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X-ray fluorescence coating thickness analyzer

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CAIIINB DUST COLUCTOIISSternvent Co. Inc., Bogota, N.J.

Sternvent cabinet-style dust collec­tors, compact to fit in the smallest

spaces, provide high-efficiency dustcollection. Flat envelope filters withmanual or motorized automaticshaker are ideal for the collection ofairborne nonproduction powders,chemicals, and steel grinding dust.Five basic models from 300 to 3,800cfm and filter areas from 100 to 600ft2 provide overall cleaning effi­ciency, exceeding 99.97% byweight. Highly efficient polyestersateen fabric filters easily captureboth micron and submicronic parti­cles, recirculating shop air backinto the work area where allowableby law.Circle 428 on the reader service card

able.Circle 427 on the relder service clrd

PO~RCOAl'INGSR••NUCB Chemicals Corp., Smyrna, Ga.UCB's highly reactive, low-tem­perature curing powder coatingsresin, CryIcoat 310, is a carboxyl­terminated polyester resin de­signed for use with epoxy resinsand cure in temperatures of160°C (320°F). Crylcoat 310 hasthe performance advantages ofcombining good flow, good flexibil­ity, and high gloss. It can also beformulated with high levels of pig­ments and fillers.Circle 429 on the relder service clrd

ALKALIN. NICKa .TRI.....RSirius TechnoloRY Inc., Oriskany,N.Y.

Nistrip-R 501 is a cyanide-free al­kaline nickel stripper designed toquickly remove electroless andelectrolytic nickel deposits fromsteel and copper alloys. Nistrip-R501 will not attack steel- or cop­per-based substrates and willhold nearly 4 ozlgal of dissolvedmetal. Control and operation aresimple, and practical methods tooptimize perfor-mance are avail-

sary information at a singleglance. Spectrum and analysis re­sults are displayed on a singlescreen, together with an optionalvideo microscope.Circle 426 on the relder service card

Ar~ yOIl gt·lting Ih~ rnmt v,t1u~ from your c!c-warering dollar? ow, you anfind ollr wilh nllr fr~(" nn ohli~.,rion d~warcrin~ analysi•. This ~xclllsive

s~rvice giw, you a Ihorough and unhiase I assessment or your liquid/solid separarion prnCl's" along wirh rhe recommended rechnology forthe mosr dl'ccliv~ VOllllll~ rt'du rion. '0 other olllpan)' can offer yOllthis hroad rang~ of dew;ll~ring solurions: fille,. presses, screw pr 's.e.,heir press('s, thickl'lle,., and dryers. So wherher you'r~ con,idering a newsy'tem, upgrad(' or simply walll ro verify your exisring process. e-mailliS al dnv:lI~ring(i')lI,flh~r.coll1 or all I.ROO.24'i.300(, and ask for YOllrDewatering Ell, i~ncy Analy,is. It's f:,sr. Ir's ('asy. And hesr of all. ir's fromIh~ It'adt'" in liqllid/,olid ,epararion SySlt'IllS and rechnologi~s -

SFilrcr ()cw.lI~ring Sy,r~lm CrollI"

X-RAY PLUOIIUCIINC. COAl'INCITHICKN... AMALU"Rontgenanalytik MesstechnickGmbH, Taunusstein-Neuhof,Germany

The XRay ComPact eco is a com­plete X-ray fluorescence coatinganalyzer. The analyzer is de­signed for small- and medium­sized companies. Together withthe XRay ComPact eco, the new32-bit Windows X-MasteR operat­ing software provides all neces-

nia/ceramic grain and proprietarybonding that grinds stainlesssteel welds aggressively whilerunning smoothly and quietly.The wheels are available in stan­dard 4- and 4Y2-in. diameter sizes.Circle 425 on the relder service clrd

'/ilkillg rt/rr oflhl' l(lor/rI's IlInln:ARRASIVI BILTVSM Abrasives Corp., O'Fallon, Mo.

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