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  • 7/26/2019 Factual Articles



    Giant Panda

    For a long time, scientists

    werent sure if giant pandas

    were bears or perhaps more

  • 7/26/2019 Factual Articles


    closely related to raccoons.

    Now we know that giant

    pandas are indeed membersof the bear family, similar to

    other bears in their general

    looks and the way they walkand climb.

    Bamboo is the most

    important plant in a giant

    panda's life. They spend at

    least 1 hours each day

    eating bamboo. !andas

    grasp bamboo stalks with

    their "#e "ngers and a

  • 7/26/2019 Factual Articles


    special wrist bone. They use

    their teeth to peel o$ the

    tough outer layers of the stalk to re#eal the soft

    inner tissue. They also eat

    the lea#es.

    %iant pandas are only about

    the si&e of a stick of butter

    at birth, and they're hairless

    and helpless. The panda

    mother gi#es great care to

    her tiny cub, usually

    cradling it in one paw and

    holding it close to her chest.

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    For se#eral days after birth,

    the mother does not lea#e

    the den, not e#en to eat ordrink


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    (hat )akes a Bird*

    Birds are the only animals

    that ha#e feathers, which

    are made of keratin, +ust like

    your hair and "ngernails.

    birds wings ha#e the

    same bones as a human

    arm, but they are arranged

    di$erently. -ome of thebones in a birds skeleton

    are hollow. This makes

    the bird light enough to y.There are more than /,0

    known types of birds.

    They range in si&e from the

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    bee hummingbird 2 3

    inches long4 to the /5foot5

    tall ostrich.

    ll birds6

    re #ertebrates 2which

    means they ha#e

    a backbone or spine4 re endothermic. lso

    known as7warm5blooded,8endothermic animals

    regulate their own bodytemperature which allowsthem to li#e in almost

    e#ery climate on earth.

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    9a#e feathers

    :ay eggs with hard,waterproof shells. The

    parent birds incubate the

    eggs until they hatch, andcare for their young.


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    (hat )akes an mphibian*

    mphibians are animals

    that li#e part of their li#es in

    water and part on land.

    They usually ha#e soft,

    moist skin that is protected

    by a slippery layer of mucus.

    They also tend to li#e in

  • 7/26/2019 Factual Articles


    moist places or near water

    to keep their bodies from

    drying out. There are threemain groups of amphibians6

    caecilians; salamanders,

    newts, and mudpuppies;and frogs and toads.

    ll amphibians6

    re #ertebrates 2which

    means they ha#e

    a backbone or spine4

    re ectothermic. lso

    known as 7cold5blooded,8ectothermic animals

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    cannot regulate their own

    body heat, so they depend

    on warmth from sunlightto become warm and


  • 7/26/2019 Factual Articles


    like their parents. s they

    de#elop, their body shape




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    >oalas are often called bears

    because they look a little

    like teddy bears, but they

    are actually marsupials. :ike

    other marsupials, the female

    has a pouch where she

    carries her baby, called a

  • 7/26/2019 Factual Articles


    +oey, for se#eral months

    after birth. (hen a +oey is

    strong enough to cling to itsmother's back, it lea#es the

    pouch but still sticks its

    head in to nurse.

    >oalas are known as picky

    eaters. There are hundreds

    of di$erent types of

    eucalyptus, but koalas only

    eat a few do&en kinds. nd

    koalas wont eat e#ery leaf

    o$ of each branch.

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    o$er each koala A pounds

    of fresh eucalyptus each

    day, and each only eatsabout 1.A pounds of it. (e

    gi#e them a lot to choose

    from because they knowwhat's best

    (hile koalas currently arent

    listed as

    an endangered species, 0

    percent of koala habitat has

    been lost to human homes

    and businesses, drought,

    and "res. That makes life

  • 7/26/2019 Factual Articles


    hard for

    ananimal that needs

    eucalyptus forests tosur#i#e, like koalas do.

    >oalas also are at risk when

    close to human populationsand being killed by cars or

    dogs. )any people are

    working together to protectkoala habitat and help these

    cuddly looking creatures