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Page 1: Double spread

Double Spread


Page 2: Double spread


Spread #1

Page 3: Double spread

ImageJust from looking at the image you can

denote that the artist is a rock star with his

arms covered in tattoos and his earring, his

hair that has been dyed white on the top.

The artist is also wearing a necklace with a

cross on it this we can connate that he may

be religious.

Key lighting has been used here because

one half of him is darker than the other.

The way he is standing is very casual and it

seems like he has his hands in his pockets,

we can connate that he is very laidback and

carefree person. His clothes are also very

casual for a rock star as most rock stars

wear lather jackets.

The background is grey which is a good

contrast against his white T-shirt the

background also includes stage lights

further highlighting the fact that he is


Page 4: Double spread


The title firstly includes a pull quote from the interview below they Highlight important

information or buzzwords in pink to catch the readers attention and intrigue them to read

the interview. They also have put “Absolutely” In bold white with and explanation mark

this will make certainly catch the readers attention because its so big, moreover the way

it also goes all the way to the other page makes the two pages look connected. Lastly

the way the title has been written on black makes the white and pink stand out even


Page 5: Double spread


The interview uses an important convention of drop capital on the starting of the

interview this helps the reader know where the interview is starts form. The magazine

has also separated the questions form the answers by highlighting the question in white

and leaving the answers in black this helps readers differentiate the two.

Page 6: Double spread


Spread #2

Page 7: Double spread

The title has a lot of colors this catches the readers attention especially with use of

colors like red and yellow and white on black. They title frist gives you the names of

people who the interview is about. Also using words like “Frist” and “Public Row” will

intrigue people to read it. They also include a puff with the words “Exclusive pictures”

this shows that these pictures can only be seen here making the readers they have seen

something before anymore else.


Page 8: Double spread

A lot of images have been used on he content page as

this is a very common convention of a gossip magazine.

The pictures have been shot like pictures we usually see

taken by paparazzi this further highlighting the fact that

this is a gossip magazine. They have also included

timings and tweets from the celebrities to make it look


Another interesting convention used here is the way they

have included another story in this article, which is

correlating to the story, In black box and a separate

yellow title to clearly show that it is a different story


Page 9: Double spread


The interview starts off by giving a brief introduction of what the rest of the article is

about in pink and the convention of 3 columns on one page is used and this makes it

easier for the reader to read the interview. Also the they have highlighted important

information in purple

Page 10: Double spread


Spread #2

Page 11: Double spread

ImageFirstly the image is in black and

white, this is done to show

sadness or depression, also key

fill lighting adds to the effect of

gloominess and depression.

The artist is also seen to be

holding a cigarette and because

smoking is sometimes associated

to depression this could further

highlight the fact about the artist

being sad. Her lips are opened to

which could indicate she just took

a puff.

The artist is also looking at the

cigarette like it reminds her of

something or she regrets doing


The artist is wearing black again

indicating depression

Page 12: Double spread


The title which is in white and red which is a good contrast against black. The word “girl”

is in lower case form which we can denote that maybe she is weak or fragile. On the

other hand “Uninterrupted is in red and in uppercase and because red is usually

associated to warnings we can denote that she is not to be interrupted . Also they way

the word stretches onto the other half of the page connects both of the pages in a

pleasant way.

Page 13: Double spread

ArticleThe article fist starts off by giving a brief

introduction to the article on the side.

The font id slightly larger making it

evident that it is no to be mistaken as

the main article. The name of the artist

is highlighted in red and is in uppercase,

this makes it stand out and make

readers know who the article is about.

They have also used stars to hide bad


They have also used a very common

convention of the drop capital making

easier for readers to know where the

article begins.

The interview does not follow the

convention of the 3 columns that are

usually seen in magazine but instead

uses a compilation of paragraphs