Page 2: Double page spread annotations

The image used uses direct eye contact, which creates a relationship between the audiences and the people in question (Skid row) causing them to be likely to buy the magazine, or, buy the same magazine but just different issues.

Small drop cap as to draw the reader in, and that the reader knows where to start the article

The red colours have connotations of evil and darkness, which is closely linked to rock music, meaning it’s matching it’s genre conventions

The black writing on the white background which creates a stark contrast.

Quote- this quote talks about singers such as ozzy and Lee Roth, which are classic members of the rock and roll genre, so fans of these singers will see this and want to check out skid row. Although it’s likely that they already know this band.

The use of the sub title ‘Youth gone wild’ links to the rock music subculture of recklessness and going wild, so it keeps to the connotations of the rock genre.

The microphone at the top left hand corner of the page emulates the fact that this is a musical band.

Cliché looking rock artists - The artists from skid row have the attributes of stereotypical rock artists such as the long hair and the denim and leather clothing.

Also, the tattoos they have connotes this also, which further encapsulates the ‘rock’ look, which confirms it to the audience also in case they had any worries about the genre of the magazine.

Props- props used here such as the large truck wholly capture the ‘hard’ attitude and persona that comes with rock and roll music. Also, the fact that they’re sitting and leaning on it perhaps connotes that they’re dominating the rock genre.

Page 3: Double page spread annotations

The title ‘siblings for a day’ is a play on words of the song ‘king for a day’ by the band pierce the veil, which is the same band these brothers started. So, the magazine uses humour and pun’s to draw the audience in.

Quote- the use of ellipses at the end of the quote makes the audience want to read on as they want to find out more about ‘the fight’ or what happened next.

The use of paint splatters all over the page brings a reckless mood to the magazine- linking to the rock genre of recklessness or carelessness, which brings in the rock and roll audience.

Clothing – Pierce the veil aren’t a hard rock band, and are in fact a ‘post hard-core’ rock band. Their outfits emulate this, e.g. backwards caps and rock band shirts. This confirms the genre.

Posing – the way the artists are posing further encapsulates the reckless attitude and mood that comes with rock music. The use of fists does this, as it creates a mood that the artists have a care free attitude. Also, the raising of the fist from Vic Fuentes (Yellow T-shirt) shows the audience that even in a fight, they shouldn’t back down (shown in the way he is recoiling his fist back) which further confirms this attitude.

Tattoos- Mike Fuentes’ (Black t-shirt) tattoos confirms the stereotypical view of rock music artists, so audiences will see this and immediately link this back to rock and roll and the ‘alternative’ attitude this music tries to create.

Colour scheme – the uses of reds and blues gives this spread a fun mood which isn't usually attributed to rock music. Perhaps they do this to show that rock music is constantly changing, or, to emulate the fun and care free mood that this band, and more directly, have.

Page 4: Double page spread annotations

Colour scheme- the use of black, red and white fully mimic the rock and roll genre, as these colours and this genre are both connected with ‘darkness’ and ‘blood’. This spread is keeping with the stereotypical view of rock and roll music, which is good because the audience may believe this view too, so they’ll link the genre and the moods together.

Quote- ‘we’re being the best MCR we can be’ shows the audience that the band appreciate the fans by trying hard, which would create a relationship between the band and the fans. This quote then makes them want to find out more, because the article might involve new music or new tours.

Images- The use of these images create more of a relationship between the band and fans as they show emotion, which is what the fans want to see in the band in order to create a personal relationship.