ZEITSCHRIFT FR NATURFORSCHUNG - uni 41 c Zeitschrift fr Naturforschung 1986 Contents ... Biosynthetic Capacity of Stachys Seedlings for Ver- ... 13-Hydroperoxylinoleyl Alcohol into

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Text of ZEITSCHRIFT FR NATURFORSCHUNG - uni 41 c Zeitschrift fr Naturforschung 1986 Contents ......






    E . BNNiNG,Tbingen A. B U T E N A N D T , Mnchen M . E I G E N , Gttingen

    N . A M R H E I N , Bochum B. A . A S K O N A S , London W . B A R Z , Mnster P. BGER, Konstanz G . B O R N KMM, Frei brg D . B C K M A N N , Ulm K . G . G T Z , Tbingen G . GOTTSCHALK, Gttingen P. G R U S S , Heidelberg

    Editorial Board

    A. H A G E R , Tbingen K . H A H L B R O C K , Kln W. H A S S E L B A C H , Heidelberg P. K A R L S O N , Marburg F. K A U D E W I T Z , Mnchen J . K L E I N , Tbingen J. ST. SCHELL, Kln E. W E C K E R , Wrzburg

    Advisory Editorial Board

    G . ISENBERG, Kln R. JAENICKE, Regensburg V . TER M E U L E N , Wrzburg G . F. M E Y E R , Tbingen M . R A J E W S K Y , Essen H . SCHIMASSEK, Heidelberg D . SCHULTE-FROHLINDE, Mhlheim/R. G . S C H U L Z , Freiburg F. F. SEELIG, Tbingen

    J. SEELIG, Basel H . S IMON, Mnchen W. STEGLICH, Bonn H . STIEVE, Aachen J. S U K O , Wien A . TREBST, Bochum G. WEISSENBCK, Kln G . W I C K , Innsbruck V . Z I M M E R M A N N , Wrzburg



    Volume 41c 1986

    V E R L A G D E R Z E I T S C H R I F T F R N A T U R F O R S C H U N G

    T B I N G E N

  • Volume 41 c Zeitschrift fr Naturforschung 1986


    Conten t s of N u m b e r 1/2

    O r i g i n a l C o m m u n i c a t i o n s

    Identification of (/?)-Vicianin in D a v a l l i a t r i c h o -manoides Blume P. A . LizoTTE and J. E . POULTON 5

    Differential Regulation of Two Genes Controlling the Biosynthesis of Isovitexin 7-O-Galactoside in Silene Plants J. M . STEYNS and J. v. B R E D E R O D E 9

    Biosynthetic Capacity of Stachys Seedlings for Ver-bascoside and Related Caffeoyl Derivatives C. A N D A R Y and R. K . IBRAHIM 18

    Isolation and Separation of Epidermal and Meso-phyll Protoplasts from Rye Primary Leaves Tis-sue-Specific Characteristics of Secondary Phenolic Product Accumulation M . S C H U L Z and G . WEISSENBCK 22

    Partial Purification and Some Properties of 1-Sina-poylglucose: Choline Sinapoyltransferase ("Sina-pine Synthase") from Seeds of Raphanus sativus L . and Sinapis a l b a L . W. G R A W E and D . STRACK 28

    Biosynthesis of the Furanoacetylene Phytoalexin Wyerone in V i c i a f a b a N . A . A L - D O U R I and P. M . D E W I C K 34

    Host-Pathogen Interactions. X X X . Characterization of Elicitors of Phytoalexin Accumulation in Soy-bean Released from Soybean Cell Walls by Endo-polygalacturonic Acid Lyase K . R. D A V I S , A . G . D A R V I L L , P. A L B E R S H E I M , and A . D E L L 39

    Inhibition of Phenylalanine Ammonia-Lyase i n v i t r o and i n v i v o by (l-Amino-2-phenylethyl)phos-phonic Acid , the Phosphonic Analogue of Phenyl-alanine B. L A B E R , H . - H . K I L T Z , and N . A M R H E I N 49

    Flavin Nucleotide-Dependent 3-Hydroxylation of 4-Hydroxyphenylpropanoid Carboxylic Acids by Particulate Preparations from Potato Tubers J. M . B O N I W E L L and V . S. B U T T 56

    Use of Immunotitration to Demonstrate Phyto-chrome-Mediated Synthesis de novo of Chalcone Synthase and Phenylalanine Ammonia Lyase in Mustard Seedling Cotyledons R. BRDENFELDT and H . M O H R 61

    Tyrosine Biosynthesis in Sorghum b i c o l o r : Isolation and Regulatory Properties of Arogenate Dehy-drogenase J. A . C O N N E L L Y and E . E . C O N N 69

    Tyrosine Biosynthesis in Sorghum b i c o l o r : Charac-teristics of Prephenate Aminotransferase D. L . SIEHL, J. A . C O N N E L L Y , and E . E . C O N N 79

    Flavonoids and Terpenoids from the Exudates of Some B a c c h a r i s Species E . W O L L E N W E B E R , I. SCHOBER, P. D O S T A L , D . H R A D E T Z K Y , F. J . A R R I A G A - G I N E R , and G . Y A T -SKIEVYCH 87

    Transformation-Related Cellular Protein p53: In-creased Level in Untransformed Rat Cells Follow-ing Treatment with the Tumorpromoter, Tetra-decanoylphorbol-Acetate M . H E B E L , G . B R A N D N E R , H . K . H O C H K E P P E L , and D . G . B R A U N 94

    Glycosphingolipid Analysis of Human Myeloid Leu-kemias (In German) B. K N I E P and P. F. M H L R A D T 100

    Properties of Vinorine Synthase the R a u w o l f i a Enzyme Involved in the Formation of the Ajma-line Skeleton A . PFITZNER, L . P O L Z , and J . STCKIGT 103

    High Performance Liquid Chromatography Coupled with Radioactivity Detection: A Powerful Tool for Determining Drug Metabolite Profiles in Biologi-cal Fluids K . - O . V O L L M E R , W . K L E M I S C H , and A . v. H O D E N -BERG 115

    Partial Purification and Characterization of S-Ade-nosyl-L-Methionine: Norreticuline N-Methyltrans-ferases from B e r b e r i s Cell Suspension Cultures C H I - K I T W A T , P. STEFFENS, and M . H . Z E N K 126

  • Contents IV

    Biosynthesis of 4-Formyl-4-imidazoline-2-on, the Heterocyclic Base of Nikkomycin X R . - M . SCHMIDT, H . P A P E , and M . JUNACK 135

    Metabolism of the Plant Growth Regulator () -[3H]2-Ethylhex-2-enoic Acid in H o r d e u m v u l g a r e B . SCHNEIDER, H. -R. SCHTTE, and A . PREISS 141

    Metabolism and Degradation of Nicotinic Acid in Parsley ( P e t r o s e l i n u m hortense) Cell Suspension Cultures and Seedlings L . S C H W E N E N , D . K O M O S S A , and W. B A R Z 148

    Basal Blotches and Blotchlessness of Poppy Flowers: A Chemogenetic Characterization (In German) H . B H M 158

    Chemical Investigations of Tropical Medicinal Plants, X X I . Long Chain Alky l Esters of Ferulic and p-Coumaric Acid from B a u h i n i a m a n c a H . A C H E N B A C H , M . STCKER, and M . A . C O N -STENLA 164

    C y a n o p h o r a p a r a d o x a : Fatty Acids and Fatty Acid Synthesis i n v i t r o H . K L E I N I G , P. B E Y E R , C. SCHUBERT, B . L IEDVO-GEL, and F. L T K E - B R I N K H A U S 169

    Degradation of N A D ( H ) by Endogenous Enzymes of Yeasts and Clostridia H.-J. SCHUETZ and H . SIMON 172

    Genetic and Biochemical Studies on the Conversion of Dihydroflavonols to Flavonols in Flowers of P e t u n i a h y b r i d a G. F O R K M A N N , P. DE V L A M I N G , R. SPRIBILLE, H . WIERING, and A . W . SCHRM 179

    Biosynthesis of Acridone Alkaloids. A Cell-free Sys-tem from R u t a g r a v e o l e n s Cell Suspension Cul-tures A . B A U M E R T , G . SCHNEIDER, and D . GRGER 187

    Phytoalexin Production by Isolated Soybean Proto-plasts H . M I E T H , V . SPETH, and J . E B E L 193

    Composition of Lipopolysaccharides from Various Strains of R h o d o m i c r o b i u m v a n n i e l i i O. H O L S T , J. WECKESSER, B . R I E T H , and C. S. Dow 202

    Plant Biochemistry of Xenobiotics. Mineralization of Chloroaniline/Lignin Metabolites from Wheat by

    the White-Rot Fungus, P h a n e r o c h a e t e c h r y s o s p o -r i u m M . A R J M A N D and H . S A N D E R M A N N JR. 206

    Further Studies on the Biosynthesis of Granaticin X I A N - G U O H E , C H I U - C H I N C H A N G , CHING-JER C H A N G , J . C. V E D E R A S , A . G . M C I N N E S , J . A . W A L T E R , and H . G . FLOSS 215

    Minimal Time Requirement for Lasting Elicitor Ef-fects in Cultured Parsley Cells H . STRASSER and U . M A T E R N 222

    Elicitor-Stimulated Furanocoumarin Biosynthesis in Cultured Parsley-Cells: S-Adenosyl-L-Methio-nine: Bergaptol and S-Adenosyl-L-Methionine: Xanthotoxol O-Methyltransferases K . D . H A U F F E , K . H A H L B R O C K , and D . S C H E E L 228

    The Topology of the Plastoquinone and Herbicide Binding Peptides of Photosystem I I in the Thyla-koid Membrane A . TREBST 240

    Conten ts of N u m b e r 3

    O r i g i n a l C o m m u n i c a t i o n s

    Biosynthesis of Daphnetin in D a p h n e mezereum L . ST. A . B R O W N 247

    Monogalloylhamamelose from H a m a m e l i s v i r g i n i a n a (In German) G. SCHILLING and A . K E L L E R 253

    Activation of Streptolysin S i n v i t r o by Oligonu-cleotides A . TAKETO and Y . TAKETO 258

    Optimization of Conditions for Accurate Phospho-nate and Total Phosphorus Assay on Lipid Sam-ples, in Conjunction with Thin-Layer Chromatog-raphy V . M . K A P O U L A S and G . T H . TSANGARIS 263

    Effect of the C0 2-Concentration during Growth on the Oxygen Evolution Pattern under Flash Light in C h l o r e l l a Y . SHIRAIWA and G . H . SCHMID 269

  • Contents V

    A Large Chloroplast Thioredoxin / Found in Green Algae P. L A N G L O T Z , W . W A G N E R , and H . F O L L M A N N 275

    Chlorophyll Photobleaching in Pigment-Protein Complexes R. CARPENTIER, R. M . L E B L A N C , and G . B E L L E -MARE 284

    Diurnal Changes of Fructose-6-phosphate,2-kinase and Fructose-2,6-bis-phosphatase Activities in Spinach Leaves M . STITT, G . M I E S K E S , H . - D . SLING, H . GROSSE, and H . W . H E L D T 291

    Molecular Mechanics Investigation on Conforma-tional Flexibility of 14 Steroids in Drug-Receptor Interactions M . B O H L and M . W U N D E R W A L D 297

    Alterations in the Activities of Rabbit Erythrocyte Membrane-Bound Enzymes Induced by Choles-terol Enrichment and Depletion Procedures E . K A M B E R and L . KOPEIKINA-TSIBOUKIDOU 301

    Stimulation of Phosphatidylinositol Phosphorylation in the Sarcoplasmic Reticular Ca 2 +-Transport ATPase by Vanadate M . VARSNYI , G . B E H L E , and M . SCHFER 310

    Relative Hypertrehalosaemic Activities of Naturally Occurring Neuropeptides from the A K H / R P C H Family G. G D E 315


    Influence of Temperature on the Transport of Ascor-bate across Artificial Membranes as Studied by the Spin Label Technique W. L O H M A N N , P. Z . T I A N , and D . H O L Z 348

    The Influence of Spin Label on the Transport of As-corb