Zeitschrift f£¼r Naturforschung / A / 38 (1983) 2016-06-27¢  Volume 38 a Zeitschrift f£¼r Naturforschung

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  • V o l u m e 38 a Zei tschr i f t f ü r N a t u r f o r s c h u n g



    N u m b e r 1

    Original Communications

    On the Field-Induced Cholesteric-Nematic Transi- tion in Cholesteric Liquid Crystals with Horaeo- tropic Boundary Conditions J . B R O K X , G . VERTOGEN,

    a n d E . W . C. VAN GROESEN 1

    Surface Polariton Mode Densities W . ECKHARDT 1 0

    Dipole Moment Functions of HF and HI Molecules Using an Anharmonic Potential M . H . K L U C K N E R a n d B . S E S H R A O 1 6

    Evidence for Different Ferromagnetic Phases in Amorphous Fe4oNi4oB2o Detected by EPR R . GERLING a n d K . DRÄGER 2 0

    Vibrational Spectra of Ag3PS4 and CU3PS4 (In German) U . PÄTZMANN a n d W . BRÜCKNER 2 7

    IR Studies of Crystalline Methanol Films with Tex- tures F . F I S C H E R a n d R . F U H R I C H 3 1

    Experimental Study of Ion Dynamic Effects in Overlapping Helium Lines at Low Densities A . P I E L a n d H . R I C H T E R 3 7

    Intensity Analysis and Luminescence Spectra of Non-Aqueous Solutions of Europium Compounds J . LEGENDZIEWICZ, G . OCZKO,

    a n d W . STREK 4 7

    Photophysical Study of a Series of Cyanines. Part III. The Direct Photooxidation Reaction S . L E P A J A , H . STRUB, a n d D . - J . LOUGNOT 5 6

    Semiempirical Calculation of the Rotational Barrier and Valence Force Constants in Fluorocarbonyl- sulfenyl Chloride A . H . J U B E R T , C . 0 . D E L L A VEDOVA, E . L .

    VARETTI , 0 . E . P I R O , a n d P . J . A Y M O N I N O 6 1

    Rotational Spectrum of Methylcyanoacetylene. A New Millimeter Wave Spectrometer M . BESTER, M . TANIMOTO, B . V O W I N K E L ,

    G . W I N N E W I S S E R , a n d K . YAMADA 6 4

    Evaluation of Activation Parameters for the N-In- version of 4-[(2,2-Dimethyl-aziridino-(l))- methyl]-2,6-di-tert.butyl-phenol by !H-DNMR (In German) V . F I S C H E R a n d K . SCHEFFLER 6 8

    The Electronic Spectrum and Structure of Tetra- sulfur Dinitride M . H . PALMER a n d ( in p a r t ) R . H . FINDLAY 7 8

    The Electronic Structure of Tetraphosphorus- and Tetraarsenic-Trisulphides; Interpretation of their Photoelectron Spectra M. H. P A L M E R and in part R. H. F I N D L A Y 78


    Bäcklund Transformation Groups of Non-Linear Evolution Equations and the Painleve Property W . - H . S T E E B a n d W . O E V E L 8 6

    Excess Free Energies in Molten CuCl-KCl-LiCl by EMF Measurements Z . GIAZITZOGLOU, H . E N G E L S ,

    a n d U . SCHILLER 8 8

    Dipole Moments and Configurations of Triaryl Acrilonitriles D . CARBONE, A . CHISARI , E . MONTONERI ,

    G . C . PAPPALARDO, a n d G . SCARLATA 9 0

    Raman Spectra of Dissolved Na4P2S6 • 6 H2O (In German) W . B R Ü C K N E R a n d U . PÄTZMANN 9 2

    N u m b e r 2

    Alfred Klemm zum 70. Geburtstag 95

    Original Communications

    On the Distribution of Isotopes in a Separation Column in Countercurrent Electromigration of Molten Binary Mixtures I . OKADA a n d A . L U N D E N 9 7

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  • Inhal t sverze ichnis IV

    Chronoamperometric Determination of Solid State Diffusion Coefficients in Copper-Gold Alloys Using a Molten Salt Electrolyte F . LANTELME a n d M . CHEMLA 1 0 6

    Coulomb Complexing and the Solubilization of Oxides in Halide Melts M . B L A N D E R a n d Z . NAGY 1 1 6

    The Effect of Pressure on the Electrical Conduc- tivity of the Molten Halides of Mercury and the Molten Iodides of Cadmium, Gallium, and Indium B . CLEAVER a n d P . Z A N I 1 2 0

    Fused Salt Concentration Cells with Transference Transport Numbers of Molten Alkali Chloride and Silver Chloride Mixtures R . CONRADT, J . R I C H T E R , a n d H . W E T T I C H 1 2 8

    Internal Mobilities in Molten Systems (Na-K)N03 and (K-Cs)N03 CHAO-CHENG Y A N G , R . TAKAGI ,

    a n d I . OKADA 1 3 5

    Structural Investigation of the Metallic Glasses Mg85.5Cui4.5 and Mg7oZn3o E . N A S S I F , P . LAMPARTER, W . SPERL,

    a n d S . S T E E B 1 4 2

    Correlation of Zero Field Splittings and Site Dis- tortions V. Mn2+ in Cs2Zn3S4 M . H E M I N G a n d G . LEHMANN 1 4 9

    Observation of the Zeeman Effect of Ozone by Doppler Free Laser Spectroscopy R . S C H I E D E R a n d G . W I N N E W I S S E R 1 5 4

    Diode Laser Spectrum of OCS: The vi Band at 2062 cm"1

    W . K L E B S C H , K . YAMADA,

    a n d G . W I N N E W I S S E R 1 5 7

    Vibrational Spectra of Tetraphosphorus Decasulfide P 4 S 1 0 (In German) M . SOMER, W . BITES, a n d W . BRÜCKNER 1 6 3

    On the Operator Formulation of the Polyatomic Molecule Partition Function J . BOHMANN a n d W . W I T S C H E L 1 6 7

    Estimates of Dielectric Shifts in Infrared Spectra of Pure Liquids for Use in the Theoretical Evalu- ation of Vapor Pressure Isotope Effects B . MA E SSE N a n d M . W O L F S B E R G 1 9 1

    Topological Effect on MO Energies, II. On the MO Energies of Structurally Related Aza-arenes 0 . E . POLANSKY, M . Z A N D E R , a n d I . MOTOC 1 9 6

    A New Class of Organic Luminophores With a Stil- bene Chromophore: 3-Phenylmethylene-l(3H)- Isobenzofuranones P . N I K O L O V , F . F R A T E V , a n d S . M I N C H E V 2 0 0

    The Dependence of the Internal Vibrational Fre- quencies of Liquid Water on Central Force Po- tentials G . JANCSÖ a n d P . B O P P 2 0 6

    A Molecular Dynamics Study of the Structure of an Aqueous CsF Solution G Y . I . SZASZ a n d K . H E I N Z I N G E R 2 1 4

    Complex Formation in an Aqueous ZnBr2 Solution Based on Electron Diffraction, X-Ray Scattering and Raman Spectra E . K A L M A N , I . S E R K E , G . P A L I N K A S ,

    G . JOHANSSON, G . K A B I S C H , M . M A E D A ,

    a n d H . O H T A K I 2 2 5

    The Molecular Structure and Hydrogen Bond Ge- ometry in Liquid Formamide: Electron, Neutron, and X-Ray Diffraction Studies E . K Ä L M Ä N , I . S E R K E , G . P A L I N K A S ,

    M . D . Z E I D L E R , F . J . WLESMANN,

    H . BERTAGNOLLI , a n d P . C H I E U X 2 3 1

    NMR Studies on Intercalation Compounds of Layered Chalcogenides with Methylamines and Ammonia M . MOLITOR, W . M Ü L L E R - W A R M U T I I ,

    H . W . S P I E S S , a n d R . SCHÖLLHORN 2 3 7

    The Volume Change on Ion-Pairing of Symmetrical Electrolytes Y . MARCUS 2 4 7

    Glassy Carbon/KCl-Solution Interface Impedance. Mechanical Surface Treatment Effect S . V . M E N T U S 2 5 2

    Vapour Pressure Isotope Effects of Chloroform G . JANCSÖ, G Y . J Ä K L I , a n d C s . FETZER 1 8 4

    Ba, Rb, and Cs in the Earth's Mantle A . W . HOFMANN a n d W . M . W H I T E 256

  • Inhal tsverze ichnis VII

    The Noble Gas Record in Antarctic and Other Meteorites H . W . W E B E R , O . BRAUN, L . SCHULTZ,

    a n d F . BEGEMANN 2 6 7

    Investigations of Cosmic-Raj'-Produced Nuclides in Iron Meteorites: 5. More Data on the Nuclides of Potassium and Noble Gases, on Exposure Ages and Meteoroid Sizes H . VOSHAGE, H . FELDMANN, a n d 0 . BRAUN 2 7 3


    Diffusion in Non-ideal Liquid Mixtures R . H A A S E a n d W . E N G E L S 2 8 1

    N u m b e r 3

    Original Communications

    Tunneling Through the Opaque Inverted Parabola G . - J . N i a n d W . W O N N E B E R G E R 2 8 5

    On the Pressure Balance and Plasma Transport in Cylindrical Magnetized Arcs D . C . SCHRÄM, I . J . A . M . v . D. MULLEN,

    B . F . M . P O T S , a n d C . J . TIMMERMANS 2 8 9

    Direct Methods in the Case of Superstructure Ef- fects of a Higher Index (In German) R . B Ö H M E 3 0 4

    On the Calculation of the Electrostatic Potentials at the Nuclei in the Point-charge Approximation Z . B . MAKSIC a n d K . R U P N I K 3 0 8

    On the Approximate Relation Between the Sum of Semiempirical Molecular Orbital Energies and the Total Energy of a Molecule Z . B . MAKSIC a n d K . R U P N I K 3 1 3

    45Scandium NMR Investigations in Aqueous Solutions E . H A I D , D . K Ö H N L E I N , G . KÖSSLER, 0 . LUTZ,

    W . M E S S N E R , K . R . MOHN, G . NOTHAFT.

    B . VAN R I C K E L E N , W . SCHICH,

    a n d N . STEINHAUSER 3 1 7

    On the Intensity Distribution within Photolumines- cence Bands in Rigid and Liquid Solutions A . K A W S K I , M . STO:&, a n d I . J A N I C 3 2 2

    X-Ray Investigation with Fe9oBio- and FessBn- Melts (In German) E . N O L D , G . R A I N E R - H A R B A C H , P . LAMP ARTER,

    a n d S . S T E E B 3 2 5

    Neutron Diffraction Study on the Structure of Liquid Cs-Sb Alloys P