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Predicting the Yogini Dasha

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  • ( CONTENTS). ~ii,':'

    S. No. Chapter PageI. How to Judge a Nativity I

    2. Yogini Dasa 73. Results of Yogini Dasa 304. Yogini Dasa (Practicallllustrations) 385. Kalachakra Dasa Preliminaries Explained 536. Interpreting Kalachakra Dasa 777. Kalachakra-Dasa (Practical Illustrations) 998. Appendix-I ) 179. Appendix-2 (", 118

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    This book is meant for those students of Astrology who have atleast some predictive experience of Virnshottari-dasa, Therefore, basicsof Hindu astrology arc not being mentioned here. In this chapter basil:'

    ,. rules for interpreting a horoscope are given. The proper method forapplying Vimshottari-dasa is the subject matter of this chapter.THE 27 NAKSHATRAS OR CONSTELLAnONS

    In Hindu Astrology great importance is attached to the 27Nakshatras. One Nakshatra extends upto 1320'. The Nakshatra occupiedby Moon at birth is called the Janma Nakshatra. The 27 Nakshatrasare given in Table I.J. The table also gives the starting dasa-Iord atbirth and number of years allotted to each planet as per Vimshottari-dasa. For the method to calculate Vimshottari dasa, readers can referto any standard book on the subject.

    The 27 Nakshatras arc divided into 9 groups of 3 Nakshutraseach. These nine groups and the likely effect of a planet occupyingthem is given below. Here I stands for Janma Nakshatra, 2 for the2nd from Janma Nakshatra and so on. The planets in malefic Nakshatras

    - i.e., in Vapat Tara. Pratyak Tara and Vadha Tara should be carefullyscrutinised before giving predictions.

    The groups are :

    Name of Nakshatras from Effectthe group the Janma Nakshatras

    I. Janma Tara 1,10,19 Benefic2. Sampat Tara 2,11,20 Prosperity3. Vipat Tara 3,12,21 Obstacles

    4 Kshema Tara 4,13,22 Gains5. Pratyak Tara 5,14,23 Destruction6. Sadhaka Tara 6,15,24 Success7. Vadha Tara 7,16,25 Destruction and Death8. Mitra Tara 8,17,26 Benefic9. Parma Mitra Tara 9.18,27 Prosperity

  • 2 Yogini & Kalachakra Dasas

    A Planet in Vipat Tara, Pratyak Tara and Vadha Tara becomesweak and gives malefic results. Take the following horoscope.




    Moon So Sat





    Here 1anma Nakshatra is Ashwini. Therefore Ashwini, Maghaand Moola (the three Nakshatra ruled by Ketu under Vimshottari-Dasa System) become Janma Taras. Similarly Kritika, U.Phalguniand U. Shaddha belong to malefic Vipat Tara group for this native.We should thus see planets that have become weak due to presence inmalefic Nakshatras.

    FUNCTIONAL AND NATURAL NATURE OF PLANETS. Sun, Mars, Saturn. Rahu and Ketu and waning moon ate natural

    malefics in Hindu Astrology. 1upiter, Venus, Mercury associated withbenefics and waxing moon are benefics.

    Besides natural significations, planets get functional nature alsofor each nativity depending upon the ascendent.

    The following rules should be remembered :-(i) Lords of Kendras are benefics.

    (ii) Lords of Trines are benefics.(iii) A planet owning both a Kendra and a trikona (i.e. an angle

    and a trine) becomes a Yogakaraka.(iv) Lords of 3rd. 6th and II th are malefics.(v) Lord of 8th house is always malefic except when it owns

    ascendent also.(vi) Nature of lord of 2nd house and 12th house depends upon

    where the other house of the planet fulls

  • How to Judge a Native 3

    (vi) A planet owning Angle and 3, 6 or 11th becomes neutral.(vii) A planet owning Trine and 3, 6 and! I becomes benefic.(ix) A planet whose both the houses fall in 3rd, 6th, 8th or 11th

    house becomes very evil for the native. .

    Divisional Charts : A planet which occupies benefic signs indivisional Chart. becomes powerful. If it is Vargottama it again becomesvery powerful except for in two circumstances: .'

    (i) It is debilitated both in Rasi-Chart and Navamsa Chart.Say for example, Mercury is in Pisces at 27{)()', Despitebeing Vargottama it will give malefic results.

    (ii) If a planet is in the I st degree or the 30th degree of a sign.For example if a planet is in 0" Cancer or 30 Virgo. despitebeing Vargottama it will remain weak.

    The divisional charts should always be studied along with thenatal horoscope and never separately. Take the following example:RASI-CHART


    Mars 11Asc


    Here Mars is in 2nd house and is exalted in Navamsa and Dasamasachart. But despite being exalted in Dasamsa chart it cannot 'give nativesuccess in business ventures. This is so, because it is the lord of 3rdand the 8th house posited in the house of wealth i.e. the second house.Being exalted in Dasarnsa it can give factories, but net resulr of thesewill be losses as Mars being functional male ric for Virgo ascendent isdestroying the house of wealth.

    The following points should be remembered while studying adivisional chart. say Dasamsa chart:

    ( I) See position of Lord of 10th house \If Rasi Chart in Dasamsa.

  • 4 Yogini & Kalachakra Dasas

    (2) See how planets occupying the 10th house in Rasi-Chartare posited in the Dasamsa Chart.

    .,: ~:~e ~::::I~::~:;se::~:~ea~cendentof the Dasamsa Chart.RASICHART



    Yen 19

    Here Venus is in an upachaya sthana and exalted in the Dasamsa,being lord of 10th house in natal chart. Therefore it will give careerbetterment during its dasa.

    Here Saturn occupies the 10th house. It is debilitated in DasamsaChart. Therefore, it will give set backs in career during its period.

    BADHAK HOUSESA planet in a Badhak house gets hindered to play its full role.

    Lord of the Badhak houses cause obstacles concerning significationsof the house they are placed in. For moveable sign as ascendent, lithhouse is Badhak.If ascendent is fixed sign 9th house is Badhak and ifascendent is a dual sign then 7th house is Badhak. See, the horoscopeon the next page.

    Here 5th lord Jupiter is in the 9th house aspected by Mars,which is a Yogakaraka. Mars is also exalted in Navamsa and Dasamsa.

    .But despite these factors native should not expect a career bettermentduring the period of Jupiter as it' is aspected by Badhak lord Mars.Mars in its period can give betterment in its period being a wellplaced Yogakaraka.22nd Drekkana and 64th Navamsa

    22nd Drekkana from ascendent and the.64th Navarnsa from theMoon cause health problems when closely associated with a planet.

  • How toJudgea Native 5




    A planet also becomes weak if it is :(i) Combust

    (ii) In 6th. 8th or the 12th house(iii) Debilitated in Rasi Chart 01 Navamsa Chart

    . (iv) If it is in Ist degree or the 30th degree of a house.(v) If it is aspected by or in combination of natural malefics.

    (vi) If it is hemmed between malefics.A planet will become powerful when;

    (i) It is exalted in Rasi or Navamsa Chart.(ii) It is in friendly vargas.

    (iii) It is in combination with benefics or aspected by benefics.(iv) If it is hemmed between benefics.(v) If its lord in a Kendra or a Trikona

    (vi) If it is in Ist, 2nd, 4th or 8th Nakshatra.If there are mixed influences medium results should be predicted.

    By taking the above considerations astrologers should give predictions.If all points mentioned above are properly studied, predictions givenwill never go wrong.


  • 6 Yogini& Kalachakra Dasas

    Table 1.1

    Nakshatras and their extents and lordships as pervimshottari-dasa.

    S. Nakshatra Extent Dasha Lords No. ofNo. from to as per Years


    I. Ashwini 0'0000' 0'1320' Ketu 7i

    2. Bharani ,0'1320' 0'26"40' Venus 203. Krittika 0'2640' 1"1000' Sun 64. Rohini 1'1000' I"23'i20' Moon 105. Mrigashira 1'2320' 2'06"40' Mars 76. Ardra 2'0640' 2'2~000' Rahu 187. Punarvasu 2'2000' 3'0320' Jupiter 168. Pushya 3"0320' 3116~40' Saturn 199. Ashlesha 3'1640 4


    YOGINI-DASAYogini Dasa is an extremely popular Nakshatra dasa. It is widely

    used in North India, especially the hilly areas of Uttarakhand andKashmir. Traditional pundits of North India as a rule always calcr lateYogini Dasa besides Vimshottari dasa, It is said that Yogini dasa wasfirst taught by lord Shiva to Goddess Parvati. It is dealt in MansagariPaddhatti besides Brihat Parasara Hora Shashtra.


    In Yogini dasa total number of 36 years are allotted to 8 yoginis.These 8 yoginis are ruled by planets Moon to Rahu (Ketu does nothave lordship over any Yogini) as shown in Table 2.1. After end ofone cycle of yogini dasa of 36 years the next cycle automaticallystarts again from Mangala. .

    Table 2.1(order of Major Dasa periods and theirs Lords)

    S. Yogini Dasa-Lord No. of Janma NakshatraNo. Years

    .;i. ~ I. Mangala Moon 1 year Ardra. Chittra, Shravan.0 CJ1

    Swuti ,2. Pingala Sun 2 years Punarv asu,~~V) Dhanishtaey1~~3. Dhanya Jupiter 3 years Pushya, Vishaka, Satbisha

    ~cASJe Bhramari Mars 4 years Ashwini. Ashlcsha.Anuradha. Purva Bhadra5. Bhadrika Mercury 5 years Bharani, Magha,' Jyesta,tz4~~ Uttara Bhadra6. Ulka Saturn 6 years Krittika, Purva Phalguni,e-v~ Meola, Revati

    ~~7. Siddha Venus 7 yearsRohini, Uttara Phalguni,Purvashadda

    1>Mrigasira, Hasta,"%oi~ Sankata Rahu 8 years Uttarashadda


    Tlltal Period 3(; Years

    I 1

  • Longitude7s-5-7'


    Jupiter 35- 11-7'Saturn (R) 105-29-32'Balance of Dasa : 1Y 3M 9D




    75-8- 11'OS-22-55'



    Mercury (R)Venus