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  • 8/12/2019 Yogini Mataji 5


    The Hidden Sage

    Yogini Mata i Revealed

  • 8/12/2019 Yogini Mataji 5


    2 The Hidden Sage

    Remembrance of Radiances PastLost notes on my visits with Yogini Mataji

    I was pleasantly surprised to learn fromMr. Bharat Bhusan that he has finallydiscovered the whereabouts of YoginiMataji (Tripta Devi), a distinguishedsuccessor of the late Baba Faqir Chand.Reading through his narrative, I felt aflood of memories and feelings come

    back to me. I then became determinedto see if I could retrieve some lost notesI had about my visit with her in theWinter of 1981. After finally tracking

    them down, I must confess that I was startled by how emotional myremembrances were. It appears that I partially buried some of whathappened on that illustrious night at Manavta Mandir where I had the

    good fortune to communicate at length with Yogini Mataji.

    Although The Enchanted Land: A Journey with the Saints of India has a smallchapter on her life and teachings, I don t think I conveyed how deeplycentered she was in her own meditational experiences. Mataji spoke soeloquently about how the light literally radiates out of the shabd which isneither right or left but manifestly straight from the center. Light showerslike a fountain, but the key is to find where those radiances arise from inthe first place. Finding the source of the light through dhyan naturallyinclines one to find the source of the shabd which also peals resplendently.

    In my notes, I wrote down how Yogini Mataji was completely absorbed indescribing the inner quest and seemed a bit perplexed that I too hadn t

  • 8/12/2019 Yogini Mataji 5


    3 The Hidden Sage

    experienced what she had in meditationpenetrating into higher and higher regionsof bliss. When all of a sudden, she looked at

    me very intensely as if reaching into the verycore of my personality and asked me, Whatdo you want?

    As she gazed directly into my eyes for a fewminutes I began to cry and I replied with allthe intensity of my youth that I just want togo home. Not to my physical home, of

    course, but rather to a place where I would finally feel content and atpeace, what Charan Singh had said was the true resting place of all restlesssouls. . . . Sach Khand.

    Yogini Mataji didn t reply, but just kept looking at me with an increasedintensity. She then said a most remarkable thing to me but without anypretense and with utmost sincerity, We can go right now. We can go tothat infinite realm this very instant. She began to raise her hand and I feltmy entire body go numb, and I felt an overwhelming rush go throughoutmy body, as if all the oxygen in my corpus was going to be sucked up intoa perfect vacuum. I knew, at least in that moment, that Yogini meantexactly what she said and all I had to do was let go. But I didn t have thecapacity then to fully let go. I became scared, as one would be in a game ofdare where you intuited that the stakes were too high for one s owncomfort or safety zone.

    Yogini almost immediately noticed my hesitancy and slowly withdrew back into her own being and fell into a meditative state. I can still recallthat moment vividly. Perhaps if I were more mature or if I was withCharan himself, I might have been more inclined to accept the offer so

  • 8/12/2019 Yogini Mataji 5


    4 The Hidden Sage

    graciously given. However, I do know, thatI came away that evening with a deep andabiding trust for Yogini Mataji. She wasn t

    a preacher in the classic Sant Mat mold.Rather, she was an absolute doer, engagedin the very practice that I had heard somany gurus advocate but very rarelyemploy. I was depressed leaving her thatnight, since I knew I had missed anopportunity and that later I might regret

    my own fear.I have met a large number of spiritual masters in my forty years of researchin India and Europe and America and I can say without a moment shesitation that Yogini Mataji was heads and shoulders above almost all ofthem. She was down to earth, focused, and completely without affectation.

    Reading what Yogini Mataji conveyed to Bharat Bhushan a few weeks agoin her father s home deeply impressed me and reminded me once again ofYogini Mataji s existential rebooting of traditional Sant Mat teachings andpractice. She has apparently given up typical sadhana, saying that it toowas maya, and she has forsaken internal guru worship. Yogini Matajialso mentioned that she refuses to give formal initiation.

    I still fondly recall the very first time I met Yogini Mataji, when she wasstill a young woman at the age of 38. It was in July of 1978 on a balmy

    night, just a day or so after Guru Purnima Day, when I had first met BabaFaqir Chand. I was lying down on cot in Swami Yogeshwar AnandaSaraswati s room listening to several different swamis and yogis talk aboutthe inner journey. They had gathered in Hoshiarpur to pay their respectsto Faqir Chand, but each of them were practitioners from different lineages.

  • 8/12/2019 Yogini Mataji 5


    5 The Hidden Sage

    There was one initiate of Baba Bagga Singh from Tarn Tarn, who was onclose terms with Sawan Singh. Another yogi who had done severe tapasand other austerities in the Himalayas. One gentleman, in particular,

    caught my gaze as he was reportedly in a state of Samadhi at that moment(or perhaps our conversation turned him within!). But the jewel in thiseclectic gathering was Yogini Mataji, even though at the time I wasunaware of her exalted status. She beamed with joy and her smile wasabsolutely infectious. I never forgot her bright face. Three years later whenI came back toManavta Mandir I

    had heard severalhigh level satsangisspeak of a womansaint who Faqir hadappointed as a guruand as one of hisspiritual successors

    and who was verywell regarded by allwho came incontact with her. You can well imagine my utter surprise (and joy) when Iwent to go see this Yogini only to find out that it was the same radiantwoman I had met three years prior. We had an instant connection.

    It has been nearly thirty years since I last saw Yogini Mataji. I probably will

    never go back to India in this lifetime, but if I did I would like to have thedarshan of this most remarkable woman once more. In my opinion, shealong with Professor Bhagat Ram Kamal (the current spiritual leader ofManavta Mandir) understood Baba Faqir Chand s radical message best.Instead of merely parroting the sage s wisdom, as some most obviously did

  • 8/12/2019 Yogini Mataji 5


  • 8/12/2019 Yogini Mataji 5


    7 The Hidden Sage

    Twilight of Yoginis Life The Rediscovery of Tripta Devi

    By Bharat Bhushan

    Tripta Devi was born in village Darangli of Gurdaspur, Punjab in the year1940 She was a beautiful and promising child. After marriage she did nothave child and as a result she got her husband married to another women.Children were born to second wife. However home environment remainedturbulent. One day she went to a temple with unlocked hair and danced.The statues in temple got entangled in the hair and fell around. She had

    become a Yogini. Her first guru was Baba Bhag Singh. Her second masterwas Shraddhanand of Jammu and later she came in contact with ParamDayal Faqir Chandji . He gave her the name of Yogini Mata and appointedher guru of women. She stayed in Manavta Mandir, Hoshiarpur for manyyears and worked as a guru. Here is the summary of conversation with her.

    After much searching on the internet I could contact David C Lane aprofessor of philosophy and sociology in California, United States. In his

    very first email he enquired about Yogini Mata. Hence, for the past twoyears I had been searching Yogini Mata. I contacted Mrs. Asha Bhagat,activist of Bhagat Mahasabha, Pathankot. Luckily she had known YogoniMata for the past many years. I reached Pathankot on 09-11-2010. Yoginilives in a room, a part of her fathers house. I saw her after almost 35 years.She met with all affection but a sort of detachment was visible in her behavior.

    I introduced myself and made a mention about Bhagat Munshi Ramji andhis wife Karam Devi. She could remember everything. I presented herfruits etc. She enquired about my wife and children. Then I told her thepurpose of my visit. She sat in Sukhasana (cross legged).

  • 8/12/2019 Yogini Mataji 5


    8 The Hidden Sage

    Do you remember David C. Lane? He came to the temple. Yes, David!

    Then I further asked, Do you recall Param Dayalji? Yes.

    Do you worship him within? No, I do not do that.

    Do you do inner practices? I have left doing inner practices. During those days I saw all the threeforms of Param Dayalji i.e. Dharma, the Form and the Light. Sadhana(inner practice) is also Maya. I used to experience numbness in the body.

    Do you deliver Satsang? I do not like delivering Satsang. I am fed up with Guruism. I will not giveNamdan to anyone. (Here she recalls a lady). Shanti used to come to me forinner practices. I do not know what happened to her. She just lied on therailway track and commi