Zeitschrift f£¼r Naturforschung / A / 36 (1981) 2016. 6. 27.¢  Band 36 a Zeitschrift f£¼r Naturforschung

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Text of Zeitschrift f£¼r Naturforschung / A / 36 (1981) 2016. 6. 27.¢  Band 36 a...

  • Band 36 a Zeitschrift für Naturforschung 1981


    Das Sachverzeichnis umfaßt Originalarbeiten, Notizen (N), Berichte (B) und Errata

    Atomphysik und -Spektren HFS-Measurements in the 4 d9 5 p ^ i 0 - and ^ j 0 - States of 105Pd (7=5/2).

    M. Baumann, M. Lauenstein, and H. Liening (N) 780 Lifetime Measurements of All Excited States of the 4 d9 5 p Configuration in the Pd-I Spectrum.

    M. Baumann, H. Liening, and H. Loos (N) 778 On the Ground State of H— .

    U. V. D. Gupta, S. Ch. Saha, and S. Sengupta (N) 782 Lifetime and Hyperfineinteraction in XPX States with Nuclear Spin 7=1/2 H. Liening 694 Correlation in the Ground State of He Atom.

    S. C. Saha and S. Sengupta 272

    Chaos Exploded Points 0 . Gurel 72 Individual Peeling of Multiple Singular Points.

    0 . Gurel 311 Thermal Oscillations and Chaotic Behaviour at the Oxidation of CO on Pd Crystallites within a Zeolite Matrix (In German).

    N. I. Jaeger, K. Möller, and P. J. Plath 1012 Strange Attractors, Chaotic Behavior, and Informa- tion Flow R. Shaw (B) 80

    Diffusion, Elektro- und Thermodiffusion in Kondensaten Determination of Ionic Mobilities of Plutonium (VI) in Aqueous Solutions at 298 K by Use of Conduc- tivities (In German). . F. Arndt and G. Marx (N) 1019 Electrical Conductivity and Fluoride Self-Diffusion in RbSn2F5 .

    W. D. Basler, I. V. Murin, and S. V. Chernov (N) 519 Influence of Phonon Drag on the Electromigration in Metals (In German). . H.-J. Bohn and G. Simon 10 Determination of Diffusion Parameters of Solved Molecules by Measuring the Relaxation Kinetics on the Picosecond Time Scale. . . . E. Heumann 1323 The Maximum of the Conductivity of an Ionic Melt from MD Simulations at Various Temperatures.

    I. Okada and R. Takagi 378 Internal Mobilities in (Na-Rb) NOs Melts.

    I. Okada, R. Takagi, and K. Kawamura 381 Application of the Hard Sphere Theory to the Dif- fusion of Binary Liquid Alloy Systems.

    G. Schwitzgebel and G. Langen 1225

    Dünne Schichten und Oberflächen Calculation of Vibrational Spectra for Surface Atoms: FCC Transition Metals K. Masuda 454 Carbon Contaminant Buildup and Sputtering Be- haviour on Zinc Oxide During XPS Examination.

    M. Mintas and G. W. Filby 140 An ESR Study on Oxygen Adsorption and Illumina- tion of Vacuum Treated V205 /TiO z .

    E. Serwicka and R. N. Schindler 992

    Resonant Interaction of Surface Plasmons with a Dye Monolayer G. Wähling 588

    Elektronenbeugung Low-Energy e-He(2xL) Scattering Calculations.

    D. Koledin and P. Gruji6 132 The Molecular Structure of Benzotrifluoride as Stud- ied by Gas Electron Diffraction.

    G. Schultz, I. Hargittai, and R. Seip 669 Electron Diffraction Investigation of the Molecular Structure of Trifluoromethanesulphonic acid (triflic acid).

    G. Schultz, I. Hargittai, and R. Seip (N) 917

    Elektronenspektroskopie Study of Sulfur-Sulfur Nonbonded Interactions in Substituted Diphosphine Disulfides by Gas-Phase UV Photoelectron Spectroscopy.

    L. Alagna, C. Cauletti, M. Andreocci, C. Furlani, and G. Hagele 68

    Analysis of the Electronic Factors Controlling the Nig and the First two Ji(a2 , 6X) Photoelectron Ioniza- tions in N-Containing Monosubstituted Benzenes ( P h - N R R ' and P h - N = X).

    F. P. Colonna, G. Distefano, D. Jones, A. Modelli, and V. Galasso 385

    Gas-Phase Tautomerism in the Triazoles and Tetra- zoles: A Study by Photoelectron Spectroscopy and ab Initio Molecular Orbital Calculations.

    M. H. Palmer, I. Simpson, and J. R. Wheeler 1246 Elektronen- und Energietransfer Effect of an Electric Field on Electron Attachment to SF6 in Liquid Ethane and Propane.

    G. Bakale and W. F. Schmidt 802 Intramolecular Electron Transfer in Nonconjugated Polyenes M. C. Böhm 859 Dynamical Jahn-Teller Systems: Internal Energy Resonance Structures of Isolated Jahn-Teller Mole- cules (E-b and T-t System).

    E. Sigmund and S. Brühl 685 Host-Guest Energy Transfer Via Dipole-Dipole In- teraction in Doped Fluorene Crystals.

    H. Port, H. Schneckenburger, and H. C. Wolf 697

    Festkörper Electronic Structure of Metallic Glasses from the Cu-Zr- and Cu-Ti-Systems as well as from some Tran- sitionmetall-Metalloid-Systems by Means of X-Ray- Emission Spectroscopy.

    S. Falch, G. Rainer-Harbach, F. Schmückle, and S. Steeb 937

    On the Order-Disorder Phase Transformation of Ani- linium Halides. IV. The Crystal Structure of the Low Temperature Phase of Anilinium Bromide, CaH5NH3®Bre . A Neutron Diffraction Study.

    G. Fecher, A. Weiss, and G. Heger 967

  • 1396 Sachverzeichnis

    On the Order-Disorder Phase Transformation of Ani- linium Halides. III. High Temperature Phase Crystal Structure of Anilinium Bromide, C 6H 5NH 3®Br e . An X-ray and Neutron Diffraction Study.

    G. Fecher, A. Weiss, W. Joswig, and H. Fuess 956 Lattice Dynamical Properties of Potassium.

    O. P. Gupta 1242 Characterization of the High Temperature Form of Fe2 (Mo04) 3 .

    A. V. Gur'ev, G. Flor, A. Marini, V. Massarotti, and R. Riccardi 280

    Equilibrium of EuS with Gas Mixture of H2S, H2 and C02 J. Hauck 1309 Correlation of Zero Field Splittings and Site Distor- tions. III. MnBr4 2~ and Crystal Structure Refine- ments for Rb3ZnBr5 and Cs2ZnBr4 .

    M. Heming, G. Lehmann, G. Henkel, and B. Krebs 286 Iteration-Perturbation Theory of Covalent Bonding in Crystals. I. General Considerations.

    G. L. Krasko 1129 Iteration-Perturbation Theory of Covalent Bonding in Crystals. II. Application to Magnesium Hydride MgH2 G. L. Krasko 1146 X-Ray and Neutron Diffraction Studies on Amor- phous Transitionmetal — Boron Alloys (Fe-B, Co-B, Ni-B).

    P. Lamparter, E. Nold, G. Rainer-Harbach, E. Grallath, and S. Steeb 165

    Neutron Diffraction with the Metallic Glass Ni81B19 Using Isotopic Substitution.

    P. Lamparter, W. Sperl, G. Rainer-Harbach, and S. Steeb (N) 419

    Lattice Vibration Spectra XXIV. Far-Infrared Reflec- tion Spectra, Optical and Dielectric Constants, and Effective Charges of the Pyrite Type Compounds FeS2 , MnS2 , MnSe2 , and MnTe2 .

    H. D. Lutz, G. Kliche, and H. Haeuseler 184 Determination of the Partial Structure Factors of the Metallic Glass Fe80B20 . E. Nold, P. Lamparter, H. Olbrich, G. Rainer-Harbach,

    and S. Steeb 1032 Depolarization Thermocurrents in Ice lh at Low Temperature.

    P. Pissis, G. Boudouris, J. C. Garson, and J. L. Leveque 321

    EXAFS Study of Rutile and Anatase. G. Vlaic, J. C. J . Bart, W. Cavigiolo, S. Mobilio,

    and G. Navarra 1192 Structural Relationship Between As2P2S7 and (As2P2S8) n (In German).

    C. Wibbelmann and W. Brockner 836 Intermolecular Vibrational-Coupling of the Out-of- plane-vibration. Short Waves of 1 2 C0 3 2 _ -chains in 1 3CO s—Enriched BaCOs (In German).

    E. J . Zehnder and W. Sterzel (N) 294

    Flüssige Kristalle

    Voltage-Induced Cholesteric Structure-Transformation in Thin Layers P. R. Gerber 718 Re-entrant Nematic Established for Several Homolo- gous Biaromatic Liquid Crystals by Investigation of Binary Mixed Systems (In German).

    A. Gobi-Wunsch, G. Heppke, and R. Hopf 213 Miscibility Studies Indicating a Low Temperature Smectic A Phase in Biaromatic Liquid Crystals with Re-entrant Behaviour.

    A. Göbl-Wunsch, G. Heppke, and R. Hopf 1201

    On the Unified Theory for Non-Equilibrium Phenom- ena in the Isotropic and Nematic Phases of a Liquid Crystal; Spatially Inhomogeneous Alignment.

    S. Hess and I. Pardowitz 554 Carbon-13 NMR and Raman Scattering Studies of Potassium Propoxybenzoate and Potassium Butoxy- benzoate. Conformational Change Due to Micelliza- tion. H. Okabayashi, T. Yoshida, Y. Terada, and T. Ikeda 1352 Liquid Single Crystals of Cholesteric Blue Phases.

    H. Onusseit and H. Stegemeyer 1083 Ultrasonic Studies in N- (p-n-butoxybenzylidene) - p-n-butylaniline. . J. V. Rao and C. R. K. Murty 1002 EPR Study of the Molecular Ordering in the Liquid Crystal: HBT.

    A. S. N. Rao, P. N. Murty, C. R. K. Murty, and T. Rs. Reddy 634

    Synthesis and Mesomorphic Properties of 4,4'-Di-n- alkyl-bibicyclo [2.2.2] octanes.

    V. Reiffenrath and F. Schneider 1006 Induced Smectic Phases. I. Polymorphism in Binary Mixtures of Alkyloxybenzylidene-alkylanilines with Alkyl- und Alkyloxy-cyanobiphenyls.

    F. Schneider and N. K. Sharma 62 Induced Smectic Phases. II. Influence of the Amino Substituent on the Induction of Smectic Phases.

    F. Schneider and N. K. Sharma 10836


    Vibrational Relaxation in Benzene (In German). A. Asenbaum and M. Müllner 461

    X-Ray Diffraction Experiments with Bi-In-melts (In German). . . . R. Bek, E. Nold, and S. Steeb 150 Ultrasonic Velocity and Absorption in Bi-In-melts (In German) R. Bek and S. Steeb 154 The Temperature Dependence of the Viscosity of Suspensions of Polystyrene Latices in LiCl Solutions.

    A. Bonincontro, C. Cametti, and A. Di Biasio 329 An X-Ray Diffraction Study on an Aqueous Solu- tion of CdS04 at 9 and 62 °C. . . . R. Caminiti 1062 On the Structure in Aqueous Superconcentrated Calcium Nitrate. R. Caminiti, A. Musinu, G. Paschina, G. Piccaluga,

    and G. Pinna 831 Structure Investigations on S e i - a T e s Melts by Neutron Scattering and X-ray Diffraction.

    W. Hoyer, B. Kunsch, M. Suda, and E. Wieser 880 Influence of Environment on the Electronic Spectra of Donor-Acceptor-Substituted trans-Stilbenes in Sol- vent Mixtures.

    A. Kawski, B. Ostrowska, and M. Ston 999 Monte Carlo Calculations on Molten T1C1, TIBr and Til C. Ma