Download pptx - Double spread review

Page 1: Double spread review

Middle page spread I have used a purple boarder for the double spread due to the fact that it suited the album I have created for the subject presented. I have used quite an elegant font which reflects the artist perfectly and her Italian stage name which means ‘’ Spring”.

I have also used a red box in which I have added the extra information about the album review. I have kept the box red so that I maintained a balance with the theme colours of the magazine which are red, white and black.

I have been inspired to do an album review in this way after I have done a research on various magazines that have presented album reviews inside their magazine

I have also used a real name of an indie rock record label. Due to this, I also made a research about the record label and the artist whom they have worked with in order to include some of their names in my article.

The photograph that I have selected is an close up image/ mid-shot of my subjects reaching out for the camera, I have removed the original background ( green screen) and then Photoshopped a more colourful pastel colours background which I tried to assort with the purple boarder at

the top of the page.

I have created a few star shapes and photoshopped them next to the name of the album and the artist’s name to show the ratings that would encourage readers to purchase the artist’s album.

Similarly to the other image, I have selected this photograph because I’ve removed the green screen behind my subject and then increased the brightness and contrast of the image

I have included the page numbers in the bottom corners and have made sure that they are bold and distinguished from the other information on the bottom of the page. I have been inspired by other music magazines such as NME to adapt this technique.

Page 2: Double spread review

TEXT I have chosen to write the quote which is the title in the Photoshop font called Kefa and have used Trajan Pro for the quotation marks in order to make the reader’s attention be drawn to that particular section of the page and increase the boldness of the title and level of importance of the title on the page which could be seen in the boldness of the text.

The blue lines present on the page have been drawn before hand in order to create the perfect space for the text to be added in. I have made sure that there is a certain distance between each column and also between the very bottom of the page and the top.

I have began my process by writing the article about my made up artist. I then pressed the option of adding text on Photoshop and have clicked the page and created an invisible box in which to add the text in. This has made it easier when having to paste a larger amount of text because all text would just adapt to the size of the imaginary box instead of pasting itself horizontally.

I have repeated the process for every column but in this particular red box I have decided to use white writing so that the reader could differentiate the album review from the article and also because the colour of the text contrasts well with the red box.

I have chosen Arial text for all the text other than the titles.

Page 3: Double spread review

TEXTI felt inspired to do the bottom of the pages in this way after analysing the double spread of NME magazine where the publishing date is included next to the page numbers and also including the title of the magazine boldly printed next to the date.

Presenting the information in this manner at the bottom of the magazine allows the reader to always be reminded of the date of when the magazine was published and also a bold reminder of the name of the magazine at every point in the magazine making the name imprinted in their brain.