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AUGUST 2012 Volume 36, Issue 8




Hello to all club members. I hope all are well and have been enjoying the warm weather. Recently some members went to Middletown as a part of a

WRAP program to see a cartoon of “Alice in Wonderland”. We all dressed formally for the night out. The building the show was at was decorated with giant playing cards and the entrance was decorated as a giant gold lions head. Once we got in they had all types of really nice food. The show was very nice and it was some kind of party.

Hello to all my fellow club members. I hope everyone made it through the heat waves we’ve been having without to much problems. I’ve been spending lots of time at the club which Mike makes sure is always cool. The rest of the time I’m spend swimming. We will be announcing our pick for the summer trip soon. I’m sure everyone will enjoy what ever we plan. After that the summer will be winding down and we will have the fall to look forward to. I’d like to remind everyone to try to attend the monthly club meeting.

This is Julianne and I’m pleased to announce that after a brief break the club’s committee meetings will starting back up again. This meeting is really important to all club members because it’s the place were we plan all our parties, activities and speakers. It’s also a place were members can voice idea’s and suggestions etc. So it’s really important that people show up for these meetings. The New meeting times will be the first Monday of the month from 12:30pm to 1pm. Right after lunch and just before “Lets talk”. I hope to lots of members there.

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Katy’s Article Continued

Love with it. I learned that Southern had a Creative Writing minor and also a Journalism ma-

jor which seemed like a perfect fit for me.

In 2011 I was paired up with Michele Stom, the Education Specialist from Fellowship Place.

With Michele’s knowledge, my mom’s devotion, and my determination we started the appli-

cation process to Southern Connecticut State University. We spent hours

navigating through the University system, competing the application process, applying for

financial aid, connecting with the Disability Office, and supportive campus housing. We at-

tended a New Student Transition Night sponsored by Deb Fairchild and the Outreach club

where I was introduced to several upper classmen with disabilities.

I am proud to say that I will start Southern Connecticut State University this Fall as an in-

coming Freshman majoring in Journalism and minoring in Creative Writing. Dreams do come


Choices made

In the past


Never last

Be who you are

Chances are

Not what they see

It’s what

They need

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Many of you know that Kent O. has been a helpful club member assisting the Warm Line with changing over the phone, working as a Consumer Assistant for nearly six years, and being a steady participant of the STARS support group. Kent even served as club president twice! The Warm Line Operators and its Supervisor would like to thank him for all his assistance over the years with the Warm Line. You might even remember Kent was an operator himself! The operators would like Kent to know he will be missed. Kent will remain on helping Nancy Dirgo with the Peer/Family Meetings starting again in September. Good Luck Kent in all your future endeavors. We hope to see you at the club in the near future.

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B I R T H D A Y ’ S I N T H E M O N T H O F A U G U S T

S O B E R S O C I A L S S T I L L G O I N G S T R O N G !

P a g e 4 V A L L E Y S O C I A L C L U B

Happy birthday to the following club members AUBREY L 8/16 RON K 8/25 JOHN G 8/17 TAMMY J 8/29 DENEEN H 8/18 STEVE K 8/29 JULIANNE M 8/18 DONNA K 8/25


When I was down beside the sea a wooden spade they gave to me. To dig the sandy shore my holes were empty like a cup. In every hole the sea came up. Till it could come up no more.

To many club members ,the Tuesday and Thursday Sober Social Group is the best place to be for improving social skills and learning new games to play. As adults sometimes, members are hesitant to try a group game in fear they may do it wrong or perform badly. The staff ease their fears and help members gain new confidence. The smiles are evident that learning is fun and not a painful experience. The members state they would be lost without this group every week! As Social Club Supervisor, I would like to thank Nancy, Himilce, Will, and Jacques for their dedication and skills they bring to this highly successful activity!


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P a g e 5 V o l u m e 3 6 / I s s u e

What’s New

All Clear ID Credit Protection Not a Scam!

The State of Connecticut Office of Policy and Management (“OPM”) is working with AllClear ID to offer free identity theft/credit monitoring protection services to any person who may be affected by the recent theft of a laptop from the City of New Haven. OPM has learned that a laptop used to process applications for the Renters Rebate Program was recently stolen from a public library in the City of New Haven. The laptop contained information provided to OPM by the Department of Social Services (DSS) to assist with applications for the Program and contains names, dates of birth, social security numbers and the amounts received from certain cash assistance programs administered by DSS. It may include information about individuals who received assistance from DSS and who may not apply or even be eligible to apply for the Renters Rebate Program. Any person whose personal information was stored on this laptop will receive a letter from AllClear ID offering free Credit Monitoring services for 2 years. This letter will have the OPM logo and the address for AllClear ID. It will be signed by Acting Undersecretary W. David LeVasseur and is considered to be official correspondence from the State of Connecticut. AllClear ID offers Credit Monitoring that delivers secure Credit Alerts by phone. AllClear ID Protection also includes $1,000,000 Identity Theft Coverage and AllClear ID Fraud Resolution Services. Any person affected by this situation and wishing to receive this free identity protection service must register with AllClear ID by following the instructions contained in the letter they will receive. OPM has set up a special toll free number to provide information about this program. You may call 1-855-619-0814 Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00am and 4:00pm.

NEW LANGUAGE COURSES TO THE SUMMER FUN AT THE CLUB Ever wonder what it would be like to speak French? Jacques M. is from Haiti originally, and is fluent in French! He will be bringing the language alive every Tuesday at 11am, starting in August. Basic French will be taught to anyone who would like to try. In the past, two club members taught participants Spanish for a few weeks and some really enjoyed this, so we decided to try a give it a whirl! If you are a partial or full member and would like to learn some French you can sign up on the clip board on Mike’s desk in the office. Voila

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Submitted by: Himilce M.

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Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat STAFF NUMBERS Phyllis 305-7895 Jacques 430-1466 Mike 732-7089

Other Numbers Valley Trans 735-6408 Valley Cab 732-8294 Warm Line 732-2004




1 Breakfast Club

8:30-10a Movie 1-3p Free Popcorn

2 Lunch 12-12:30

Art Class 1-2p Dual Recovery 4-5 Sober Social 5-7 *

3 Lunch 12-12:30

Emotions A. 4-5 **Orange Fireman’s Carnival **$$ 5-? Peer Run Activity!!

4 Cracker Barrel

breakfast 9:00am-12 $*(Peer Run) DROP IN 1-3:30P


6 Lunch 12-12:30PM

Executive Meeting 12:30-1pm Lets Talk 1-2pm Drawing Class2-3pm Over Eat Anon 3-4 (clinic)

7 Breakfast 8:30-10a

Learn to Speak French with Jacques 11-12 Bingo 2-3pm AA Mtg. 4-5 Sober Social 5-7

8 Breakfast Club

8:30-10a Enlightened Lunch w/ Kim from Housing 12-1p

9 Lunch 12-12;30

Art Class 1-2 Dual Recovery 4-5 Sober Social 5-7

10 Free Lunch Friday 12-12:30 Emotions A. 4-5

11 Drop In -:p


13 Lunch 12-12:30p

Music Appreciation 1-2 Drawing Class 2-3p Over Eater’s A. 3-4p in Clinic

14 Breakfast Club

8:30-10a French Class 11-12 Bingo 2-3 AA Mtg. 4-5 Sober Social 5-7

15 Breakfast Club 8;30-10a Billiard /Wii Fun 1-3

16 Lunch 12-12:30

Art Class 1-2 Dual Recovery 4-5 Sober Social 5-7 *

17 Free Lunch 12-12:30 Emotions A. 4-5

18 Tag sale or thrift shops trip 10-1P $* DROP IN 1-3:30p


20 Lunch 12-12:30

Billiards with Shoreline 1-3 ** (no let’s talk /or Drawing class today) Over Eater’s A. in clinic 3-4

21Breakfast Club

8:30-10 French Class 11-12 Bingo 2-3 AA Mtg. 4-5 Sober Social 5-7

22 Breakfast Club

8:30-10a Cultural Awareness 12-1p on “Belize”

23 Lunch 12-12:30

Art Class 1-2 Dual Recovery 4-5 Sober Social 5-7 *

24 Free Lunch Friday 12-12:30 Emotions A. 4-5

25 Drop In 1-3:30p


27 Lunch 12-12:30p

Let’s Talk 1-2p Art Class 2-3p/O.A 3-4 Club Cook out 4:00-5pm * free

28 Breakfast Club

8;30-10 French Class 11-12 Bingo 2-3 AA Mtg. 4-5 Sober Social 5-7

29 Breakfast Club

12-10am Movie Afternoon 1-3 Popcorn for all who watch the movie!

30 Lunch 12-12:30

Art Class 1-2 Dual Recovery 4-5 Sober Social 5-7

31 Free Lunch Friday 12-12:30 Emotions A. 4-5