and synergist are dry- blended with an impact modifier and mixed with the ABS polymer before extrusion.

US 5218,027 Fire retardant ~~yole~~s Motri~e Industries Ltd Priority Date: 18 March 1988 The poiyofe~ns contain an organ0 poly- siloxane and metal oxide hydrate as fire ret~dant, and are claimed to have Iow toxicity.

US 5,221,704 Fire retardant PBT Teijin Ltd Priority Date: 4 October 1989 The fire retardant is a brominated epoxy or a brominated pofycarbonate together with antimony trioxide as a synergist.

us 5,22 1,705 Fire retardant polyester


Toray Industries Priority Date: 21 June 1990 A fire retardant ~ermotropic polyester containing polybromostyrene.

us 5,223,594 Fire retardant eom~siti~~ Hitachi Ltd Priority Date: 8 July 1987 Contains a bromos~rene prepolymer.

US 5225,463 Fire re~rd~t Minister0 dell Universita & DelIa Ricerca Scientifica & Tech Priority Date: 11 April 1990 2,4,6-tri~ino-1,3,5triazine

US 5,225,469 Fire retardant composition Qu~mrn ChemicaI Corp Priority Date: 3 August 1992 Contains hydrated aluminium oxide, and an aryt alkoxy-sidle.


US 5,218,008 Stabilizer for poiye~ers The Dow Chemical Co Priority Date: 23 September 1992 6-chromanol derivatives

US 5,219,905 Stabilizer Ciba-Geigy Priority Date: 17 December I990 Piperidine compounds containing silane groups.

US 5225,467 S~bilized cellose ester resin Witco Corp Priority Date: 1 November 1991 The stabilizer is 5,5-dimethyl-2- monylphenoxy-1,3,2-dioxaphosphorinane.

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