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Page 1: 9 frame kidulthood

Establishing shot gives the audience a rough overview of what is happening in the story and establishes characters as stereotypically only schoolboys play football in school shoes.

The antagonists of stereotypical young black African males is set up with a multi-medium shot with hoods

portraying the mise en scene and stereotypes.

Suddenly a close up from the class room sets up the audiences attention to the setting.

Immediately the opening title is shown

White males are portrayed as social outcasts as they are trying to create friendships with everyone when everyone have their own delegated group.

White females meet their match across starring towards the white boys.

Another cut back to the class room this time with an extreme close up causing the audience to start to really concentrate. This then leads to a slightly elevated camera which pulls into focus of the males face.

Finally a POV is used combined with a voice over to position the audience in the feet of the female who is communicating.