Download ppt - Factual insertresearch

  1. 1. Channel 4 have a set style on how they produce a factual insert. Thisincludes the logo being a certain height, width and colour, the headlinesbeing a certain colour and font and the language being of a certaineloquence.
  2. 2. This insert fits the channel 4 style through the colour scheme it uses. The background colour of thetext on the right side must be a palette from the image. In this case the orange is taken from amarking on the mans headphones. The orange is then used for the text layered on the image andthe Channel 4 ident. The logo fits the 10mm height and is placed in the unique central rightposition for Channel 4.The composition of the shot itself shows the director, Nick Broomfield, glaring deeply at somethingin front of him, the audience are engaged immediately and left asking questions of what or who ishe looking at.
  3. 3. In Again the unique positioning of the central right ident of Channel 4. It is cleverly placedon a red background to attract attention but not so much to divert the attention of thereaders from the central image of the girl. The girl is also facing the image leading themfrom her to the logo. The clean, bespoke font is used by Channel 4 for the headline. Alsothe headline as always is put in a text box with the colour used taken from a palette in theimage.The shot shows a girl being sucked under the ground like she was in quick sand; she iscalling for help but none of the surrounding adults pay any notion of attention. This imagefits with the headline of the child being forgotten.
  4. 4. We see the Channel 4 ident in thecentral right position when manycompanies used the bottom right tolocate their ident. The colour of theident matches that of the text box, thiscolour has as ever been taken fromthe image along with the colour of thetext.The image shows an overweightJamie Oliver, the nationally knownchef. Jaime Oliver frequentlycampaigns for healthy eating soshowing him as obese Is an oxymoronwhile fitting with the title Has thenation let itself go?