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A presentation called You and Your HR Career given at the Annual Review of Employment Conference (2009). It focuses on career management in challenging tips, thinking of adversity as providing potential for opportunity and the necessity of taking stock of your career on a regular basis.


<ul><li> 1. You &amp; Your HR Career The Context ThenNow John Deely BA MSc</li></ul> <p> 2. Individual and OrganisationalReactions to Change1. Denying2. Dodging3. Doing4. Sustaining John Deely BA MSc 3. You and Your Attitude to ChangeThose who needThose who enjoychangestability Comfortable with Prefer clarityambiguity Naturally organised Best organised in the Like a clear frameworkface of a goalof expectations Like considerable scopefor initiativeJohn Deely BA MSc 4. The Current Challenges are A pain in the neck? Deeply worrying or distressing? Opportunities for your career? The most significant opportunitiesmay be found in the mostdistressed parts of theorganisation.Source: the 5 Patterns of Extraordinary CareersJohn Deely BA MSc 5. You and Your Future CV Think about Your current work challenges Your aspirations for development Your future CV John Deely BA MSc 6. Tips and Thoughts1. Culture Club2. The value of talking3. The myth of over delivery4. Formal Audit CIPD HR Professional Map5. Position for Success John Deely BA MSc 7. Your Questions or ObservationsJohn Deely BA MSc </p>


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