Page 1: Annotations for Front Cover, Contents and Double Page Spread

Annotations for....Front CoverContents PageDouble Page Spread

By Nicola Barney

Page 2: Annotations for Front Cover, Contents and Double Page Spread

Large Masthead – under photo (following key conventions). Caps is used throughout to make it eye catching. And the title ‘show biz’ is a common phrase used within the musical genre. Therefore it is recognisable to a key audience.

Star clip art, covering empty space and giving a memorable image within mast headAlso showing the audience straight away what genre of music the magazine focuses on.Key cover line, different font – (onyx) a common font used in music magazines ,colour taken from key image. therefore showing the link of key cover line to key image

Colour from star taken from hair, keeping colour scheme and keeping the magazine formal

The colour in this coverline is taken from her ring and it contrasts with the black.

I have used a banner to follow key conventions. To show what is inside this weeks issue. I feel it was a good way to separate the headlines from promotional offers.

Barcode. With price next to it , therefore following key conventions.

I have used quotes to support my cover lines, to show that there is in an interview inside

I have overlapped the key image and Mast head to make the image stand out more, yet at the same time making the Mast head quick and easy to read, to target my


Page 3: Annotations for Front Cover, Contents and Double Page Spread

My contents page is extremely structured.I have used the structure of three in my page.As you can see there is a section for photos on the left hand side and the ratio of photos works well with photos we haven't seen , compared to one we have seen on the front cover.The rest of the page is in column sets, something that is a key convention of a contents page.

Here I added have screen shot the double page spread and given a page number, therefore making my audience interested through visual ideas.

Her I have used the same font (onyx) as used on the double page spread and on the front cover, therefore keeping the house style.

I have added a medium shot here of the editor to make my contents more personal

Here I have added a small banner indicated the regulars of the magazines, therefore following something that is typically seen in a music magazine

Some are different colours to highlight the key features of the magazine.

the pictures I have used focus on specific instruments related to the musical genre of musical theatre

Page 4: Annotations for Front Cover, Contents and Double Page Spread

The title of the double page spread article uses the same font as when I spoke about it on the front cover. ‘the search is over’ makes the article intriguing as the audience feel interested in what has been discovered.

Here I have followed the key conventions of a double page spread by adding a pull out quote from the article.

My article was set out in a question and answer formation, like an interview. The font for my questions was a white colour and the answer colour was taken from the photo on the right hand side, this was done to clearly show the separation of answer to question. I have also left spaces in between the sections of text to make the double page spread more formalised, and easy to read.

I have introduced the article to fill the readers in on the basis of the interview. This will intrigue the audience to read on.

The photo is placed so that when the page folds in half it covers one half of the page to therefore create a poster like side to the page, a convention that some music magazines use.