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Your own diamond and gold mine. - Amazon S3 · PDF fileYour own diamond and gold mine. ... Sierra Leone is rich in resources and mining ... we hope you will find the content of this

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  • Your own diamond and gold mine. With a minimum investment of less than 3,000, this offer is very limited.

    Diamonds and gold are solid, tangible assets. In todays uncertain market this can be particularly important. They can act as a storeof value as well as offer an opportunity to diversify your portfolio. As an investor through Capital Alternatives, you have the option tochoose how you wish to take the potential returns from your mining investment.

    Cash or diamonds and goldYou will own the mining rights on your 225 square foot area for 2 years. Once your area is mined, you can choose how you want to takeany diamonds and gold that have been extracted. To make things simple, Capital Mining will send you a valuation so you can then let usknow whether you wish to receive a cheque for your 50% share of the diamonds and gold found in your mining area, or whether you wantto receive your diamonds and gold in physical form. Capital Mining can even offer you the option to have your diamonds cut and set.

    Money back guaranteeAs an investor, you will receive 50% of the value of the mineral production your mine generates as well as the peace of mind thatcomes from a solid money back guarantee if your investment area is not mined within the two year investment period.

    Robust geological researchCapital Mining has a highly experienced management team who are well-placed to deliver potential returns by locating physical assetsin hand-picked mining areas. The land chosen has resource rich alluvial deposits sitting just above the bed rock. These deposits will be mined on your behalf by our experienced team of professionals using our mining equipment which is already inplace.

    Invest now for as little as 2,950 per Mining PlotYour investment with Capital Mining is simple: Ease of investment and a low minimum entry level 1,750 plus a one-off mining fee of 1,200

    Considerable return potential from two-year mining rights

    Targeting areas in a known alluvial gold and diamond province supported by research conducted by recognised internationalmining consultants

    Systematic, scientific and sophisticated approach to exploration and mining

    Management with considerable exploration experience and led by a senior geologist and mining expert with extensive knowledgeof the local area

    Prime mining landSierra Leone is rich in resources and mining is a key part of its economy. As well as considerable deposits of resources such a s ironore, it has proven gold and diamond assets. The country has also stabilised into one of the most promising regions in which to setup mining projects. Sierra Leone has a democratically elected government and unlike many African countries, it has secured apeaceful transfer of power between political parties.

    IGX Commodities Brokers Limited, 6th Floor, Remo House, 310-312 Regent Street, London W1B 3BStel: +44 (0) 207 112 4942 email: [email protected] web:

    IGX Commodities BrokersIGX is a respected alternative investment specialist. We offer private investors a range of investments including agricultural land, gold bullion, mining licenses and high value Emissions projects. Such investments offer astute diversification potential from traditional asset classes whilst spreading your investment risk.

    As an investor, we hope you will find the content of this brochure attractive and we recommend you consider IGX your investment partner. This mining offer is available on a first come, first served basis with only a limited mining area on offer. If you have any questions please call the IGX team to discuss your prospective investment on +44(0) 207 112 4942, or email [email protected]

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    Promoter and Sponsor

    Management Team of Capital Mining Limited

    Capital Mining Sierra Leone

    Capital Mining UK office

    Receiving Agent

    IGX Commodities Brokers Limited

    Robert McKendrick Executive ChairmanNorman Lott Finance Director Haj Fawaz Marketing and Distribution Director

    18 Charlotte StreetFreetownSierra Leone

    Third Floor55 Gower StreetLondon WC1E 6HQ

    Capital Secretarial LimitedSophia HouseThird Floor 76-80 City RoadLondon EC1Y 2BJ

    To make an investment please call the IGX team on +44 (0) 207 112 4942

    or by email at [email protected] or visit

    Key Parties and Advisers

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    Gain direct exposure to diamond andgold mining

    Why purchase mining shares when you can potentially own the underlying physical asset your own mine. As an investor with Capital Mining, you will receive returnsfrom any gold or diamonds your mining area generates aswell as the peace of mind that comes from our solid, moneyback guarantee if your investment area is not mined withintwo years.

    Many investors are keen to own solid assets such as gold orprecious gems since tangible assets can be an excellent storeof value especially during weaker economic conditions. Asa result, opportunities in the gold and diamond sector arebeginning to attract serious attention from asset managers,institutional investors and governments.

    Professional research

    At Capital Mining, the management team is highlyexperienced and well-placed to deliver returns. We offer youphysical, solid assets that are to be found in the hand-pickedmining areas of Sierra Leone that we have selected for theirexceptional potential. The areas we have chosen haveresource-rich alluvial deposits that are relatively simple tomine by removing the overburden top soil which is onaverage only 18 in depth to reveal the underlyingdiamondiferous gravels below.

    On your behalf we are targeting both high value diamond andgold deposits. In our opinion, the length of time betweendiscovering alluvial gold and diamond deposits and turning itinto production can be well within the two-year mining rightsallocated to prospective investors. Our confidence that thereis great potential in the area is supported by clear evidencefrom professional geological research.

    Sierra Leone a stable miningeconomy

    The government of Sierra Leone is fully supportive of theimportance of mining and the income it brings from foreigninvestors such as Capital Mining. The diamonds and gold weare mining for are found in significant quantities in thecountry.

    According to the Sierra Leone Investment and ExportPromotion Agency (SLIEPA, 2008):

    With Sierra Leones long civil strife behind it, the country ispoised to usher in a new era of economic growth andprosperity. Having held successful democratic elections,economic recovery has begun, and increasing attention isbeing paid to creating the policies and developing theinfrastructure needed to support economic development andcreate jobs.

    We anticipate that the countrys emerging economy willbenefit by opening out to Western investors. In the sevenyears since the civil war ended, things have changed. Thecountry is now very different in fact according to a reportby the World Bank dated September 2009, Sierra Leone hasmade key improvements in business reform*. According tothe report, overall Sierra Leone ranks ahead of its neighbours:Liberia (157), Guinea (171), and Cote DIvoire (161) in theMano River Basin.

    On starting a business, one of the 10 indicators of the DoingBusiness index, Sierra Leone is the top performer in WestAfrica. In addition, the International Finance Corporation (amember of the World Bank group) is pleased with SierraLeones performance, since the improved rankingdemonstrates that the country is increasingly committed toreform agendas that make it easier to do business.

    *According to Doing Business 2009, the sixth in an annual seriesof reports published by IFC and the World Bank.

    In addition, according to International Monetary Fundestimates of GDP, Sierra Leone compares favourably with itsneighbours and estimates show the potential for significanteconomic growth predictions.

    The UK remains one of the biggest supporters in assistingSierra Leone build its way back to recovery. For example, aswell as helping end the civil war, the UK has helped equip anew Police Force as part of a Commonwealth Training Team.The UK continues to help improve national security andimprove stability. This is echoed by the Sierra Leoneauthorities, and the President of Sierra Leone Ernest BaiKoroma has pledged zero tolerance on corruption. SierraLeone is an English-speaking country, and this is supportiveof business relationships with UK companies.

    Sierra Leone - a stable mining economy

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    Diamonds mined in Sierra Leone typically score highly interms of value per rough carat. This is supported by arecent report from the internationally recognisedindependent minerals industry consultancy WardellArmstrong International (WAI) in their 2009 Proposal toProspect for Diamonds and Gold in Sierra Leone** as wellas from one of the most thorough and respected researchsources that of P.K. Hall The diamond fields of Sierra Leoneincluding detailed maps and analytical data from over 250test pits dug within Sierra Leone.***

    **Desk Top Study of a Proposal to Prospect for Diamondsand Gold in Sierra Leone, January 2009

    ***Geological Survey of Sierra Leone by P.K. Hall, 1968

    According to WAI a number of international diamond miningcompanies have commenced exploration in Sierra Leone.They include African Diamonds, Mano River, Petra and TransHex. The prognosis has to be that both new production andthe legislation of existing output will boost the countrysoutput towards a declarable 3-4 million carats in the next fewyears. WAI believe that there is no reason why these depositsshould not yield their considerable potential when subject tothe mining processes we are operating. The report includesopinion by the following expert:

    David Hargreaves, PhD, CEng, FG

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