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    By Fasih Ansari (Soft Skill Trainer)

  • Todays Target?

    Session Introduction Ice-breaker What is career & development? Why select career? What you need to ask yourself? Your self responsibility How to explore your interest/Career decision making process? Organizational & Individual career planning Individual career management How to choose career General career path Portable career path Activity Story End

  • I C E B R E A K E R

  • CAREER The series of work-related positions a person occupies

    through life. *if you want a career in any profession, you need to plan & work

    towards that plan*


    Career development is an ongoing process of gaining

    knowledge & improving skills that will help an individual to

    establish a career.

  • Why select a career?

    We are born only once

    We spend almost 40 years on our work

    A total over 80,000 hours WE work

    NOW ask yourself how you will spend these

    80,000 hours before you die??

  • You need to ask Yourself ..!

    What inspired you to enter the Profession?

    You need to Plan, Organize & Execute

    Develop a network of professional contacts, including mentors

    Become a member of professional committee

  • Responsibility for ones own career?

    Be clear about what you want out of life

    Spend time on self-analysis & self-reflection

    Know your Skills, Abilities, Values, Aspirations, Wants,

    Needs, Dreams & Personal style

  • Discovering Yourself

    Exploring Options

    Making a Decision

    Taking Action

    Evaluating The



  • Discovering Yourself

    What are my interests? Values? Skills? Personality preferences? Strengths?

    Exploring Options

    What information can help me to explore my career options?

    What activities can help me to develop my strengths?

    How can I learn more about to gain first hand experience?

    Making a Decision

    How much time & energy am I willing to invest to make a career decision?

    Who is part of my support system to help me evaluate the pros and cons?

    What are my top priorities to consider for this decision?

    Taking Action What is one goal that I have? How can I reach it? What action can I take now? Which one of my talents can I

    develop through classes or activities?

    Evaluating the Decision Is my decision a realistic option? Is there anything preventing me from achieving this goal? What would it mean if I didnt have any barriers? Who in my support system can assist me with achieving this goal

  • Organizational & Individual Career Planning Perspective

    Organizational Perspective

    Identifying future organizational staffing needs

    Plan career ladders Assess individual

    potential & training needs

    Match organizational needs with individual abilities

    Audit & develop a career system for the organization

    Individual Perspective

    Identify personal abilities & interests

    Life plan & work goals Assess alternative paths

    inside & outside the organization

    Changes in interest & goals as career & life stages

    A Persons Career

  • Career Management for Individuals

    Setting Career Goals

    Self-Assessment Feedback on Reality

    Career Management

  • How People Choose Careers

    Social Background




    Career Choice

  • Career Stage Early Career Mid-Career Late Career Career End

    Age Group 20 years 30-40 years 50 years 60-70 years

    NEEDS Identifying interest & exploring jobs

    Advancing in career, life style, growth & contribution

    Updating skills, leadership & opinions

    Planning for retirement

    CONCERNS External rewards & acquiring more capabilities

    Values, contribution, integrity & well-being

    Mentoring, disengaging & organization continuance

    Retirement & part time employment

    General Career Period

  • Portable Career Path


    Spend several years at large company to learn skills & build network

    Begin networking to develop broader skills, make contacts & good reputation

    Change industries or go to work for smaller companies & start a company

    Refresh skills Move to appealing projects as temporary employee or contract base



    So, when you start your day today, Remember friend to PUT THE GLASS DOWN TODAY!


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