Your Favourite Trip. My favorite travel place is China. Where is your favorite place to travel ? Where is China? China is in Asia.

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  • Your Favourite Trip

  • My favorite travel place is China.Where is your favorite place to travel ?Where is China?China is in Asia.

  • When did you go to China? I went to Chinatwo years ago. How long did you goto Chinafor?I went there for three months.

  • Why did you go? I traveled to China because we wanted to see the Great Wall I went to Shanghai to see my friend's new house.

  • With whom?The school I attended organized this trip.I was lucky, I could take some friends with me.

  • How did you get there?We took the plane to Beijing and we took the train up to Shanghai.

  • Likes/Improvements3 things you liked and 3 things that could have been better/you would change.Example:(follow the underlined words)I really liked the folk music of the place I visited because it involves the use of a lot of instruments.I would change the way people drive in this city because there are no traffic lights which makes it very dangerous.

  • ConclusionIt was my favourite trip because.........I would go back again because.......I would recommend this trip for others because.....I had a wonderful time because.....


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