YFU South Africa Newsletter - World Cup Edition

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World Cup Edition Newsletter

Text of YFU South Africa Newsletter - World Cup Edition

  • YfU S.A celebrates World Cup on African soil!

    The Junior Volunteer Council could not let this prestigious event pass by without making its

    mark! On Wednesday, the 30th

    of July, the Cape volunteers headed to the Waterfront with their

    YfU t-shirts, flags, soccer hats and VUVUZELAS to show the world that we too are celebrating

    Africas humanity- KENAKO!

    Thanks to Erin Lotz, secretary on the JVC Board, we were lucky enough to be given the

    opportunity to appear on television as part of a World Cup feature (to be broadcast soon!).

    Waving the flags of our host countries, we cheered and celebrated the fact that we were lucky

    enough to have had the opportunity to engage with cultures from across the world long before

    the World Cup! The junior volunteers in the Cape were interviewed about their involvement

    with YfU, as well as their sentiments about having so many tourists from our partnering

    countries descend upon us!

    There is no doubt that we have been sharing and learning about our continents humanity since

    being part of YfU. We came to the conclusion that we truly are lucky to have our own world

    cup 365 days a year! We love this great organization because it has enabled us to learn about

    our country, continent and the world!

    After a very successful shoot, we embarked on a very interesting boat ride in an orange soccer

    ball (yes!) along the Waterfront! We were making the circle bigggger in the water, as the

    soccer ball boat was able to spin on water at 360 degrees! Eish.just another fun-packed day

    in the life a YfU volunteer.

    JVC 2010