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<ul><li><p> Zaption | 12.02.15 @BVEdTec </p><p>Zaption: Interactive Video Lessons Zaptions free account allows you to add 6 interactive elements to a video for assessment or emphasis. Free accounts allow 20 active lessons. Lessons are sharable by a URL link. Google+ &amp; Edmodo sign-in. </p><p>1. Create an account by logging in with your Edmodo or Google + accounts. Tutorial on Google sign in - </p><p>2. Select New Tour to begin </p><p>3. Select a video and paste the URL into the search field and click Search. </p><p>4. When the video loads click Add This Video to Tour. </p><p>5. Video may be trimmed as needed. </p><p>Add Interactive Elements to Video </p><p> Text Slide Image Slide Drawing Open Response Multiple Choice Check boxes </p><p>6. Pause the video in the spot you would like the interactive element. </p><p>7. Drag the element you wish to add to the timeline (up to 6 elements with free account). </p><p> Publish Video </p><p>8. Click Publish. A share icon will appear with the URL address. This address can be emailed or posted on the web for viewing. </p><p>. </p><p></p></li><li><p> Zaption | 12.02.15 @BVEdTec </p><p>Presenter View Presenter View allows you to project a lesson through the projector. Students only see the assessment/interactive questions on their device Students will not have the lesson blocked due to the YouTube content. 1. Open any lesson and select Present Mode from the toolbar. 2. Have the students go to and enter the join code. </p><p> Presenter Tools </p><p>1. Students can select a raised hand for the teacher to pause and address. </p><p>2. Quick Question allows teacher to type a question on the fly to students. </p><p>3. Pointer lets the mouse laser point on screen for emphasis. 4. Marker/draw tool allows teacher to draw on presentation live. </p><p> Viewers </p><p>1. Students will watch the presentation on the projector and assessment questions will display on their devices. Answers instantly populate back to the presenter. </p><p>After the Presentation 1. Click End on the tour page. 2. All the student responses are available in the Analytics area. View </p><p>responses in 3 ways: overview, individual question response or by viewer. </p><p>Additional Information &amp; Tutorials </p></li></ul>


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