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Factual writing

Factual writing


The title uses large font and is easy to make out. The font used also has soft edges giving it a more friendly appearance.The NHS are a trusted company due to the health care and advice that they give, as giving false heath information out to the public would cause outrage and action would be taken against them

Short list that tell you everything you need to know without dragging it on. The text here is black compared to the rest of the leaflet, which is blue and white, this could have been done to show that this bit of text has slightly more importance that the rest of the leaflet.The colour scheme used could be a play on the phrase feeling blue as this means that you feel unwell.

How to guide

The title of this guide has large font so you know what the guide is about.

There are a total of 6 boxes each with instructions and an illustration of what to do. The text is small but still readable The guide mentions the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) meaning that the people who made this guide have done some research on how to deal with this problem.

Instruction manual

This is an instruction manual to aid with the construction of a shelf.

There is no text present, aside from the name of the product, on this manual and relies on images in a numbered order that the reader has to follow in order to build the shelf.

The instructions say what tools you will need as well as all of the small pieces you need.

The colour scheme used is just black and white with these colours everything can be made out with ease, you can tell what is what and the images are clear.

Factual Journalism

The headline is in extremely large text compared to the rest of the paper and it is all in capital letters, this is so it grabs the readers attention