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    lan 1.

    Potvruje se Sporazum o finansiranju (Dodatno finansiranje projektaenergetske efikasnosti za Srbiju) izmeu Republike Srbije i Meunarodnogudruenja za razvoj, zakljuen 27. jula 2007. godine u Beogradu.

    lan 2.Tekst Sporazuma o finansiranju (Dodatno finansiranje projekta energetske

    efikasnosti za Srbiju) izmeu Republike Srbije i Meunarodnog udruenja za razvoj,u originalu na engleskom jeziku i u prevodu na srpski jezik glasi:


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    - 2 -

    Financing Agreement

    (Additional Financing for the Serbia Energy Efficiency Project)





    Dated July 27 , 2007

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    - 3 -



    Agreement dated July 27, 2007, entered into between REPUBLIC OFSERBIA (Recipient) and INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION(Association) for the purpose of providing additional financing for activities related tothe Original Project (as defined in the Appendix to this Agreement).

    WHEREAS the Recipient has also requested the International Bank forReconstruction and Development (the Bank) to provide additional assistance towardsthe financing of the Project and by an agreement of even date herewith between theRecipient and the Bank (the Loan Agreement), the Bank is making a loan to theRecipient in the amount of thirteen million three hundred thousand Euro(13,300,000) (the Loan).

    The Recipient and the Association hereby agree as follows:


    1.01. The General Conditions (as defined in the Appendix to this Agreement)constitute an integral part of this Agreement.

    1.02. Unless the context requires otherwise, the capitalized terms used in thisAgreement have the meanings ascribed to them in the General Conditionsor in the Appendix to this Agreement.


    2.01. The Association agrees to extend to the Recipient, on the terms andconditions set forth or referred to in this Agreement, a credit in an amountequivalent to six million six hundred thousand Special Drawing Rights (SDR6,600,000) (variously, Credit and Financing) to assist in financing theproject described in Schedule 1 to this Agreement (Project).

    2.02. The Recipient may withdraw the proceeds of the Financing in accordancewith Section IV of Schedule 2 to this Agreement.

    2.03. The Maximum Commitment Charge Rate payable by the Recipient on theUnwithdrawn Financing Balance shall be one-half of one percent (1/2 of1%) per annum.

    2.04. The Service Charge payable by the Recipient on the Withdrawn CreditBalance shall be equal to three-fourths of one percent (3/4 of 1%) perannum.

    2.05. The Payment Dates are February 15 and August 15 in each year.

    2.06. The principal amount of the Credit shall be repaid in accordance with therepayment schedule set forth in Schedule 3 to this Agreement.

    2.07. The Payment Currency is Euro.


    3.01. The Recipient declares its commitment to the objectives of the Project. Tothis end, the Recipient shall carry out the Project in accordance with theprovisions of Article IV of the General Conditions.

    3.02. Without limitation upon the provisions of Section 3.01 of this Agreement,and except as the Recipient and the Association shall otherwise agree, the

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    - 4 -

    Recipient shall ensure that the Project is carried out in accordance with theprovisions of Schedule 2 to this Agreement.


    4.01. The Additional Condition of Effectiveness consists of the following, namely,that the Loan Agreement has been executed and delivered and all

    conditions precedent to its effectiveness, other than those related to theeffectiveness of this Agreement, have been fulfilled.

    4.02. The Effectiveness Deadline is the date ninety (90) days after the date of thisAgreement.


    5.01. The Recipients Representative is the Minister of Finance.

    5.02. The Recipients Address is:

    Ministry of FinanceGovernment of the Republic of SerbiaKneza Miloa 2011000 BelgradeRepublic of Serbia


    5.03. The Associations Address is:

    International Development Association1818 H Street, N.W.Washington, D.C. 20433United States of America

    Cable: Telex: Facsimile:

    INDEVAS 248423 (MCI) 1-202-477-6391Washington, D.C.

    AGREED at Belgrade, Republic of Serbia, as of the day and year first abovewritten.


    By /s/ Mirko Cvetkovic

    Authorized Representative


    By /s/ Simon Gray

    Authorized Representative

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    - 5 -


    Project Description

    The objectives of the Project are to assist the Recipient in: (a) improvingenergy efficiency in heating buildings in order to make heating more affordable andimproving functional and health environment of the users; and (b) reducing the localand global environmental impact of the use of dirty fuels for heating buildings.

    The Project consists of the Original Project and the following additional parts:

    Part 1. Energy System Modernization

    Installation of modern energy efficient equipment at the CCNis, throughprovision of goods, works and services.

    Part 2. Energy Efficiency Improvements in Social Service Buildings

    Installation of energy efficiency equipment and/or retrofitting of SelectedSchools, Hospitals and Social Care Buildings, through provision of goods, works andservices.

    Part 3. Technical Assistance

    (a) Technical assistance to SEEA to develop and implement a monitoring,evaluation and communication plan, and preparation of energy audits, through theprovision of services.

    (b) Provision of support to the PIU in the management, implementation,supervision, evaluation and monitoring of the Project, through the provision ofservices, including the audit of records, accounts and financial statements, andthrough the financing of incremental operating costs.

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    - 6 -


    Project Execution

    Section I. Implementation Arrangements

    A. Institutional and Other Arrangements

    1. The Recipient shall ensure that:(a) the PSC is responsible for the coordination of activities among the

    ministries and agencies involved in Project implementation, and for overseeing theactivities of the PIU and the PCU; the PIU remaining responsible for day-to-dayProject implementation, including financial management, and monitoring andreporting;

    (b) Part 1 of the Project shall be implemented by the MOH and the CCNis,with technical assistance provided by the MOME and consultants;

    (c) Part 2 of the Project shall be implemented by: (i) the MOE with respect toimprovements to Selected Schools; (b) the MOH with respect to improvements toSelected Hospitals; and (iii) the MOLSP with respect to improvements to Selected

    Social Care Buildings, with technical assistance provided by the SEEA, the MOMEand consultants; and

    (d) Part 3 of the Project shall be implemented by the MOME and the SEEA,with technical assistance provided by consultants.

    2. The Recipient shall maintain, throughout Project Implementation, the PSC,the PIU and the PCU, all with authority, staff and resources necessary andappropriate for the Project.

    3. The Recipient shall implement the Project in accordance with the terms andconditions set forth in the EMP and shall not amend, suspend, abrogate, terminate orwaive or permit the EMP or any provision thereof, to be amended, suspended,abrogated, terminated or waived, except with the prior written approval of theAssociation.

    B. Anti-Corruption

    The Recipient shall ensure that the Project is carried out in accordance withthe provisions of the Anti-Corruption Guidelines.

    Section II. Project Monitoring, Reporting and Evaluation

    A. Project Reports

    The Recipient shall monitor and evaluate the progress of the Project andprepare Project Reports in accordance with the provisions of Section 4.08 of theGeneral Conditions and on the basis of indicators agreed with the Association. EachProject Report shall cover the period of one calendar semester, and shall befurnished to the Association not later than forty five (45) days after the end of the

    period covered by such report.B. Financial Management, Financial Reports and Audits

    1. The Recipient shall maintain or cause to be maintained, a financialmanagement system in accordance with the provisions of Section 4.09 of theGeneral Conditions.

    2. The Recipient shall prepare and furnish to the Association not later thanforty five (45) days after the end of each calendar quarter, interim unaudited financial

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    - 7 -

    reports for the Project covering the quarter, in form and substance satisfactory to theAssociation.

    3. The Recipient shall have its Financial Statements audited in accordancewith the provisions of Section 4.09 (b) of the General Conditions. Each audit of theFinancial Statements shall cover the period of one (1) fiscal year of the Recipient.The audited Financial Statements for each such period shall be furnished to the

    Association not later than six (6) months after the end of such period.Section III. Procurement

    A. General

    1. Goods, Works and Services (other than Consultants Services) . Allgoods, works and services (other than consultants services) required for the Projectand to be financed out of the proceeds of the Financing shall be procured inaccordance with the requirements set forth or referred to in Section I of theProcurement Guidelines, and with the provisions of this Section.

    2. Consultants Services. All consultants services required for the Projectand to be financed out of the proceeds of the Financing shall be procured inaccordance with the requirements set forth or referred to in Sections I and IV of the

    Consultant Guidelines, and with the provisions of this Section.3. Definitions. The capitalized terms used below in this Section to describeparticular procurement methods or methods of review by the Association of particularcontracts, refer to the corresponding method described in the ProcurementGuidelines, or Consultant Guidelines, as the case may be.

    B. Particular Methods of Procurement of Goods, Works, and Services(other than Consultants Services

    1. International Competitive Bidding Except as otherwise provided inparagraph 2 below, goods, works and services (other consultants services) shall beprocured under contracts awarded on the basis of International Competitive Bidding.

    2. Other Methods of Procurement of Goods, Works and Services (other

    than Consultants Services). The following table specifies the methods ofprocurement, other than International Competitive Bidding, which may be used forgoods, works and services (other than consultants services). The Procurement Planshall specify the circumstances under which such methods may be used:

    Procurement Method

    (a) National Competitive Bidding (subject to the additional proceduresset out in the Annex to this Schedule 2 of this Agreement).

    (b) Shopping

    (c) Direct Contracting

    C. Particular Methods of Procurement of Consultants Services

    1. Quality- and Cost-based Selection. Except as otherwise provided inparagraph 2 below, consultants services shall be procured under contractsawarded on the basis of Quality and Cost-based Selection.

    2. Other Methods of Procurement of Consultants Services. The followingtable specifies methods of procurement, other than Quality and Cost-basedSelection, which may be used for consultants services. The Procurement

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    - 8 -

    Plan shall specify the circumstances under which such methods may beused.

    Procurement Method

    (a) Least-cost Selection

    (b) Selection Based on Consultants Qualifications

    (c) Procedures set forth in paragraphs 5.2 , 5.3 and 5.4 of theConsultant

    Guidelines for the Selection of Individual Consultants

    (d) Single Source Selection

    (e) Selection under a Fixed Budget

    D. Review by the Association of Procurement Decisions

    The Procurement Plan shall set forth those contracts which shall be subject tothe Associations Prior Review. All other contracts shall be subject to Post Review bythe Association.

    Section IV. Withdrawal of the Proceeds of the Financing

    A. General

    1. The Recipient may withdraw the proceeds of the Financing in accordancewith the provisions of Article II of the General Conditions, this Section, andsuch additional instructions as the Association shall specify by notice to the

    Recipient (including the World Bank Disbursement Guidelines for Projectsdated May 2006, as revised from time to time by the Association and asmade applicable to this Agreement pursuant to such instructions), to financeEligible Expenditures as set forth in the table in paragraph 2 below.

    2. The following table specifies the categories of Eligible Expenditures thatmay be financed out of the proceeds of the Financing (Category), theallocations of the amounts of the Financing to each Category, and thepercentage of expenditures to be financed for Eligible Expenditures in eachCategory:

    CategoryAmount of the

    Financing Allocated(expressed in SDR)

    Percentage ofExpenditures to

    be Financed

    (1) Goods, Works andConsultants Services forPart 1 of the Project.

    1,400,000 100%

    (2) Goods, Works andConsultants Services forParts 2 and 3 of the Project.

    4,730,000 100%

    (3) Incremental Operating Costs 220,000 100%

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    - 9 -

    (4) Unallocated 250,000

    TOTAL AMOUNT 6,600,000

    B. Withdrawal Conditions; Withdrawal Period

    1. Notwithstanding the provisions of Part A of this Section, no withdrawal shallbe made:

    (a) for payments made prior to the date of this Agreement.

    (b) in respect of expenditures under Category (1) unless and until: (i) anenvironmental assessment for Part 1 of the Project, satisfactory to the Association,has been conducted, by independent environmental assessment experts notaffiliated with the Project and which shall have been retained by the Recipient underterms of reference acceptable to the Association; (ii) the Recipient has completedpublic consultations on the environmental assessment report; and (iii) anenvironmental management plan for Part 1 of the Project, satisfactory to theAssociation, has been prepared by environmental experts acceptable to theAssociation, to eliminate, offset, or reduce to acceptable levels any adverseenvironmental and social aspects, including the actions needed to implement themitigation, monitoring and institutional measures to be taken during theimplementation and operation of said Part 1.

    2. The Closing Date is April 30, 2010.

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    - 10 -


    to SCHEDULE 2

    National Competitive Bidding: Additional Provisions

    For purposes of using National Competitive Bidding Procedures, the following

    shall apply:(a) Registration

    (i) bidding shall not be restricted to pre-registered firms;

    (ii) where registration is required, bidders: (1) shall be allowed areasonable time to complete the registration process; and (2) shallnot be denied registration for reasons unrelated to their capabilityand resources to successfully perform the contract, which shall beverified through post-qualification; and

    (iii) foreign bidders not from the territory of the Recipient shall not beprecluded from bidding. If a registration process is required, aforeign bidder declared the lowest evaluated bidder shall be givena reasonable opportunity to register.

    (b) Advertising

    Invitations to bid in Serbian shall be advertised in at least one (1) widelycirculated local daily newspaper available over the territory of the Recipient allowinga minimum of thirty (30) days for the preparation and submission of bids.

    (c) Participation by Publicly-owned enterprises

    Publicly-owned enterprises shall be eligible to participate in bidding only ifthey can establish that they are legally and financially autonomous, operate undercommercial law and are not a dependent agency of the contracting authority.Furthermore, they will be subject to the same bid and performance securityrequirements as other bidders.

    (d) Bidding Documents

    Procuring entities shall use the appropriate standard bidding documents forthe procurement of works or services, acceptable to the Association.

    (e) Bid Opening and Bid Evaluation

    (i) bids shall be submitted in a single envelope containing the biddersqualification information, technical and price bids, which shall beopened simultaneously at the public bid opening;

    (ii) bids shall be opened in public, immediately after the deadline forsubmission of bids. The name of the bidder, the total amount ofeach bid and any discounts offered shall be read aloud and

    recorded in the minutes of the public bid opening;(iii) evaluation of bids shall be made in strict adherence to the

    monetarily quantifiable criteria declared in the bidding documents.No merit point system will be used;

    (iv) extensions of bid validity will be allowed once only for not morethan thirty (30) days. No further extensions shall be requestedwithout the prior approval of the Association; and

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    - 11 -

    (v) contracts shall be awarded to the qualified bidder having submittedthe lowest-evaluated, substantially responsive bid and nonegotiation shall take place.

    (f) Price Adjustment

    Civil works contracts of long duration (more than eighteen (18) months) shallcontain an appropriate price adjustment clause.

    (g) Rejection of Bids

    (i) All bids shall not be rejected and new bids solicited without theAssociations prior concurrence.

    (ii) When the number of bids received is less than three (3), re-biddingshall not be carried out without the Associations priorconcurrence.

    (h) Securities

    Bid security shall not exceed three percent (3%) of the estimated cost of thecontract and performance security not more than ten percent (10%) of this cost. Noadvance payment at the amount of more than ten percent (10%) of the contract price

    shall be made to contractors without a suitable advance payment security. Thesesecurities shall be included in the bidding documents in a text and format acceptableto the Association.

    The Regional Sample Bidding Documents for the Europe and Central AsiaRegion of the Association, modified as acceptable to the Association, shall be used.

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    - 12 -


    Repayment Schedule

    Date Payment Due

    Principal Amount of the Credit

    repayable(expressed as a percentage)1

    On each February 15 and August 15commencing August 15, 2017to and including February 15, 2027


    1 The percentages represent the percentage of the principal amount of the Credit to be repaid, except as the

    Association may otherwise specify pursuant to Section 3.03 (b) of the General Conditions.

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    - 13 -



    1. Anti-Corruption Guidelines means the Guidelines on Preventing andCombating Fraud and Corruption in Projects Financed by IBRD Loans andIDA Credits and Grants, dated October 15, 2006.

    2. Category means a category set forth in the table in Section IV of Schedule 2to this Agreement.

    3. CCNis means the Clinical Center of Serbia at Nis, under the MOH.

    4. Consultant Guidelines means the Guidelines: Selection and Employment ofConsultants by World Bank Borrowers published by the Bank in May 2004and revised in October 2006.

    5. EMP means the plan describing the environmental mitigation, monitoringand institutional measures to be undertaken during the implementation of theProject, and satisfactory to the Association.

    6. General Conditions means the International Development Association

    General Conditions for Credits and Grants, dated July 1, 2005 (as amendedthrough October 15, 2006.

    7. Incremental Operating costs means expenditures incurred by the PIU onaccount of office space and facilities, operating and maintenance ofequipment, vehicle, office supplies, utilities, communications and translationservices, and office equipment.

    8. Loan Agreement means the loan agreement for the Project between theRecipient and the Bank, dated the same date as this Agreement, as suchloan agreement may be amended from time to time. Loan Agreementincludes all appendices, schedules and agreements supplemental to the LoanAgreement.

    9. MOE means the Recipients Ministry of Education, or any successor thereto.

    10. MOF means the Recipients Ministry of Finance, or any successor thereto.

    11. MOH means the Recipients Ministry of Health, or any successor thereto.

    12. MOLSP means the Recipients Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, or anysuccessor thereto.

    13. MOME means the Recipients Ministry of Mining and Energy, or anysuccessor thereto.

    14. Original Financing Agreement means the Development Credit Agreementfor the Serbia Energy Efficiency Project between Serbia and Montenegro andthe Association, dated March 31, 2004 (Credit Number 3870-YF).

    15. Original Project means the Project described in the Original FinancingAgreement.

    16. PIU means the unit established within the MOME, and referred to in SectionI of Schedule 2 to this Agreement, or any successor thereto.

    17. PCU means the Project Coordination Unit for the MOE, the MOH, theMOLSP and the CCNis).

    18. Procurement Guidelines means the Guidelines: Procurement under IBRDLoans and IDA Credits published by the Bank in May 2004 and revised inOctober, 2006.

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    - 14 -

    19. PSC means the Project Steering Committee, a committee chaired by arepresentative of the MOME, and whose members include representatives ofthe MOF, the MOE, the MOH, the MOLSP, Ministry of Infrastructure, Ministryof Science, the SEEA and the CCNis.

    20. Procurement Plan means the Recipients procurement plan for the Project,dated May 7, 2007 and referred to in paragraph 1.16 of the Procurement

    Guidelines and paragraph 1.24 of the Consultant Guidelines, as the sameshall be updated from time to time in accordance with the provisions of saidparagraphs.

    21. SEEA means the Serbian Energy Efficiency Agency, or any successorthereto.

    22. Selected Schools, Hospitals and Social Care Buildings means the schools,hospitals and social care buildings selected by the Recipient in accordancewith the selection criteria satisfactory to the Association.

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    - 15 -

    BROJ KREDITA 3870-1 YF

    Sporazum o finansiranju

    Dodatno finansiranje projekta energetske efikasnosti za Srbiju





    Datum 27. jul 2007 godine

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    - 16 -

    BROJ KREDITA 3870-1 YF


    Sporazum, zakljuen 27. jula 2007. godine, izmeu REPUBLIKE SRBIJE(Primalac) i MEUNARODNOG UDRUENjA ZA RAZVOJ (Udruenje) za potrebedodatnog finansiranja aktivnosti vezanih za Originalni projekat (kako je definisano u

    Prilogu ovog sporazuma).S OBZIROM DA JE (A) Primalac takoe zatraio od Meunarodne banke za

    obnovu i razvoj (Banka) da mu obezbedi dodatnu finansijsku pomo za finansiranjeProjekta, a prema sporazumu o ovom kreditu nevezanom za dan potpisivanja izmeuPrimaoca i Banke (Sporazum o Zajmu), Banka odobrava Primaocu zajam u iznosuod trinaestmilionatristahiljada evra (13.300.000 EUR) (Zajam);

    Primalac i Udruenje se ovim slau o sledeem:


    1.01. Opti uslovi (kako su definisani u Prilogu ovog sporazuma) predstavljajusastavni deo ovog sporazuma.

    1.02. Ukoliko kontekst ne zahteva drugaije, termini napisani velikim slovom koji sekoriste u ovom sporazumu imaju znaenje koje je dato u Optim uslovima ili u Priloguovog sporazuma.


    2.01 Udruenje je saglasno da Primaocu produi, pod uslovima iznetim ilipomenutim u ovom sporazumu, kredit u iznosu jednakom protivvrednosti odestmilionaestohiljada Specijalnih prava vuenja (SDR 6.600.000) (razliito, Kredit iFinansiranje) da bi pomoglo finansiranje projekta opisanog u Programu 1 ovogsporazuma (Projekat).

    2.02. Primalac moe povui sredstva Finansiranja u skladu sa Odeljkom IVPrograma 2 ovog sporazuma.

    2.03. Maksimalna stopa trokova angaovanja koju Primalac plaa na nepovuenasredstva iznosi jednu polovinu jednog procenta (1/2 od 1%) godinje.

    2.04. Trokovi servisiranja koje Zajmoprimac plaa na stanje povuenog kreditaiznosi tri etvrtine jednog procenta (3/4 od 1%) godinje.

    2.05. Datumi plaanja su 15. februar i 15. avgust svake godine.

    2.06. Glavnica Kredita e biti otplaena u skladu sa planom otplate definisanim uProgramu 3 ovog sporazuma.

    2.07. Valuta plaanja je evro.


    3.01. Primalac potvruje svoju posveenost ciljevima ovog Projekta. U tu svrhuPrimalac sprovodi Projekat u skladu sa odredbama lana IV Optih uslova.

    3.02. Ne ograniavajui odredbe Odeljka 3.01 ovog sporazuma i osim ako sePrimalac i Udruenje ne dogovore drugaije, Primalac obezbeuje da se Projekatsprovede u skladu sa odredbama Programa 2 ovog sporazuma.


    4.01. Dodatni uslov stupanja na snagu sastoji se od sledeeg, naime, da jeSporazum o zajmu propisno potpisan i dostavljen i da su svi uslovi koji prethode

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    - 17 -

    njegovom stupanju na snagu ispunjeni sa izuzetkom onih koji se odnose na stupanjena snagu ovog sporazuma.

    4.02. Krajnji rok za stupanje na snagu je devedeset (90) dana od datuma ovogsporazuma.


    5.01. Predstavnik Primaoca je ministar finansija.5.02. Adresa Primaoca je:

    Ministarstvo finansijaVlada Republike SrbijeKneza Miloa 2011000 BeogradRepublika Srbija


    5.03. Adresa Udruenja je:

    International Development Association1818 H Street, N.W.Washington, D.C. 20433United States of America

    Telegram: Teleks: Faks:

    INDEVAS 248423 (MCI) 1-202-477-6391Washington, D.C.

    SPORAZUM zakljuen u Beogradu, Republika Srbija, na dan i godinu koja jeprvo navedena.


    Potpisuje dr Mirko Cvetkovi


    Potpisuje Simon Gray

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    - 18 -


    Opis projekta

    Ciljevi ovog projekta su da se pomogne Primaocu da se: (a) povea

    energetska efikasnost u grejanju objekata, kako bi se grejanje uinilo ekonomskidostupnijim i da se pobolja funkcionalno i zdravstveno okruenje korisnika; i (b)smanji lokalni i globalni uticaj na ivotnu sredinu usled korienja neistih goriva zagrejanje objekata.

    Projekat se sastoji od Originalnog projekta i sledeih dodatnih delova:

    Deo 1. Modernizacija energetskog sistema

    Ugradnja moderne energetski efikasne opreme u Klinikom centru Ni krozobezbeenje robe, radova i usluga.

    Deo 2. Poboljanje energetske efikasnosti u objektima socijalnih slubi

    Ugradnja energetski efikasne opreme i/ili popravka instalacija u odabranimkolama, bolnicama i ustanovama socijalne zatite kroz obezbeenje robe, radova iusluga.Deo 3. Tehnika pomo

    (a) Tehnika pomo Agenciji za energetsku efikasnost Srbije (AEES) pridonoenju i realizaciji plana monitoringa, evaluacije i komunikacije i u pripremienergetske revizije, kroz obezbeenje usluga.

    (b) Pruanje podrke Jedinici za realizaciju projekta (JRP) u upravljanju,realizaciji, nadzoru, evaluaciji i monitoringu Projekta, kroz obezbeivanje usluga,ukljuujui finansijsku reviziju dokumentacije, obraun i finansijske izvetaje i krozfinansiranje inkrementalnih trokova poslovanja.

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    - 19 -


    Izvrenje projekta

    Odeljak I . Program realizacije projekta

    A. Institucionalni i drugi aranmani

    1. Primalac e obezbediti da:(a) OUP bude odgovoran za koordinaciju aktivnosti izmeu ministarstava

    i agencija ukljuenih u realizaciju Projekta i za nadgledanje aktivnosti JRP i JKP; JRPostaje odgovorna za rutinsku realizaciju Projekta, ukljuujui upravljanje finansijama,monitoring i izvetavanje;

    (b) Deo 1 Projekta realizuju MZ i KC Ni, uz tehniku pomo koju pruajuMRE i konsultanti;

    (c) Deo 2 realizuje (i) MP u delu koji se odnosi na poboljanje odabranihkola, (ii) MZ u delu koji se odnosi na odabrane bolnice i (iii) MRSP u delu koji seodnosi na odabrane domove za nezbrinutu decu uz tehniku pomo koju pruajuAEES, MRE i konsultanti;

    (d) Deo 3 Projekta realizuju MRE i AEES, uz tehniku pomo koju pruajukonsultanti.

    2. Primalac odrava, sve vreme trajanja realizacije Projekta, OUP, JRP, i JKPskupa sa nadlenima, osobljem i resursima potrebnim i odgovarajuim za Projekat.

    3. Primalac realizuje Projekat u skladu sa uslovima definisanim u Programu zaupravljanje ivotnom sredinom (EMP) i nee izmeniti, obustaviti, ponititi, raskinuti ilise odrei ili dozvoliti da se EMP ili bilo koja od njegovih odredaba izmeni, obustavi,poniti, raskine ili je se odrekne, osim uz prethodnu pismenu saglasnost Udruenja.

    B. Anti-korupcija

    Primalac obezbeuje da se Projekat sprovodi u skladu sa odredbamaAntikorupcijskih smernica.

    Odeljak II. Monitoring, Izvetavanje i evaluacija Projekta

    A. Projektni izvetaji

    Primalac vri praenje i ocenjivanje (monitoring i evaluaciju) napredovanjaProjekta i priprema projektne izvetaje u skladu sa odredbama Odeljka 4.08 Optihuslova i na osnovu indikatora dogovorenih sa Udruenjem. Svaki Projektni izvetajpokriva period od jednog kalendarskog polugodita i dostavlja se Udruenjunajkasnije etrdesetpet (45) dana nakon zavretka perioda koji taj izvetaj pokriva.

    B. Upravljanje finansijama, finansijski izvetaji i revizija

    1. Primalac odrava ili ini da se odrava sistem upravljanja finansijama, uskladu sa odredbama Odeljka 4.09 Optih uslova.

    2. Primalac priprema i dostavlja Udruenju najkasnije u roku od etrdeset pet(45) dana nakon zavretka svakog kalendarskog kvartala, privremenenerevidirane finansijske izvetaje za Projekat, koji pokrivaju taj kvartal, uobliku i sadrini koji su zadovoljavajui za Udruenje.

    3. Primalac daje da se izvri revizija njegovih finansijskih izvetaja u skladu saodredbama Odeljka 4.09 (b) Optih uslova. Svaka revizija finansijskihizvetaja pokriva period od jedne fiskalne godine Primaoca. Revidiranifinansijski izvetaji za svaki takav period dostavljaju se Udruenju najkasnijeu roku od est meseci nakon zavretka tog perioda.

  • 7/29/2019 Body Zakon


    - 20 -

    Odeljak III . Nabavke

    A. Opta pitanja

    1. Roba, radovi i usluge (izuzev konsultantskih usluga). Sva roba, radovi iusluge (izuzev konsultantskih usluga) koji su potrebni za Projekat, a koji sefinansiraju iz sredstava Finansiranja, nabavljaju se u skladu sa zahtevimaiznetim ili pomenutim u Odeljku I Smernica za nabavke, i sa odredbama ovogodeljka.

    2. Konsultantske usluge. Sve konsultantske usluge za potrebe Projekta, a kojese finansiraju iz sredstava Finansiranja, nabavljaju se u skladu sa zahtevimaiznetim ili pomenutim u Odeljcima I i IV Smernica za konsultante, i saodredbama ovog odeljka.

    3. Definicije. Termini napisani velikim slovom koji se koriste u daljem tekstuovog odeljka u svrhu opisivanja pojedinanih metoda nabavke ili metodapregleda pojedinanih ugovora od strane Udruenja, odnose se naodgovarajui metod opisan u Smernicama za nabavke ili u Smernicama zakonsultante, zavisno od sluaja.

    B. Posebni metodi nabavke robe, radova i usluga (izuzev konsultantskih

    usluga)1. Meunarodno nadmetanje. Osim ako u paragrafu 2. ovog odeljka nije

    drukije odreeno, nabavka robe, radova i usluga (izuzev konsultantskihusluga) vri se prema ugovoru dodeljenom na osnovu Meunarodnognadmetanja.

    2. Ostali metodi nabavke robe, radova i usluga (izuzev konsultantskihusluga). Sledea tabela prikazuje metode nabavke koji se ne vre poMeunarodnom nadmetanju, a koji se mogu koristiti za robu, radove i usluge(izuzev konsultantskih usluga). U Planu nabavki navode se okolnosti podkojima takvi metodi mogu da se koriste.

    Metod nabavke(a) Domae nadmetanje (podlono dodatnim procedurama prikazanim uPrilogu ovog programa 2 ovog sporazuma).

    (b) Kupovina

    (c) Direktno ugovaranje

    V. Pojedinani metodi nabavke konsultantskih usluga

    1. Izbor na osnovu kvaliteta i cene. Osim ako u paragrafu 2. ovog odeljka nijedrukije odreeno, nabavka konsultantskih usluga vri se prema ugovorimadodeljenim na osnovu izbora izvrenog na osnovu kvaliteta i cene.

    2. Ostali metodi nabavke konsultantskih usluga. U sledeoj tabeli prikazanisu metodi nabavke, izuzev izbora izvrenog na osnovu kvaliteta i cene, a kojise mogu koristiti za konsultantske usluge. U Planu nabavki navode seokolnosti pod kojima takvi metodi mogu da se koriste.

    Metod nabavke

    (a) Izbor na osnovu najnie cene

  • 7/29/2019 Body Zakon


    - 21 -

    (b) Izbor na osnovu kvalifikacija konsultanata

    (c) Procedure iznete u paragrafima 5.2, 5.3 i 5.4 Smernica zakonsultante za izbor pojedinih konsultanata

    (d) Izbor na osnovu jedne ponude

    (e) Izbor na osnovu fiksnog budeta

    G. Revizija odluka o nabavci od strane Udruenja

    U Planu nabavke navode se oni ugovori koji su podloni prethodnoj reviziji odstrane Udruenja. Svi ostali ugovori podloni su naknadnoj reviziji od straneUdruenja.

    Odeljak IV. Povlaenje sredstava Finansiranja

    A. Opta pitanja

    1. Primalac moe povui sredstva Finansiranja u skladu sa odredbama lana IIOptih uslova, ovog odeljka, i onih dodatnih uputstava koje Udruenje navedeu obavetenju Primaocu (ukljuujui Smernice Svetske banke za isplatu

    projekata iz maja 2006. godine, koje se povremeno revidiraju od straneUdruenja i koje su prema tim uputstvima primenjive na ovaj sporazum), da bimogao da finansira prihvatljive trokove, kako je prikazano u tabeli uparagrafu 2. u daljem tekstu.

    2. U sledeoj tabeli se navode kategorije prihvatljivih trokova koji se mogufinansirati iz sredstava (Kategorija), rasporeeni iznos Finansiranja za svakuKategoriju, kao i procenat trokova koji se moraju finansirati za prihvatljivetrokove u svakoj Kategoriji:

    Kategorija Rasporeeni iznosfinansiranja

    (u SDR)

    Procenat trokova kojetreba finansirati

    (1) Roba, radovi ikonsultantske usluge zaDeo 1 ovog projekta

    1.400.000 100%

    (2) Roba, radovi ikonsultantske usluge zaDeo 2 i Deo 3 ovogprojekta

    4.730.000 100%

    (3) Inkrementalni trokoviposlovanja

    220.000 100%

    (4) Nerasporeeno 250.000

    UKUPAN IZNOS 6.600.000

    B. Uslovi povlaenja; Period povlaenja

    1. Ne izuzimajui odredbe Dela A ovog odeljka, nee se vriti povlaenje za:

    (a) plaanja izvrena pre datuma zakljuenja ovog sporazuma;

  • 7/29/2019 Body Zakon


    - 22 -

    b) ako se odnose na trokove u okviru Kategorije (1) osim i dok: (i)nezavisni eksperti za procenu ivotne sredine koji nemaju veze sa Projektom neizvre procenu ivotne sredine za Deo 1 ovog projekta, koja je prihvatljiva zaUdruenje, a koje e se Primalac pridravati prema projektnim zadacima koji suprihvatljivi za Udruenje; (ii) Primalac ne zavri javne konsultacije o izvetaju oproceni ivotne sredine; i (iii) eksperti za ivotnu sredinu koji su prihvatljivi zaUdruenje ne pripreme plan upravljanja ivotnom sredinom za Deo 1 ovog projekta,koji je zadovoljavajui za Udruenje, da bi se eliminisali, neutralizovali ili smanjili naprihvatljivi nivo svi nepovoljni ekoloki i socijalni aspekti, ukljuujui akcije potrebneza implementaciju mera ublaavanja, praenja i institucionalnih mera koje e sepreduzeti u toku implementacije i rada gore navedenog Dela 1.

    2. Poslednji datum za povlaenje sredstava je 30. april 2010. godine.

  • 7/29/2019 Body Zakon


    - 23 -


    Domae nadmetanje: dodatne odredbe

    U svrhu korienja procedura za domae nadmetanja primenjuje se sledee:

    (a) Registracija(i) Nadmetanje nije ogranieno na prethodno registrovane firme;

    (ii) U delu gde je potrebna registracija, ponuaima (1) e biti dozvoljenrazuman vremenski period da zavre proces registracije i (2) nee se odbitikvalifikacija zbog razloga koji nisu vezani za njihove sposobnosti i resurseda uspeno realizuju ugovor, to e se verifikovati tokom post-kvalifikacije;

    (iii) Strani ponuai koji nisu sa teritorije Primaoca nee biti iskljueni iznadmetanja. Ukoliko se zahteva proces registracije, strani ponua koji seproglasi ponuaem sa najpovoljnijom ponudom dobija razumnu priliku dase registruje.

    (b) Oglaavanje

    Poziv za uee u nadmetanju na srpskom jeziku objavljuje se najmanje u jednomdnevnom listu koji se prodaje na celoj teritoriji Primaoca, sa minimalnim rokom od 30dana za pripremu i podnoenje ponuda.

    (c) Uestvovanje javnih preduzea

    Javna preduzea su podobna da uestvuju u nadmetanju samo ukoliko mogu dadokau da su pravno i finansijski nezavisna, da rade po propisima privrednog prava ida nisu zavisna agencija od ugovorne strane. Osim toga, podleu istim zahtevima upogledu nadmetanja i garancija za valjano izvrenje posla kao i ostali ponuai.

    (d) Tenderska dokumentacija:

    Nabavna sluba koristi odgovarajuu standardnu dokumentaciju za nadmetanje za

    nabavku radova ili usluga, a koja je prihvatljiva za Udruenje.(e) Otvaranje ponuda i ocena ponuda

    (i) Ponude se dostavljaju u jednoj koverti koja sadri informaciju okvalifikacijama ponuaa, tehniku komponentu i cenu, a otvaraju seistovremeno i javno;

    (ii) Ponude se otvaraju javno, neposredno nakon roka za prijem ponuda. Imeponuaa, ukupan iznos svake ponude i svi ponueni popusti itaju seglasno i unose u zapisnik o javnom otvaranju ponuda;

    (iii) Ocena ponuda se vri striktno prema novano kvantifikovanim kriterijumimadatim u tenderskoj dokumentaciji. Ne koristi se sistem bodovanja premazaslugama;

    (iv) Produenje vanosti ponude dozvoljava se samo jednom i to najvie do 30dana. Dalja produenja se ne mogu traiti bez prethodnog odobrenjaUdruenja;

    (v) Ugovori se dodeljuju kvalifikovanim ponuaima koji su, prema oceni,podneli najpovoljniju ponudu, ponudu koja najveim delom odgovara i nevre se pregovori.

    (f) Korekcija cene

  • 7/29/2019 Body Zakon


    - 24 -

    Ugovori o graevinskim radovima na dui period (preko 18 meseci) moraju sadratiodgovarajuu klauzulu o korekciji cene.

    (g) Odbijanje ponuda

    (i) Sve ponude ne mogu biti odbijene i zatraene nove ponude bez prethodnesaglasnosti Udruenja;

    (ii) Ako je broj primljenih ponuda manji od tri, ponovljeno nadmetanje ne vri sebez prethodne saglasnosti Udruenja.

    (h) Garancija

    Garancija ponude ne moe da prelazi 3 procenta od procenjene vrednosti ugovora, aobezbeenje izvrenja ne moe da prelazi 10 procenata od ovog troka. Nisudozvoljena avansna plaanja sa ugovaraima u iznosu veem od 10% od ceneugovora bez odgovarajueg obezbeenja avansa. Ova obezbeenja su ukljuena utendersku dokumentaciju, u vidu teksta i formata koji su prihvatljivi za Udruenje.

    Koristie se Regionalni primerci Udruenja za tendersku dokumentaciju za Evropu iCentralnu Aziju, modifikovani da budu prihvatljivi za Udruenje.

  • 7/29/2019 Body Zakon


    - 25 -


    Plan otplate

    Datum dospea Glavnica kredita koja se otplauje(izraeno u procentima)2

    Svakog 15. februara i 15. avgusta

    poevi od 15. avgusta 2017. godinedo i ukljuujui 15. februar 2027.godine


    2Procenat predstavlja procenat glavnice Kredita koji treba da se otplati, osim ako Udruenje ne odredi drukije prema

    Odeljku 3.03 (b) Optih uslova.

  • 7/29/2019 Body Zakon


    - 26 -



    1. Smernice za anti-korupciju oznaavaju Smernice za spreavanje i borbu

    protiv prevare i korupcije u projektima finansiranim iz kredita Meunarodnebanke za obnovu i razvoj (IBRD) i kredita i grantova Meunarodnogudruenja za razvoj (IDA), od 15. oktobra 2006. godine.

    2. Kategorija oznaava kategoriju prikazanu na tabeli u Odeljku IV Programa 2ovog sporazuma.

    3. KC Ni oznaava Kliniki centar Srbije u Niu, pod upravom Ministarstvazdravlja.

    4. Smernice za konsultante oznaavaju Smernice: Odabir i zapoljavanjekonsultanata od strane Zajmoprimaca Svetske banke, koje je Banka objavilamaja 2004. godine, a revidirano izdanje oktobra 2006. godine.

    5. EMP oznaava plan koji se odnosi na upravljanje ivotnom sredinom,

    monitoring i institucionalne mere koje e se preduzeti u realizaciji Projekta, akoje su prihvatljive za Udruenje.

    6. Opti uslovi oznaavaju Opte uslove za kredite i grantove MeunarodnogUdruenja za razvoj od 1. jula 2005. godine (sa ispravkama sve do 15.oktobra 2006. godine).

    7. Inkrementalni trokovi poslovanja oznaavaju rashode koje JRP ima zaposlovni prostor i objekte, trokove poslovanja i odravanja opreme, vozila,kancelarijskog materijala, komunalija, komunikacija i usluga prevoda i zakancelarijsku opremu.

    8. Sporazum o Zajmu oznaava sporazum o zajmu za Projekat, sklopljenizmeu Primaoca i Banke, koji nosi isti datum kao i ovaj sporazum, jer setakav sporazum o zajmu moe povremeno menjati. U Sporazum o Zajmuspadaju svi dodaci, programi i sporazumi koji dopunjuju Sporazum o Zajmu.

    9. MP oznaava Ministarstvo prosvete Primaoca ili sve pravne sledbenike istog.

    10. MF oznaava Ministarstvo finansija Primaoca ili sve pravne sledbenike istog.

    11. MZ oznaava Ministarstvo zdravlja Primaoca ili sve pravne sledbenike istog.

    12. MRSP oznaava Ministarstvo rada i socijalne politike Primaoca, ili sve pravnesledbenike istog.

    13. MRE oznaava Ministarstvo rudarstva i energetike Primaoca ili sve pravnesledbenike istog.

    14. Originalni sporazum o finansiranju oznaava Sporazum o kreditu za razvoj zaProjekat energetske efikasnosti u Srbiji sklopljen izmeu Srbije i Crne Gore iUdruenja, na dan 31. marta 2004. godine (broj Kredita 3870).

    15. Originalni projekat oznaava Projekat opisan u Originalnom Sporazumu ofinansiranju.

    16. JRP oznaava jedinicu formiranu pri MRE pomenutu u Odeljku I Programa 2ovog sporazuma, ili sve pravne sledbenike iste.

    17. JKP oznaava jedinicu za koordinaciju projektom za Ministarstvo prosvete,Ministarstvo zdravlja, Ministarstvo rada i socijalne politike i Kliniki centar Ni.

  • 7/29/2019 Body Zakon


    - 27 -

    18. Smernice za nabavku oznaavaju Smernice: Nabavka na osnovu kreditaMeunarodne banke za obnovu i razvoj (IBRD) i Meunarodnog udruenja zarazvoj (IDA)", koje je Banka objavila maja 2004. godine, a revidirano izdanjeoktobra 2006. godine.

    19. OUP oznaava Odbor za upravljanje Projektom, odnosno odbor kojimpredsedava predstavnik MRE i ije lanove ine predstavnici MF, MP, MZ,

    MRSP, Ministarstva za infrastrukturu, Ministarstva nauke, AEES i KC Ni.20. Plan nabavke oznaava Plan nabavke Primaoca za Projekat, datiran 7. maja

    2007. i pomenut u paragrafu 1.16 Smernica za nabavke, te paragrafu 1.24Smernica za konsultante, budui da e isti biti povremeno auriran u skladusa odredbama navedenih paragrafa.

    21. AEES oznaava Agenciju za energetsku efikasnost Srbije ili sve pravnesledbenike iste.

    22. Izabrane kole, bolnice i domovi za nezbrinutu decu oznaavaju kole,bolnice i domove za socijalno staranje koje je Primalac izabrao u skladu sakriterijumima koji su prihvatljivi za Udruenje.

    lan 3.

    Ovaj zakon stupa na snagu osmog dana od dana objavljivanja u Slubenomglasniku Republike Srbije Meunarodni ugovori.